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Back To Normal

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Back To normal

                                By: Tyler G

        In the year 2200, all humans are equal in intelligence and body size.  The water supply has been tampered with by government officials. All people stop developing mentally and physically at puberty. Every persons DNA changes so that they are exactly alike. Life is about to change for a man named O’Brien. He is moving into the city from a remote mountain cabin in Montana. He has not had any contact with other people for over 15 years. He has been drinking water from a stream that is spring fed all his life. Unaware that he is the last of millions in America to have his normal body and mind. He has heard over satellite radio that everyone has to report to the nearest community center for the latest update on government affairs. When he gets there he realizes that everyone is like a zombie. They all act, dress and look alike. He immediately dashes out of the center and returns to his mountain retreat to begin the daunting task of changing the government control.


        Day after day he wakes up, sits on his porch in his old country home and thinks about how he can help change the world. He is so involved he doesn’t even take time to make his own food and drink his water because he is constantly , writing and rewriting his strategy. He must first convince the people in his state that they have a right to be free, think what they want, and be who they want to be, just like their ancestors before them. He begins by trying to win his government over so he can have a strong group of people behind him so he can tackle the problem quickly. Other states hear what he is trying to do, so they follow him as well to help him fight the cause. After many months a on a podium, he finally gets his wish of everyone being themselves due to the people over powering the government and winning their freedom and going back to normal.

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