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Shems (redirected from shems "not a drop to drink")

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inspirational poem by Shems                       my psa: public service annoucment       Poem: Pizza peom


 Joan Lunden: Joan Lunden      Career report:Shems Career Report



Persuasive Essay

     About 3.3 million students apply for college each year in the U.S. You might think that sounds like a lot but if you think about it 66 percent of seniors in high school enroll for college. So many people struggle to get money. Some people that have jobs are still paying for their college loans. College should be  less expensive because there would be more education in that area. Also there would be more advancement of jobs. Finally students can take more classes for life skills. (Jered Wasburn Moes)


     College should be less expensive because there would be more access to education in that area. One reason there would be more access to education in that area is because if  more people apply because it is cheaper first, there would be a higher percentage of college graduates. Second the university wouldn’t lose money  because if more people apply the university would be gaining money by the new people applying each year. Another reason there would be more access to education in that area is because the university can afford more professors to be hired because they have more money from more students applying. Also, money can go toward technology advancements, which will make the university higher rank in it’s region or country. Therefore leading to a continuous cycle of more students wanting to attend that university.


     College should be less expensive because there would be advancement of jobs.  One reason there would be advancement of jobs is because more people will  be studying the same topic. So that means more minds will be thinking about the same topic. Another reason there would be advancement of jobs is  because if a person was looking to hire someone for a job, If more people tired to get the job then the person who is hiring people has more options and  they would try to choose the best option for that community. Also if college was less expensive then people could get a higher degree. Next, people can apply for a higher‐class jobs that we crave for in this life. It wouldn’t only advance jobs but it would advance the world because the people that have a  higher degree will invent stuff that the world needs. For example like cures for diseases, more technology, and a better environment. Finally college  should be less expensive because there would be more advancement of jobs.


     Finally, college should be less expensive because students can take more  classes for life skills. One reason students can take more classes for life skills  is because they can expanded there knowledge for not only there major but,  they could have more minors. You would use these minor classes like art and  cooking class for when you are a mother or father and you have to cook for not only yourself but your children too. Another reason students  can take more classes for life skills is because students would be able to  afford the extra classes because college would cost less. Also, if students took  more classes it could higher their degree and you could have a higher chance to get a job because the person who is hiring  can see more information about the person.


     In conclusion college should be less expensive because there would be more  education, there would be more advancements of jobs. Finally, students can  take more classes for life skills. If college is cheaper more students would apply. That also means more ideas. Let us all take a stand let raise that 66  percent of student that go to college each year go up to 90 percent. We can do  it!







     So far this class was an amazing class because I like how we had time to do all our work and we have more  to do stuff as a group.For example when we work we could go to the halls many other places so we aren't stuck in the room all the time. Some projects we did this years was book review which was book of choice, poem, walk two moons,persuasive essay, and finally public service announcement.I like the book of choice review because we got to choice our own book and sometimes when we are doing a chosen book then I fell more responsible because I need to know when to read and when to finish the book. When we are doing a group book then feel I am concentrating  more because of the conversation we have. Also when we are doing a class book sometimes I don't like the book very much. The poem project was one of the hardest project for me  because it was hard to express a subject on a piece of paper while rhyming but I still  like the poem project very much it. I liked the poem project very much because it was fun going outside and talking to people for advise so your poem would get better. I also like how this poem was mainly in the being of the year because it helped us know other people because we communicated for advise for the poem.One project we did that  I didn't like as much as the rest was the persuasive essay. I didn't like this as much as the rest of the projects because it was hard for me to concentrate for an hour with out taking. What I liked about the persuasive essay is he gave us a lot of time to finish it and he didn't rush us.The public service announcement was my favorite overall because I liked how it had to contribute about the persuasive essay because we know so much about our subject . Another reason I liked the P.S.A is because it was fun how we made a rap and how we got to choice our partners. 




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