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Brandon C

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Pike’s Peak

  • Pike’s Peak is located in Colorado.

·        Pike’s Peak is the most visited mountain in America and 2nd most visited mountain in the world behind Mt. Fuji.

·        It is 14,110 ft. above sea level.

·        It is the 31st highest peak out of 54 peaks in Colorado.

·        It has over half a million visitors each year.


Brandon Camarillo

September 23, 2008

5th Hour

Pipestone National Monument


  • This monument was created by an act of congress in 1937.
  • Pipestone is a red stone in Pipestone, MN.
  • The stone was carved into actual pipes for religious rites, trade, and to declare peace or war.
  • Today, only people with Native American heritage may carve off of the soft, malleable rock.
  • Methods of quarrying have changed very little since the excavation began.





Check out my sci-fi story, Bad thoughts

 Your wiki will be graded on the following criteria:

  • that you make your page uniquely yours (25%)

    • this means that you change the font & colors, as well as add other features along the way
  • that you use your time well when we have computer time (25%)

    • this means that you don't talk too much and/or be distracted by your friends when you have time to work
    • this also means that you try your hardest and do your best
  • that you meet the requirements for each individual assignment (50%)

    • these requirements will be explained on each assignment's handout sheet


Here are some other things to keep in mind: 

  • you and your parents signed a form saying you will you this wiki responsibly
    • please do not put others down or use profanity (or upload any songs/videos that use profanity)
  • part of the fun of wikis, and websites in general, is that you can create links to other websites
    • if you include something about Yellowstone National Park in your writing, you can create a link to it
      • find the web address for Yellowstone National Park and copy it (right click, Copy)
      • highlight the word you want to be the link (Yellowstone, for example)
      • on this page (in Edit mode), click on the globe above that says "Insert/Edit Link" if you scroll over it
      • under "Link type" choose URL
      • paste the Yellowstone address in the lower box and click OK
      • click on Save in the lower left corner and then see if it worked
  • here are a couple tips when changing the background color
    • for some reason, pbwiki's editing program doesn't seem to allow a whole page background change (if you figure it out, let me know).  So, you may have to fill in the section in which you want to change the color; you can do this by using the Tab key on your keyboard.  Tab through the area, then highlight it.  Then go up to the Background Color tab (above, left) and change the color to one you like
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  • here are a couple tips regarding font choice
    • please stay somewhat consistent with your font choice; it's easier to read than... if it changes too often
    • try to make the font size of titles a bit larger; you can use the Format area above and choose a Heading
  • keep your wiki page organized
    • feel free to add a page that's linked to your page if you want
    • if you add photos, include brief captions about what's going on or who is in the photos or why the photo is on your wiki (no last names, please)
    • you can make folders on the Side Bar area; maybe a folder for each of your other three Core areas (Social Studies, Science, and Math) and/or a Hobbies Folder


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -


Walk Two Moons and me:   On a Road Trip across the United States


In the novel, Sal and her grandparents stop at many national landmarks.  One that I learned about was 

A few things I learned about were

I found this photo of it at   (web address)


If I could travel anywhere in the United States, I would go to

I would travel there because

I found this photo of             at    (web address)  


You have my permission to use my words (above) and just complete the sentences and add photos.  If you want to write your own version, please include all the information above.   



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Reynolds, Chloe said

at 9:24 am on Oct 2, 2008

WOW! I love the wiki! Nice voki, by the way! I also really like the pictures! Nice work, Brandon!

Eastman, Luke said

at 1:49 pm on Oct 3, 2008

Wow halarious nice job brandon XD

AKabodian said

at 9:40 pm on Oct 6, 2008

Super Ping Pong rocks! It's amazing, funny stuff.

Moore, Kayla said

at 7:32 pm on Oct 9, 2008

Sweet voki and awesome video. I love your page.

Malott, Brielle said

at 11:41 am on Oct 24, 2008

brandon you squash . ping pong? well then.

Malott, Brielle said

at 12:06 pm on Nov 18, 2008

dont you ever check your wikki page?

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