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Sara L

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~Sara's Wiki Page~


Hola, Me llamo Sara. I am a professional chef and baker. I play Lacrosse and Volleyball. I also dance every single day and i have a 4.9 GPA. *wink*


I love to write so hopefully you will love to read my work when I post on this page. 


-First semester-


My first assignment is a book review on Eleanor & Park

if you want to read it click here Eleanor and Park


My Second assignment is a inspiration poem

about what inspires me if you want to check that out click here The Stage Inspires Me


-Second marking period- 


My Third assignment is a persuavisve essay

on Laptops if you want to read it click here Laptops for MMSs Future


My Fourth assignment is a follow up of my previous assignment 

a PSA of Laptops its on a different site but who cares if you want to watch it click here https://vimeo.com/150782634


-First semester reflection-



                     I think that overall my assignments were good! The topics were okay, not all of them were my favorite but I really did like the freedom we had for the book of choice review.

             We didn't get so much time to write in class and many times i had to stay up late to work on writing.The amount of feedback in my opinion wasn't ideal for me. I was told few things of what i should do and it was really confused on what to do most of the time.

             I never worked with others on my assignments so i cant really say if it okay or not. From my point of view, i thought using the wiki was fun. A little difficult from time to time but it went okay. 

              I learned a lot so far in seventh grade so far. One thing i learned is not to procrastinate! I'm very guilty of laying in my bed watching netflix instead of studying or doing homework until the very last minute. With all my homework that i have i learned that getting it done quick then laying in bed is the right way to go. Anotherthing i learned is planners are amazing. They're so helpful with keeping track of all my homework, and assessments and day to day things. 


-Second semester-


 My First assignment of the second semester is my poem of my choice

assignment if you want to experience it click here My Second Semester Poems  


My Second assignment of the second semester is my famous person research project.

Oprah Winfrey FPRP

My third assignment is a career project do you want to check it out? Sara's Career Report



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