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Nick C

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Career Report


Some of my values are Technology, Competition, Money, Fun, and Freedom. These things are very important to me for many reasons. I wish that people would enjoy being an Athlete because it is great in so many ways.


Athletes practice to perfect their technique, and they do their best to win it all because they are very competitive. They have to get good grades in school so they can get into a good college. All colleges have something to teach about sports and athletes, that is why there is a win or lose, if they were all thought the same thing then it would most likely be a tie. They have to have a general good grade to be in a good college that offers that job, and that offers that set of skills. You need to be in good shape to play a athletic sport, you need to be in good physical health, and have good general health, because if you don't have the good health you need to play, then you can get severely injured. Also, right about now there are about 13,700 Athletes in the U.S, and about 40 hours a week of a Athlete is spent on practicing and playing. I predict that there will be less athletes in the future because of technology. People are relying too much on technology that they get to lazy, and have bad health. They make about 43,350 to 1 million per year depending on how good they are. 


I like technology because it has games which are entertaining to play on and some games are sports related, and most video games are competitive. I love competition because I don't like losing, but I love winning because you get glory if you are a winner. I also want to make a lot of money so I can buy a house, have a car, afford having a family, and donate money to charity. Now I really like to have fun, fun is what is entertaining to me and others. Having fun is a real good feeling. Freedom is good, when you are out of school which around 98% people say is the worst, and they want to be free of homework and other things.


If I were to be a Athlete, I would join a college basketball team, most likely MSU. I would practice 45 hours a week, and would play my best in every game I would play. I would try my hardest to be in the NBA and when I do get in the NBA.  I would try so hard to become one of the great NBA players, like Lebron, Micheal Jordan, CP3, Denzel Valentine, and others. The least amount I would make is about 800K, the reason for that amount of money, is that personally I am the best defense in all the teams I have played in, and defense is a very important part in basketball. Plus to me its funny how mad people get when you block their shot. It is so thrilling to have competition and win it All! 





Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume



"Adam Wexler was shot in  the chest and killed Tuesday evening during a robbery in his 7-11 on Virginia Ave, Atlantic City. The unknown assailant or assailants escaped with $50 dollars. Mr. Wexler, a 1964 graduate of Atlantic City High School, is survived by his wife Gwendolyn, a daughter Davis,15, and a son Jason,7."


How would you feel if your father died, and your mother decides to move you and your sibling to a new place? Well, that's exactly what happened to Davey in the book called Tiger Eyes By Judy Blume.


Davey Wexler was a young teenage girl who's father died from being shot in a 7-11 store. Davey was very hurt, enraged, and sad over her fathers death. Then her Mother decided to move to a new place and have a fresh start, which was hard on Davey










Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: f4e46c5f5fed44018ab3882563038c1c





My Biggest Inspiration



Jurassic World in my life,

inspires me.


My dinosaurs inspire me to

explore new species and find



My Hybrids inspire me to create

dinosaurs to powerful for this



My dinosaurs Battles inspire me

to be # 1 in a battle.


Missions inspire me to make

it to the top, and reach my



The game inspires me to have

a open imagination about





                      No Home Work

Students shouldn't have home work for many reasons. For example, there is 8 hours of school time in a day, we mine as well use that time to do that work. Another thing, kids want to have free time when they get home, and if they forget about the homework then it doesn't help them. Also there used to be reach where we could do it in school and people want that back so they don't have to do it at home.

There is 8 hours of school a day, and 40 hours a week. people go to school to learn about stuff, they don't want to learn at home. so people go home and most people do homework, yet some people do.

people have hobbies or chores or just want free time. and some people just carried away with plans they have they forget about homework. then some people just don't do it just because of what they want to do. and if they don't do it then it doesn't help them.

then there is reach, there used to be reach where people could do homework in school. and people want reach, because it creates time to do anything they want to do. and they won't do it most likely and get a bad grade.


this is why  people have bad grades in all subjects. this is why people don't learn much, because you send them home to do their work. and people want reach back so they can do work in school, not in school.  





This is about Sal and phoebe, to compare and contrast them. This is going to show they're differences and their similarity's.


Sal: Sal's mother died, Sal's mother didn't come back, Sal is anger upset forgiving. Sal is jealous of everything that people have and she doesn't. Sal isn't as afraid at mike as phoebe is. Sal is a lot mixed emotions.



Phoebe: phoebes mother came back,phoebe is shy and scared. Phoebe is not jealous. Phoebes mother didn't die. Phoebe is scared of mike the lunatic. Phoebe is not as much mixed emotions as Sal is.


Contrast: both of their moms left, both have mixed emotions, both scared of mike the lunatic.


Compare: Sal's mother didn't come back, Phoebes did, Sal's jealous of phoebe, Phoebe is not jealous of Sal. 

That is the compare and contrast (differences and similarity's). Sal and Phoebe have a lot of differences and a lot of similarity's.



jurassic world poem 2


From the spinosaurous.

to the tall diplocous.

dinosaurs are never the same.



some dinosaurs might fight with their jaws.

others might fight with their sharp claws.


some dinosaurs might be carnivores.

others might be omnivores.

and there are herbivores.

and each species knows it is not just a game.


it is war.

it is survival.

it is the roar.

it is not a game.

its not about the score.


some dinosaurs have explored.

yet you will be assured.

most never made it back.

because they were attacked.


from the T-rex.

to the anklosaurous.

we are coming next.



Thomas Edison was one of the most important inventors in history for our lifetime. Without him we wouldn’t have made as good of light bulbs as we have now.


Thomas Edison was born on Feb 11, 1847, in Milan OH. His father was Samuel Ogden Edison. His mother was Nacy Matthews Elliott. He was educated at- the Copper union, art, architecture, and engineering school.


Thomas Edison has invented many things, the flashlight which is very handy when you are somewhere and there is no electricity. The microwave oven, heat lamps, headlights, traffic lights, and microwaves, could only be invented by Thomas Edison’s work on the light bulb. And the world would be a darker place without him.


The electric light wasn’t Thomas Edison’s first invention, nor was he the first to create a alternative gas light. Electric lights already existed on a street light. His light bulb was the first that proved practical, and affordable, for home illumination. He often claimed to be entirely self taught, having never, attended a day of school.


Thomas.A.Edison held 1,093 patents for  different inventions. Many of them like the light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera, were brilliant creations that have a huge influence on our every day life.

Edison Quote: I have not failed 10,000 times, I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that wont work.



Phonograph cylinder, Telegraph. Mimeograph, Carbon microphone, Movie camera. And Electric power distribution, all his inventions.


He was an inventor and a businessman. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the Movie camera, the motion picture camera, and the long lasting, partial electric light bulb.

If Thomas Edison wasn’t alive his inventions, wouldn’t exist if he wasn’t alive. And he wasn’t alive. And the light bulb wouldn’t be as good as it is now if he didn’t create it in the first place.


Five personality traits that made him great. First off, he was being passionate, stay passionate. Second off, he saw see the big picture, 3rd use your “weaknesses” as innovation inspiration. 4th cross industry lines, 5th create your own opportunities.



(Mary’s/ his wife’s) illness did not alarm the family, but when she did not get better, her sister, Alice, moved to Menlo park to take care for Mary, Mary’s condition grew worse. Then died 1884 august 9th. Then Thomas’s 2 sons went to live with their aunt Alice, and his daughter went to boarding school in NY.



Then he met Mina Miller, they both hanged out, Edisn was about 20 years older than Mina. Then Thomas decided to marry her. In Morse code he asked will you marry me. And she said yes and married on Feb 24th, 1886.








“Edison invented the light bulb- and lots of myths about himself.”



“Five traits of a successful inventor Edison nation medical.”



   “Thomas Edison’s most famous inventions.”




“What impact did Thomas Edison’s light bulb have.” Answers.com. 3/3/2016 “http://www.answers.com/Q/What_impact_did_Thomas_Edison's_light_bulb_have_on_society




Athletes are Successful people that have fun with what they are doing.foe EX: this squirrel like fencing...




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