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Max's Poem of Liking

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I Like Real Hugs


I Like Real Hugs. 

Note, I said REAL HUGS, not the hug that you get from someone when they say 'Hi'.

I mean the real hug when you wrap your arms around someone and they do the same.

The type of hug when you feel as though you can see their heart and soul.

Like you can reach out and touch it.


I Like Real Hugs because,

Having someone's arms wrap around me feels like a blanket,

Covering me to protect me from the monsters under my bed.

That special protector that I need to get through the night.


I Like Real Hugs.

The closeness makes you feel safe. 

 Like there's not a single care in the world.

Being close enough to hear their heart beating,

And their soft mumbles as you hug and start a small chat.

That is one of the best feelings.


I Like Real Hugs.

I like real hugs because you can be you.

There's nothing to hide.

It's just an embrace where you can feel safe and warm,

Just you and that other person.


I Like Real Hugs.

How about YOU? 


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