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March 8, 2010

2nd hr


       Have you ever heard of anorexia? Anorexia is a severe and dangerous disease. It’s unhealthy and it reduces body weight, and it’s something you should be alarmed about and something that you shouldn’t do just for fun that’s the worst thing you could for your health. Most women that have anorexia are between the ages 13 and 25 years old. Most men never get anorexia. No one knows exactly why young girls begin compulsive starving, and making themselves throw up. It’s more of a girl thing. Anorexia is something that you can’t have for a week. Once the person is on the path to recovery, it can take some time-weeks or months-for the body and mind to readjust. Anorexia affects the body physically and mentally.

       The signs of Anorexia are starving yourself, Taking diet pills, eating very small amounts of only certain food, and making yourself throw up. People with Anorexia use food as a way to cope with feelings they can’t express or deal with. Some people start weighing food and counting calories. Some start to lose their hair and by so much vomiting. It sometimes can lead to tooth loss, that’s even worse. Some people look in the morning and picture themselves as being fat when they are really thin. They don’t notice and they cannot stop themselves, they need someone to help them.

       This can affect families. Having an anorexic in the family takes a huge bite on all the family members. Parents, family members, spouses, teachers, coaches, and instructors may be able to identify an individual with anorexia. Although many people with the disorder initially keep their illness very private and hidden. Anorexia in the family does not only affects the person with the disorder but affects the whole family.

       The causes of this illness are body dissatisfaction dieting, low-self esteem, perfectionism, childhood sexual abuse, and family history of eating disorder. It can also cause loss of lower body temperature, and downy hair all in the face. From anorexia you can die from starvation, if you don’t get help fast enough.

       In conclusion, if you have a friend with anorexia don’t just sit there and do nothing, get that person some help. Anorexia is not good. It’s horrible, everyday life is a battle. Helping someone get better from anorexia is helping bring them back to their normal weight which would make them so much happier and it would make you happier by helping a friend, family member or anyone. Eating a sandwich or a milkshake. It takes physical therapy and counseling to help cannot cure it. No one chooses to have anorexia. If you have a friend, family member or anyone with this disease and if you notice the signs and see them getting a little thinner, tell someone. Get them the help they deserve.



Bryan, Bunch and Jenny, Tesar. Diseases.  Danbury, CT 2006.





Title: Anorexia


    1. Anorexia is a severe and Dangerous disease.
    2. Most girls between the ages 13 and 25 get anorexia.
  1. Body: 
    1. The signs of anorexia
      1. Make their self-throw up.
      2. Eating very small amounts of food.
      3. Weighing calories.
      4. Taking diet pills.
    2. The effect
      1. Anorexia can affect families.
      2. I can take a huge bite on all family members.
      3. People with Anorexia keep.
      4. Anorexia in the family can’t only affect the person it can affect the whole family.
    3. The cause
      1. This illness is major risk of anorexia body dissatisfaction dieting.
      2. Childhood sexual abuse.
      3. Family history of disorder can be a cause of anorexia.
      4. You can die from starvation and if you don’t get help fast enough.
  2. Conclusion: 
    1. If you have a friend with this disease help them by bring them back to the normal size.
    2. It takes Physical therapy and counseling to cure this disease.


          Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill, daughter of Zeus she was the most beautiful woman through out the land she had long brown hair that was past her shoulders. Her father Zeus didn’t allow her to do anything, go anywhere of course she was angry with that. But one day she got a letter, she ran to her room so her father wouldn’t find out that she got a letter when she got in her room she plopped on her bed and she opened it, it said “ Gentle Ball” she had heard of it before her friend were talking about the other day. She had met up with one of her friends Aphrodite she is the goddess of love and beauty.

Hey Aphrodite” Athena said

Hey what’s up?” Aphrodite said

You will never believe what I received,” Athena said

What is it?” Aphrodite said

I am invited to the Gentle Ball,” Athena said

So did I,” Aphrodite said “But your father will never let you go,”

I know so I think I should ask him or I could ask my mom to talk to him,” Athena cried

But what happens if he says NO and you wont be able to go,” Aphrodite worried

He'll let me go I just got to figure out something to say.” Athena said

As Athena walked away saying good-bye to Aphrodite, she wondered what her father would say if she asked him, would he never let her leave her room, when she gets older will she still be living at home with her parents telling what to do and what not to do? While she is walking home something gave her fright it was one of her good friends, Ares the terrible god of war, he was in love with Athena that what she thought because he would always find her when she would be walking back from Aphrodite’s house he would pop out of nowhere. She thought it was a little creepy.

Hey Athena,” he cried

Oh hey you should really stop doing that,” Athena said

Stop doing what?” he questioned Athena

Always popping out of nowhere it freaky”

Then ill stop I am sorry,” he smiled she smiled back Athena looked in his eyes they were sparkling she thought he was sort of cute.

How do you know where I am at all time,” Athena questioned Ares

I don’t every time, when you come from Aphrodite’s house I always see you because I live a cross the street from her so yeah,”

Oh I am sorry did you get invited to the Gentle Ball?” Ares asked

Yeah why,” he said

Just wondering, whom are you going with?” He said

Umm, I’m not sure” she new that Ares was going to ask her but what was she going to say she didn’t want to say no because she didn’t want to hurt his feeling. She really wanted to go with Poseidon the god of the ocean and of earthquakes, she always wanted to go to a ball with him but she always thought that she wasn't good enough for him she thought that he was a beautiful person her had wonderful eyes that every time he would turn around and look at her they would sparkle and he would smile at her but she was afraid to talk to him.

Well ill catch you later,” he said

Okay bye,”

When Athena got home she went to her room and thought how she was going to ask her dad if she can go to the Gentle Ball she couldn’t think of anything to say to him. There was a knock at the door.

Honey, are you in there?” Her mother said Hera, Zeus’s wife queen of the gods, Guardian of marriage.

Yes mom, come in,” Athena said

What the matter honey,” Hera said        

Mom can I have to tell you something,” Athena said

What isn't dear you can tell me anything,”

Can I go to the Gentle Ball?” Athena questioned

Of course you can, what are you going to wear, what shoes?” Athena's mother said. But she wondered what about her father would say her MOTHER had already said she could go but what’s the big guy going to say.

Mom what is dad going to say?” Athena said

Honey don't worry I will talk to him,” as her mom skipped out the door she was so excited she hoped that her father would say yes or if he did say no she would understand. The day of the ball she still haven't got an answer and so she decided to go stand up to her father and talk to him about the ball. As she marched to her mother and fathers room she took to deep breath before she entered.

Father can I go to the Gentle Ball?” Athena said

Yes you can,” He said.

Please father I really, wait I can go?” Athena said.

Yes, since you are older now I think you can do more things now,” Her father said.

I love you father, “ As she gave both parent a kiss she ran to her room and she went into her closet and she realized that she didn't a dress then in the corner of her eyes she seen a silk cream that showed her shoulder dress sitting at the edge of her bed she smiled. She got dressed did her hair she looked wonderful. As she arrived at the ball she seen Poseidon he was look very cute she thought she wanted to talk to him so badly she just couldn't her body would move towards him. So while she was drinking some punch she felt someone tap on her shoulder it was Poseidon she was so excited but nothing would come out of her mouth.

Hey would you like to dance?” he said.

Um,” Athena said.

I said, would you like to dance?” Poseidon said.

Oh sure I would love to,” he took her by the hand kissed it and bowed his head down and she crossed her legs and bent down. They began dancing and she was smiling she was so happy until her said.

Do you want to go some place else?” he said politely.

Um I guess,” she wondered where he was going to take us while we exited the building he put his arm around her. They arrived at a dark alley.

Um. Where are we,” she wondered.

Just some place to be alone,” he smiled.

Oh okay, so what you want to talk about,” she asked.

Kiss me,” he said.

Um. I cant,” I said.

Why I said kiss me,” he hissed.

I will not kiss you, I think we should get back to the dance don't you think?” Athena said.

I want to be alone now kiss me,” he grabbed her arms and leaned in she back away and he smacked her she started to cry.

What's you problem?” Athena cried.

My problem is I want you to kiss me,” He said furiously he grabbed her by her hair and rapped it around his hand and threw her against the wall she started to scream then all of a sudden Ares god of war came out of nowhere.

Leave her alone,” he screamed.

What did you just say,” he said.

I SAID LEAVE HER ALONE DID I STUDER?” Ares screamed. Poseidon got really angry the ground began to rumble things began to fall Ares ran over to save Athena when a rock fell on his head.

NOOOOO!” Athena yelled. Her father appeared.

Leave my baby girl alone,” he said.

NEVER,” he cried. Zeus grabbed Poseidon threw him against the wall stabbed him to death and Poseidon was dead he saved Athena and Ares. They helped them to safety while they were in separate beds Athena lends over and seen Ares asleep she got up out of bed came over to him wiped the dark off his face he opened his eyes.

Your okay Ares your okay,” she said.

What happened?” he asked.

You saved my life,” Athena said.

I did didn't I, “they both laughed.

Yeah you did,” she smiled,” she said they stared at each other she leaned in and kissed him it was the most beautiful moment she ever had he first kiss by her best friend the one who was creped her out the one she never thought she would kiss. But she ended up doing it and she liked it! But what happened if Poseidon never died?

By Abigail Perkins-Carroll






Book Report



     If I could change places with one of the characters, who would it be? Why? I would change places with Jonah's stepsister, why because she is just like me in many ways, such as, she knows when to be girly and has a time when she doesn't care. Also her personality, the way she acts around people, especially people she doesn't know. When she's in danger. She likes to be adventurous and me and her are similarly alike. And that is why I would trade places with Kathrine.








Book Review




     Found by Margret Peterson Haddix is a book, that makes you so interested you don't even think about putting the book down. It's about thirteen-year-old, Jonah has always known that he was adopted, and never took it as a big deal. His best friend, Chop also was adopted. They start receiving mysterious letter the first one said “You are one of the missing,”and the second one said “Beware! They're coming back to get you!”





     Throughout the whole story Jonah, Chip, and Jonahs step sister Katherine get closer and closer to solving where the mysterious letters are coming from,and were they were adopted and it all connects to the far past and the distant future and along the way they meet some mysterious people.




     Jonah, Chip Katherine are plugged into a mystery that involves the FBI, a vast smuggling operation, and airplane that appeared out of nowhere, and also people seem to appear and disappear as well. The kids discover that they are caught in a battle between two opposite forces that want different things for Jonah and Chip's lives. The ending is great!   




     I find this book outstanding and it keeps you hooked throughout the entire story. I recommend this book for people who might like science fiction, and if you already have read a book by Margret Peterson Haddix then you would be interested in this book as well.



By, Abigail Perkins-Carroll








California is the place I would like to go because I would want to see things most people haven’t seen.

Fact 1. The capital of California is Sacramento

Fact 2. the flags pictures a grizzly bear and the star.

Fact 3. Organ, Arizona, and Nevada border California.



Sources: http.google.com



My five facts

  1. The year Cuyahoga became a National Park is 2000.
  2. The weather in Cuyahoga Valley National Park is typical of Northeastern Ohio: four distinct seasons offering something for everyone.
  3. The state Cuyahoga Valley Park is in Ohio, Cuyahoga Valley National Park covers 33,000 acres along the banks of the Cuyahoga River.
  4. The animals in Cuyahoga Valley Park are Over 900 plant species are found in the park, as well as 194 species of birds, 91 aquatic macro invertebrates, 43 fish, 32 mammals, 22 amphibians, and 20 species of reptiles.

      5.     Dragonflies and damselflies look almost alike while flying. However, if you wait until they land, dragonflies lay their wings to the side while damselflies lay them back and above their bodies.



                                                         Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga is located in Ohio though a short distance from the urban environments of Cleveland and Akron, Cuyahoga Valley National Park seems worlds away. The winding Cuyahoga- the "crooked river" as named by American Indians—gives way to deep forests, rolling hills, and open farmlands. Hayward Kendall donated 430 acres around the Richie Ledges and a trust fund to the state of Ohio. In addition, more than 2,000 volunteers donate over 74,000 hours to realize the park’s mission.


















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