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Book review for titans curse

Page history last edited by AKabodian 15 years, 4 months ago

 The titans curse book review

Got three words to say about this book and that's: Oh My god. This book is so awesome. The action is just amazing not to mention that there is action like on every page. The characters are very memorable. So the plot is pretty much that these demigods or half bloods which are sons and daughters of a Greek gods or goddesses stay at this camp to train be with other half bloods and go on quests. This is the third book in the series and Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon (main character.) Is trying to beat the evil Kornos and his army Luke and some other half bloods and a lot of monsters. His friends Annabeth, Daughter of Athena, Grover, a Stayer, And Thalia. Daughter of Zeus. Some of his allies are Chiron and his dad Poseidon. That was pretty much the basis of all the books. And the story of this one is that Grover found two new half bloods to recruit to the half blood camp. So he invites Percy, Annabeth, And Thalia to the school to get the two half bloods form the school. But suddenly a school instructor sees them and the school instructor Dr. Thorn turns out to be a monster and to be specific that monster is a manticore a giant lion that is pretty much indestructible and his evening meal Percy Jackson and his friends. Yay talk about evil teachers. If you want find what happens though you are going to have to read this book. But overall this was a great book I enjoyed every freaken page of it. Literally. And I recommend this book to people with odd tastes in books, People who love fantastical adventures, people who love action, and last but not least people who love humor books.

                                                        ----Varun R

                                                                         Author of The Creature          

Comments (1)

AKabodian said

at 9:07 am on Jan 19, 2009

Now that's a strong recommendation! I enjoyed reading your enthusiastic review. It made me want to read the book...right now.

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