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Anita's Inspiration Poem

Page history last edited by anitas 8 years, 8 months ago

Soccer inspires me,

Not letting me 

Give up easily 

As I run down the field.


When I have the ball, 

I feel very powerful.

I keep my eyes on the ball, 

Not caring about where 

The other players are. 


I feel dizzy from running too fast, 

And I hope

I have the energy

Too shoot this ball into the goal. 


I pass to one of my teammates, 

And they pass back to me.

The goalkeeper slides,

Trying to block the ball,

But I send it right into the net.


I do my celebration, 

Making the two-headed eagle sign for Albania

And sliding on the wet grass.

Soccer inspires me

And makes me believe in myself.

Comments (1)

AKabodian said

at 11:41 am on Nov 3, 2015

I like your emphasis on the strength/energy you get from playing soccer. I can identify with it.

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