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                                  Trouble in the Future



4 hour                


                I'm stuck in the year 2008 I asked myself "will I be able to get back to the future or will I be stuck in the past forever"? Hi my name is "Max and I've got a son named Jacob, a daughter named Summer, and a wife named Hayden". My family and I come from the year 3000. I have a job that involves me to time travel to different times in the past. My boss (Mr. Blackberry) who assigned me my trip to the 1900's let me use his  time machine to go there, but unfortunately time machine broke down, and I'm having trouble getting back to the year 3000. Right now I don't even know if I'll be able to repair the time machine and get back to the year 3000.


            My story starts with when my boss (Mr. Blackberry) promoted me to chief of time travel. So now I get to go on time travel missions. My first assignment was to go to the 1900's. The reason I had to go there was because one horrible day my boss (Mr. Blackberry) called up and said “Max I need you to go through the 1900’s.” I ask him “why”? He said “there is this horrible disease going around and none of the doctors know about it nor know how to cure it”. Mr. Blackberry said “the disease must have come from one of the employs that came back from the 1900’s”. Mr. Blackberry said “that is why I need you to go back to the year 1900 and find the cure for this disease”. After I found out about the disease a couple days ago, my children got the disease.


            Today is March, Tuesday 23 year 3000; I was ready to take off when suddenly when my wife (Hayden) came out and said “I want to come with you”. I said “no, someone has to take care of the children while I’m gone”.


            Today is March, Tuesday 23 year 3000; its noon and I’m ready for takeoff. I feel excited, scared, and sad all at the same time. I’m excited because I get to time travel, I’m also scared because this is my first time, time traveling with all this presser on me, but also at the same time I feel sad because I’m going to be really fair away from my family.


            Today is March, Wednesday 24 year 2099; I have been time traveling now for I can’t even remember. I think 4 hours already and I’m only in the year 2099. Oh no I ether have lost power or the time machine has broken down. I have no idea what year I have just landed in, and I can’t seem to find anyone who can help me. I was thinking maybe I could find the cure in this time period. I’m will be going to the medical office or as they call it here “the drug store“. I told the man at the counter the name of the disease but he said that he had never heard of it. 


            Apparently the date here is August, Monday 23 year 2008; So today I went to go and see a medical scientist or as they call them here “ a doctor”. I told the doctor what the name of the disease was and the doctor said that I have to get oatmeal and have the person bath in the oatmeal of 5 to 8 days.


            Today is August, Tuesday 24 year 2008; so today I went to the grocery store and bought all the oatmeal they had. I final got and brought the oatmeal back to my time machine and loaded it up into the back. Know the only problem I have is how to get back to my time in the year 3000. Later today I found out why the time machine broke down. Apparently some on forgot to fix the engine and replace the fuel engine.


            Today is August, Wednesday 25 year 2008; it is Wednesday afternoon I have just finish fixing the engine. Know the only problem is that I have to replace the fuel engine, and I don’t know where to get a new one. I ask a few people were I could get one and they say that I should go to the car dealership, apparently that is what they call it here. Know it is late in the afternoon and the car dealership said that it will coast me at least $350. I had to pay for it even though the engines weren’t the same I add some parts to the engine that I bought and it happen to fit perfectly well. The only problem is the fuel engine will only get me so far as the year 2099. I will have to get more fuel to take with me on my trip home.


            Today is August, Thursday 26 year 2008; today I ask people where to get some fuel to take with me on a trip. They said that I could go to two places one the car dealership or I could go to the gas station. I decided to go to the gas station. They told me that it will cost me $50 for the amount of gas that I was taking. 


            Today is August, Friday 27 year 2008; Today I’ve got all my stuff in the time machine, all my stuff is back in place and ready for takeoff. Know it is late afternoon I’m on the time line right now and I’m almost back home with the cure.


            Today is May, Saturday 20 year 3000; Today I’m back home and everybody has been cured of the disease. Also because of that disease I now find oatmeal in the “grocery store”. So in the end I thought that I was going to get fired from my job because of what I brought back, but instead I got promoted to assistant manager.






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