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Your Wiki Page


This is your individual wiki page for 7th grade English.  You can delete some or all of these words after you read them and make this page look the way you want it to look.  (You'll still be able to see them in the Page History link) 


But Thats Another Story

Art inspires me by everything


Art on the walls

Art on the floors

Art on you

Art everywhere










Art make you feel free

It moves YOU by letting YOUR mind free

Free of stress

See what you have made

Smell like perfect In your eyes or nose

Touch your painting it make you come alive


Free Yourself from life.




Hydea poem

My Reflections

Hydea reflection

Second poems

Hydea's poems  



Hy’Dea Holbrook

December, 9-10th, 2015

Should colleges be free or not?

There's a lot of reasons why colleges should be free

There have been many issues with money and how the educations system is set up and the access into getting into colleges.

A lot of students or adults don't go to college at all you want to know why? Well here it’s... the prices and not everyone have a scholarship to go there but that’s my option on this. In United States this year 3.3 million students are supposed to graduate from high school in 2015-16. 3.0 million Students from public high school and 0.3 million students’ graduates from private school.

Money issues in colleges is on the top 50 important problems in United States. Well there’s an gap in between rich and poor... in our country that we can't control at all. Which is sad but we can fix it but you have to pay $12,605 without a scholarship which it’s a lot of money for only three year or four years. A lot of students have to get a full-time job and would effected the studying and learning.

The educations system and the prices of colleges is bad I have sources from Michigan State University and University of Michigan that have said that college should be free. They can stop taking full-time jobs and do part time and still have enough money to pay rent and pills they still have life from school. If it was free it would help the police with crimes cause 56% is from female and male in their early and late 20s and it will stop 33% crimes happening in United State.

For some pros and cons of colleges being free



It would help poor people 

The professor's would get paid less

It would probably make the world safe place  

It would make the crime ranks go up by 10%

Make people get better job 

Make less people get jobs

A lot more people will have an amazing future            

People would go down the wrong path

                     How to get in college is hard cause of your GPA and much more your GPA have to be 4.0 or higher which conclude you have to work hard in your first year in high school and your senior year. There's also community colleges that people go to but they have to pay for it to which is not fair but that’s another thing.

An in conclusion I think colleges should be free because a lot of people don't go because of the money or they went down the wrong path and money issues. The educations are effecting the college and some pros and cons it making lower and mostly defend making community college free in so many ways.


Hy'Dea reflection






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