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"Alanna" book review

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Book Review


The First adventure

By: Tamora Pierce

       Alanna is about a girl who wants to become a knight. Her father wants her to be a lady and her nearly identical twin brother, Thom, to be a knight. He is too distracted by his studies, though, to notice that her and Thom have devised a plan to send Alanna as Alan to the palace and Thom to the convent to become a wizard. Along the way, Alanna meets some interesting people, learns more about herself and her own magical abilities, and has an adventure during her long and tiresome days pretending to be a boy.

This fantasy novel has plenty of humor, action, and mystery. I would recommend this book for people who enjoy a good read over a reasonable amount of time.

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allana said

at 2:47 pm on Oct 7, 2013

I would possibly enjoy it. ( please tell me it's not pronounced a-lay-na)

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