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David H

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I am a proud Republican 

Trump is my daddy 

Welcome to my page! Look at this beautiful face This is my mom, I love her 


I'm awesome


more coming soon...






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              Reflection: The Past Half Year


              David's Persuasive Essay No Homework 


               Vacation! A poem by David





          What are good values of being a Director? One of them is a good pay. The pay you get depends on how long the movie/show you make takes to complete but at most you can make almost 200,000 dollars a year. And once you get experience you could be a good judge at what things are better than others. You'd also learn how to handle money since movies have budgets. Those are some of the values you can get from being a director.

          Being a Director is something I really want to do. I know that because I like to record short movies. I also make stop motions from a month-once a week. And to be a Director you have to not be shy and work well with others which I can do. That is how being a Director relates to my life already. 

          So what will I do as a student in the future? Well I'll need to get a bachelors degree in either film or cinema. The time I need to go to college for that is 4-7 years in theater, motion picture, and T.V. When you start you start working in a Theatrical management office. That is what I will do in learning in the future.

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hey david check out my page

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at 9:04 am on Oct 19, 2015

sam sam

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