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Persuasive Essay-Phones at School

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Students Should Be Able To Have Their Phones During School

by Hadiya


     Elliott, a 13 year old boy in eighth grade, tends to finish his work before the bells rings fro next hour. During this time each hour, he gets uncomfortable cause there's nothing left for him to do and talking to his friends would disrupt the class. Elliott once had a horrible head ache and wasn't able to leave class to go to the office. Having the ability to text his dad to bring him ibuprofen to the office  for when he can go down to get it would've been helpful. Elliott almost to never checks his school email, and with teachers always sending their students important emails, he's always sent down to the library to see if he got them. If his school allowed students to have their phones during school , most of his problems would diminish. Students should be able to have their phones during  school because the kids that are uncomfortable have a distraction, kids are able  to call for emergencies, and students can use their phone to check things for class.


     Students should be able to have their phones during school so the kids that are uncomfortable have a distraction without disrupting the class. This doesn't just apply to being uncomfortable, it's also for the students who have finished all work, giving them nothing left to do. These students are usually the ones who disrupt class the most. With the distraction of phones until instructions begin again, students are less apt to disrupt class. Most students, when on their phone during school, will read on their phone. I know this because many times during choir when we have a substitute and watch a movie, students will find ways to hide their phone, but instead of scrolling through tumblr or instagram, they read a book, and that's a very smart decision.


     Another reason students should be able to have their phones during school is for being able to call or text in an emergency. For example, students could report threats to the school. If a student isn't in a position to go down to the office to say they need to call a parent, they can quickly text their parent what they need. For me there have been many instances in which I had to text my mom during lunch to tell her about a head ache that has formed. It could also be if you have a medical emergency, like the students who have diabetes.


     The final, but surely not the last reason, for as to why students should be able to have their phones during school, is so students can use their phone to check things. It's a lot faster than going down to the library to check something on the computer. Close to almost everyday I see teachers send students down to the library to check if the student sent something to the teacher, or if the teacher sent something to the student.


     Students should have the right to bring their phones into class because if phones are useful outside of school, they aren't any less useful during school. 


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