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the girl that was suppose to die

welcome to my wiki page  

hey my name is Karli and this is my wiki page.  here are some things about me

my favorite book is book is maximum ride.

my favorite show is pretty little liars.

 I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters and one dogs.  Christin,Kelly,jesse,Andrew,justin,

jacob,kayleigh,then me and then my to littlest sisters are Ava and Mya.





- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

To get to the first Wiki assignment,  follow this link.  

 (there's also a link on our wiki homepage, just below the homework explanation).










she was furry she had sore legs she barked every day and every night

she was beautiful and sweet always wanted a treat, she loved

her toys but not the boys, and she loved meeting new people, but as 

the day got older she got older and not much bolder,

until one day she finally passed it feels like it didn't last, even though I didn't know it,

it was still hard to show it.









I listed honesty, working hard, service/helping, education, family, all as important to me because this is all going to be in

you every day life I and I spend with my family and trying to get my education strait more then anything

and service/helping I have been doing that ever since I was in fifth grade and it has always been important to lend a helping hand.

honesty has always been a big thing for me because you should really always be honest no matter what the causes.



my career that I wanted to do was mental health counselor because I have been good with helping with most problems or issues they have had

 that they have been having and I have always kind of liked solving peoples problems

and it seems fun to learn more about it and what else you can do to help people. I found out the

that you needed a masters degree in order to work as a mental heath counselor  




















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