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Halle's Persuasive Essay

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              People Should Do More About Climate Change

By: Halle


          Isabelle walks down the street with a mask on her mouth. The air is now too polluted to go outside without one. It is also too warm for wildlife to endure. These are the possible effects of climate change. People should do more about climate change, because someday the planet will be too warm for people to live on, and it is not good for the wildlife. Lastly peoples' health will suffer.

           First of all we should do more about climate change, because someday our world will be too warm to inhabit. There will be lots of animals dying, so a big part of our food source will be gone. Also resources we get from animals like milk, food, and clothing will not be there anymore. Another thing is that our water source will be gone, because of the drought that climate change could bring. Finally the air will be too polluted for humans to breathe. There are already places in the world where people have to wear a mask to block polluted air from getting into their lungs, and many resources are low. 

          Another reason people should do more about climate change is because it is not good for the wildlife. For example the ice is melting in the Artic and Antarctic causing polar bears, penguins, and other animals who rely on the ice for survival to not be able to get food and or find shelter. It is hard for animals to fish for food in the ocean, if there is no place for them to stand up and breathe, the ice gives them that.


"As climate change melts the sea ice, the U.S. Geological survey projects two thirds of polar bears will disappear by 2050," Says The National Wildlife Federation.


           Lastly climate change is a serious health problem. For example there are many diseases and sicknesses by caused by climate change. For example kidney stones are caused by climate change (Weather.com). Also since it is getting warmer, mosquitos are able to spread fevers and live further north (Natural Resources Defense System). So lots of serious things are happening to us from something we are doing to ourselves, and if we do not do something about it we may destroy our own future.

          In conclusion people should do lots more about climate change, because if we do not, someday our planet will be too warm and inhabitable, the wildlife will suffer, and humans have to deal with many diseases. Please think about future generations and how we are affecting them, and let us try to make their lives better.




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