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Facts about Yellowstone National Park:





     Yellowstone is a great national park because there are so many great wonders there.


     Yellowstone National park was founded in 1810 when William Wordsworth described the place as, “sort of a national property in which every man has a right and interest and who has an eye to perceive a heart to enjoy”.


     The climate at Yellowstone is snow in April and May. The average temperature during this time of year is around 40s and 50s. By late may through July the temperature is around the 60s and the 70s. Around fall at night the temperature usually reaches below zero


     Yellowstone is 2,221,766 acres. Yellowstone is part of three states; 96% in Wyoming, 3% in Montana and 1% in Idaho.

   These are just some of the great facts about Yellowstone National park.


















              Old Faithful                                                                  Mammoth Hot Springs                                                                            






New York City:


     There are many fascinating facts about New York City. Hopefully this information will catch your eye and make you want to visit New York City also!




 The Dutch founded New York City in 1624. New York City was first called New Amsterdam until 1664 when the colony went under British control.




New York City is 468.9 square miles. New York City consists of 5 Boroughs, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.  In 2008, New York City was populated with around 8,363,710 people. New York has 28,000 acres of parks. The most popular park in New York City is central park, which is 843 acres.



France gave New York City the Statue of Liberty to the United States in recognition of they’re friendship that was made during the American Revolution. Over many years, the Statue of Liberty represents freedom, democracy and international friendship.



                                New York Skyline at night























My Walk Two Moons essay. Similarities and

differences between the two main characters,

Phoebe and Sal.






                                                                       By: Bree


     In the book “Walk Two Moons,” by Sharon Creech, there are many similarities and differences between the two main characters, Phoebe and Sal.  Phoebe and Sal met when Sal moved from Bybanks, Kentucky to Euclid, Ohio when she was 13 years old.  After Sal moved to Ohio, the two girls became really good friends.  Sal would spend a lot of time at Phoebe’s house for sleepovers and would eat dinner with her family. 



     Sal and Phoebe have similar types of personalities because they both criticize people in certain ways, an example of this is when the strange boy comes to the door Phoebe and Sal both called him a lunatic.  Their personalities are also different because they have their own ways of being critical. Phoebe likes things more perfect than Sal, like when Phoebe and Sal went to the Finney’s, Phoebe commented on the miss-matched plates (which annoyed Sal). Sal is more humble and brave, like when Sal picked up a spider on her desk and carefully put it out the window while everyone else was frightened. Sometimes Phoebe surprises Sal with her comments and the things she does but they are still great friends because they have a lot in common.



      When Phoebe’s mom left to find her long-lost son, Sal would get really annoyed when Phoebe complained about Sal’s house.  For example, when the two went to the Finney’s house for dinner, Phoebe complained “Chicken? Fried? I can’t eat fried foods.  I have a very sensitive stomach” (158).  Phoebe continues by saying, “fried foods aren’t good for you.  First of all, there’s the cholesterol--” (158).  You can see that Sal and Phoebe have many differences but they are still great friends with a great relationship (sometimes).

     In conclusion, Sal and phoebe have many differences and similarities. An example of this is that they both have different personalities’ because Sal is more brave and humble and Phoebe is more of a perfectionist. Also, they are both different meaning the way they get along. Sometimes they fight and other times they get along great.





Saving the Great Lakes persuasive essay


By: Bree 


     To help save the Great lakes we need to keep them, which helps the environment and most people in the United States. To do this we should companies from taking the water and dumping sewage into the lakes. This will help preserve the lakes for years to come.


            First, by stopping companies from coming in and taking the Great Lakes water will help the lakes last longer. For example, if all the water companies came to the Great Lakes from all over the United States to collect water for their companies the Great Lakes (clean water action, michigan) would be gone very soon. So by stopping companies from taking water out of the Great Lakes there will be more water in the Great Lakes for a long time, which means a lot more fun.


            Secondly, by stopping sewage companies from dumpi9ng their sewage into the lakes this will help the lakes stay cleaner. For example, if sewage companies continued to dump sewage into the lakes, soon the lakes would have nasty water, the beaches would be disgusting to swim in and the would be undrinkable. If sewage in is eliminated from the Great Lakes, the beaches, the beach shores and the water will be very clean and beautiful.


            Lastly, by preserving the Great Lakes the lakes will last longer for people in the f uture to enjoy them, like we have. An example of this is, if companies kept taking the water  and dumping sewage into the lakes people from the future would see the lakes as horrendous and unsanitary. The lakes would not be a fun place to visit. But if the lakes stay fresh and beautiful like they are today, then people in the future will enjoy them as much as we do. So by preserving the Great Lakes, they will last longer and be cleaner for everyone in the future.

            In conclusion, if Michigan continues to work harder to keep the lakes clean by telling companies not to take water or dumping sewage into the lakes, the lakes will continue to have great beaches and bright blue sparkling water which will help preserve the lakes for many years.










By Bree


I woke up and the clock read 12:00 pm 3003. I was so confused I just lie there and felt unconscious. Time seemed to roll by. Suddenly the TV turned on.

“ AHHH,” I yelped in surprise. The Early Show was on; I remembered that from 2009 when I had first watched the show. I continued to watch and the famous people all of this century all seemed to look familiar to me but had different names, it was creepy. There were no windows in the room I was in. I got bored and of the early show and decided to open the door and hopefully find windows, but to my surprise there were none. I got scared for a second but then gained my braveness back and decided to go out the front door and see what this century was really like. I was paralyzed at what I saw; I couldn’t move any muscle in my body. I fainted and felt the cold sidewalk meet me, I tried to get up but my arms or legs wouldn’t move.

20 minutes later.

I was finally back on my feet and I saw aliens up in the sky, grabbing humans like how bears take fish out of the water. There were people scrambling everywhere like little aunts. I was so scared as I started to focus on another area, all the houses were windowless, one story and mostly square made out of just concrete. The sky was grey and smoggy. Steam was rising from the ground there were also fires everywhere. It got even scarier when an alien robot reached down and grab me. I tried to get out of the hold but the alien machine was no match for me. I screamed for dear life. It took me to these chambers where the tube thing was probably going to suck me up and kill me. I waited… and soon enough the tube came down and tried to suck me up, but people in the tube pulled me back down so I was somewhat safer. There was also a soldier in the chamber who got smart and finally through a grenade into the tube and the alien-machine blew up and the chambers were dented up enough that all the people and I could get out. Once I was out of the chamber I ran to the house I believed I came from and tried to turn the knob of the door, it wouldn’t open.

“NOOO,” I screamed searching for a way out of this mess. I just wanted to go home, back where I belonged in 2009. This place with alien-machines and square windowless houses was not a place for me. I walked over to the little space that separates the houses and sat down. I didn’t know what to do or what to think so I just cried and cried.

            Something tapped my shoulder and said, ”come in young lady, outside is not a place for you.” I followed her into a square windowless house and sat down on the sofa. I told the nice lady thank you and asked if I could lie down for a while. She said sure. I fell asleep thinking about my mom and my family. I hope they know that I love them so much. I also thought about my school and wondered if they had school here. I also wondered if my mom knew I was gone. Then all the thoughts stopped and my mind went black.

5 hours later

            I woke up in a fright sweating. It felt like I had a fever. The nice lady who had let me in came down with a gun in her hand. Her forehead was dripping sweat. Is she a Psychopath or is she just insane, I thought to myself when she started to point the gun at me.

“How did you sleep?” she asked.

“ Fine, thank you. But I think I gonna go now.”

“ I don’t think so.” I was scared now.

            All I heard was a gunshot and a deep pain in my head. I fell and hit carpet and blackness washed over every part of my body.

I woke in an ambulance. The sirens were so loud I screamed, the sound gave me a headache. I was crying now out of agony and the pain. I couldn’t feel my head and my body started to go numb. I heard repeated beeping and the doctor’s shout. “We’re losing her.” I whispered to myself, hold on and that’s when I fell asleep hoping I would wake up in Lansing, Michigan.

I woke up and felt fine. I opened my eyes. I was looking at the ceiling of my room. The green walls were there the same as I left them and my room was as messy as always. I was so happy that it was all just a dream. I ran down stairs and told my mom the craziest thing. When I went outside the sight I saw shocked me and I realized maybe it all wasn’t a dream, maybe some of it was real.




my poem

By Bree


i look down at the page.

my hand swiveling across drawing shapes and trees.


my hand turns in a new direction.

i feel like i am wind floating across the ocean.

i discover my ability to draw.

i feel like a conqueror of the world.







Beautiful Creatures summary

By Bree


Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is a romance book between two characters, Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate. Ethan Wate lives in a town called Gatlin County where he is counting down the days when he can leave. He is also been haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never seen. But when a girl moves into Ravenwood Manor, one of the most haunted houses in Gatlin. She is talked about at school and everyone hates her because she drives her Uncles hearse. When Ethan is suddenly attracted to Lena he realizes that theres something different about her that he didn’t expect. When one day the two discover a mysterious locket in the Greenbrier plantation behind Ravenwood something strange happens and the two see a vision of the past. When Ethan takes the locket home to Amma his maid she freaks out and tells him to put it back to where he found it. Then Lena and Ethan go on a quest to find out about what the locket really means when Ethan discovers a secret about Lena he never thought would be true. When Lena tells Ethan that she is a caster and that when she turns 16 she either goes light or dark. She also tells Ethan that every caster has different powers. Lena and Ethan find out that Lenas family has been cursed for hinders of years. Ethan and Lena try to reverse the curse so they can be together forever. Will they succeed in their dream of always being together or will Lena end up hating Ethan and never being with him? Find out by reading this 563-page book, Beautiful Creatures.

        I recommend this book if you like mystery romance. This book has a lot of twist and it keeps you reading until the end and it keeps you wanting more. This book is also well written.







Comparison between The Hollow by Jessica Verday and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


By Bree


The books Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and The Hollow by Jessica Verday have more differences than similarities. The books both take place in a different setting and both books have two different plots. Also, the books have two different ways of ending.


First, in Beautiful Creatures the setting is in a place called Gatlin County where the Civil War destroyed everything in the town. And in the hollow the setting was in Sleepy Hollow where the legend of Sleepy Hollow was written. These books are in two different places so it makes the books dramatically different.                 


Second, in Beautiful Creatures the plot was about undoing a curse and about finding out the past between the two main characters families. This book had an interesting plot and it really added to the book. In The Hollow there wasn’t much of a plot and that made the story very boring. Somewhat, the plot was about a girl finding a mysterious guy who was very protective over the main character and soon was supposedly a ghost. So the plots are obviously different and that makes both books point in different directions


Third, the endings were very different from each other. In Beautiful Creatures the ending ended in happiness and the two characters could live in peace. This book has a very happy ending. But in The Hollow the character ends up lonely like in the beginning that makes the book very sad and not happy at all. At the end of both books there’s a happy and a sad ending which makes the books only linked by on topic, dark romance


To conclude, the books do not have many similarities and both go down different roads. For example, Beautiful Creatures is more of a mystery and The Hollow is more of a dark sad story with somewhat of a twist. So these two books are both great books and have a great mystery once you turn the front cover. 









The Lost Crown


By Bree




Zeus was admiring his crown when Hera walked in. Hera is the queen of the gods. She asked Zeus if he would walk outside so she could talk to him. They walked out side and looked down on the earth where all the mortals live. They talked for a little while the crown of Zeus was inside on a pillow. Ares snuck in and stole the crown of Zeus to give it to the people down below. But one of the guards saw him so Ares gave him gold not to tell Zeus, the guard obeyed for now.


Zeus came back into the room and noticed his crown was missing. He started screaming and he was so angry he froze Hera and Zeus’s brother Poseidon came rushing into the room. He saw Hera frozen and Poseidon was shocked. Zeus said that he wasn’t going to unfreeze Hera until he got his crown back. So Poseidon went to look for Hercules so he could put him up to the task.


Hercules agreed to the task and headed to the mortal land. He brought his bow and arrow and his bravery.


When he first got there he headed off toward the fields and stumbled upon a beast with six tails and three heads. It was slashing its tails all around and its eyes were flaring and bright red. Hercules took his arrows and started shooting at the beast but it wouldn’t die. There seemed to be some kind of force field around the beast so Hercules lunged at the beast and the bubble broke. So he shot at it again with another arrow and it hurt the beast and it started screaming. Hercules kept shooting at the beast. The beast finally fell down and it wasn’t moving. Hercules went through the cave to look for the lost crown. He kept traveling and found something new. There was a diamond glowing in the middle of the cave while floating. Hercules went closer to the diamond and touched it. The diamond exploded and turned into a bug that was about the size of a nickel. The bugs started multiplying and jumping onto Hercules. Hercules fell and couldn’t do anything, he was trapped. The bugs kept crawling all over him. He lay there half dead when the bugs suddenly crawled off. He was blistered and hurt so bad he could barely move.


Hercules got up and limped into the rest of the cave. He found the crown and went to take it. He limped back through the cave and through the field and back up to the mountain to give the crown to Zeus. He was so thrilled he put it back in the case and locked it up so nobody could take it. Zeus still didn’t know who did it so he didn’t unfreeze her.


Zeus was still angry and blamed Hera for the loss of his crown. He was going to kill Hera if he didn’t find out whom the thief was. That was when Ares came in, the war god. He asked what was going on, and Zeus said that his crown was stolen. Then suddenly a guard came running in screaming “ Ares did it Ares did it. He gave me lots of gold to not tell you, so don’t kill Hera! “


“ You stupid guard,” Ares yelled.


Zeus ended up putting Ares in the god jail for a very long time.




Gift of the Seagull
















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