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     One person that Sal thinks is not how she seems she is, is Mrs. Cadaver. From the start Sal didn't like mrs. Cadaver. She thought she was too nice and neat. She was even more suspicious when she met Pheobe, because Pheobe kept telling Sal all these strange Mrs. Cadaver. She told Sal Mrs. Cadaver was an axe murderer and that she killed her husband. Sal tried to find out and ended up feelinf sorry because the only thing that she wanted to find out about was if Mrs. Cadaver really was all those things. Mrs. Cadaver told Sal that her husband died in a car accident with a drunk driver. Then Sal found out that Mrs. Cadaverwas in an accident too. She was the only survivor, but Sal's mom was on that bus. That's why she was being so nice to Sal in the beginning. She felt sorry for her and she understood what Sal was going through because her husband died.

     Another person that seemed strange to Sal was Tom. Tom is the boy that came up to them when Sal was at the river. Sal was throwing rocks int he water while her grandparents were taking to the boy. When they noticed his knife he kept telling them they couldn't be there because it was his land. tom started to go through Sal's grandfather's pants when suddenly Sal's grandmother got bitten by a venomous snake. Sal's grandfather asked for the boy's knife, cut Sal's grandmother's leg open, and started sucking the venom out of her leg. however, Tom insisted on doing it, so he did. They went to the hospitol and they stayed ina hotel to wait. Tom wanted to stay and make sure Sal's grandmother was alright, so he really wasn't mean. He probably wanted tehm out so they wouldn't get bitten. Mrs. Cadaver and Tom were both nice people. Sal just didn't get to know them. It's exactly like they say, "Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins."


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