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Sarah F

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Welcome To My Wiki Page!




Well i don't know what to write, but i'l figure it out somehow . . . I'm a REALLY lazy person. When i get home from school i take a nap for at least 4 hours.

I don't eat very much and i enjoy annoying certain people that make me mad. I have a 7 year old little brother named Ali, a 13 year old very soon to be 14

year old older sister named Jenan, and a 17 year old older sister named Zainab. Ali is ubsessed with dragon ball, jenan likes to hurt and boss people around, and zainab is like a rare jewel. You barely see it in stores, its really hard to find ,and you cant'afford it.


I don't have any pets but there are pets that we used to have like a fish that we had that died of old age. (I wasn't born yet at that time.) 2 birds a boy and a girl the girl flew away because my dad "accidentally" let it out. the poor bird hit its leg on a tree and broke while flying away. We sold the the other one. my dad said that bird poop was managing to get on the floor under the cage. and lastly a sad sad SAD guppy fish that died of hunger because we fed it the wrong food. We got it from school because in science class. We made ecosystems with real fish and bugs. The next day we surveyed who would choose what as a pet to keep. and some one who was so nice to give me his guppy, now like to swear and push me off the bleachers sometimes. We're still friends though. anyway my teacher said that it eats certain things that your're supposed to get from the forest behind whitehills school. We didn't get it exactly so we just bought it goldfish food i think it poisened it.


so thats what i'm like. if you ant to know more, stuff your head in your pillow and scream about the color purple. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!


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