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         A TrIp HOmE           

  Taylor V.


Today is March 30th, 2111.  Its been 7 years since the our crew and families landed here on Mars.  Our supply of food is way down as well as our materials to rebuild our ship.  We desperately need to finish our ship and return to earth or we won’t survive.


            I walked toward the supply tent to gather food for the week.  When I opened the curtains and walked inside I saw people in tears and parents hugging their children.  I cautiously approached Mr. Heebly, the captain of Mars 17, who was also in tears.  I asked him what was wrong with the families that had now filled in the whole supply tent.  Mr. Heebly said nothing was wrong and the tears were tears of joy.  He then told me they reconstructed the missing piece of the shuttle that had fallen off on the way to Mars many years ago.  He explained to me that a group of men had found materials many miles away and used it to build the piece. 


            A huge smile came over my face.  I missed my friends and family back on earth and I couldn’t wait to return home and see them all again.  I became confident and was no longer depressed and waiting to die.  I anxiously asked how long before we would have to ship ready and could leave to go home.  Mr. Heebly said it should be no longer than 30 days.  My stomach was now full of butterflies.  Thirty days seemed like forever, but 30 more days wouldn’t make a big difference since it had already been 7 years.


            That night I couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious to go back to earth.  I had already packed my things so I could leave any day.  Finally, I shut my eyes and fell asleep.


            The next day was much like the previous.  I woke up and everyone was still very excited to return home.  As I walked from tent to tent the town was full of happiness, love and joy.  It was hard to see all the families loving one another when I had no one to love and cherish.  Seeing this just mad the strange, excited and upset, feeling hurt me even more I couldn’t handle it anymore and returned to my tent to lie down. 


            Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day the strange feeling inside kept eating away at me.  It’s now been 17 days since we found out we would soon be returning home.  We could leave any day so I was ready to leave whenever.


            As I inched closer and closer to returning home the feeling wouldn’t go way.  I’d walk to the supply tent every morning to see if there was any good news about what day we’d leave or even that our radio was working again and I could communicate with my wife and my two girls who grew up without their dad.


            That day went by slower then any other day that week.  I think it was because I had nothing to do and I kept thinking about my girl’s waiting in hope that their father was alive because no one back on earth knew if our ship, of 23 crew and family members, ever landed safely on Mars. 


            I kept thinking what an emotional and historic day it would be when we returned.  Oh how I wished we would be able to leave sooner.


            I went to bed early that night because I was pretty tired.  I wished I could go into the future to the day we returned so I could see my family and friends and share smiles and hugs.


            I waited 4 days after this before the news finally broke out that we’d be going back the next day.  My weird feelings began to slowly disappear when Mr. Heebly gave me the news.  It will be different not being on Mars everyday but the high points of returning are unlimited. 


            Finally, it was take off day and we’d be counting down our last seconds on Mars in less then an hour.  I double-checked my things over and over again making sure I had all belongings.  I dug out my family picture from over 7 years ago and held it close to my heart.  I carried the picture with me on the way here and I would carry it on the way back.


            We loaded into the ship and prepared for take off.  We counted down simultaneously; 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.  All the little children yelled, “Blast off”.  Soon we were off in space and everyone just tried to relax and be patient until we would land back on earth. 


            I rested for the extensively long flight.  We ate our meals and made conversation.  I just wanted to be home. 


            When we had finally landed I eagerly got off the ship and ran to the nearest phone to call my family.  I dialed the number and the phone began to ring.  My wife, Michelle, answered and I explained that I was back.  She quickly turned on the news to make sure it wasn’t a prank call.  She was in shock, fell down to the floor and began to cry.


            She grabbed the girls and got in the car to drive to the Kennedy Space Center, about 20 miles away. 


            I anxiously waited for them to arrive.  While I waited there was complete chaos from all the paparazzi and we were able to finally eat a real meal.  When we were done eating they took many pictures and then my family arrived.


            They ran up and we had a huge group hug.  My girls were so grown up it was unbelievable.  I’ll cherish that moment forever and I’m so thankful to be back home with my family and to have all the wonderful things that our earth provides.  I have a lot of catching up to do and I hope I can be informed about everything I missed. 


In conclusion never think that the future will hold bigger and better things because when your time comes to go on a crazy out of this world trip, it might be a long time before the good things you had before come back. 


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