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Chloe's Sci-Fi Story

Page history last edited by Reynolds, Chloe 14 years, 5 months ago


Time Traveler, or P.I. (Planet Investigator)?

                       By: Chloe


Do you believe in time travel? Do you believe in child geniuses? Not just kids who know stuff college kids know, we’re talking real geniuses here, kids who know why E= mc2. Well, they do exist, and I happen to be one of them. My name is Kelly, I’m 13 years old, and I tried to make a time machine. Instead, I ended up transporting myself to another planet, another century, another dimension, as opposed to a few days into the future as I had planned. Lucky I kept a journal of the entire experience, starting when I began building the time machine.


      July 17, 2772


Well, I’ve just had an idea, and not just any idea. A brilliant idea. Since I’m apparently a prodigy, I figure that I should put my wits to work, instead of rotting my brains out like all my other friends are doing. I’ve decided to try and build a time Machine. The best part is that, with my brains, I should be able to construct one in about 2 days. I’ll try and start on it tomorrow.


     July 18, 2772


Well, I’ve started Project Time Travel. Below is a list of the things I needed:


-         Transportation Pod (refrigerator box)

-         Grinoolyscope (fork)

-         Perambulic Merimbulator (soda can and mattress spring)




      -    Kineticotron (plastic spoon and old slinky


I know, it doesn’t seem like much, but believe me, if you install the grinoolyscope and the perambulic merimbulator inaccurately, the results could be disastrous. If you do install it properly, the time machine should be able to enter the time vortex. I’m hoping to have it done by tomorrow.


    July 19, 2772


It’s finished.


   July 20, 2772


My time machine is finished. Now all I have to do is test it. I’m currently inside the machine, and it’s starting up. Since I don’t know if it will work or not, I’m only going to set the dial for 3 days into the future. The machine’s ready, and off we go!


   What the heck?!? I’ve just stepped outside, and the trees are blue! The grass is purple! The sky is brown! Either my life will get extremely weird in 3 days, or I’ve transported myself to another planet! Somehow, the second one seems more likely. Something must be wrong with the grinoolyscope. Anyway, it’s too dark to do anything now. Man, am I glad I told mom I was spending the next few days at Ashley’s.

      July 21, 2772


Well, last night I arrived on this remote, desolate place. Now I have to find out what happened yesterday. Let’s see, here… No, the grinoolyscope is fine. Must be the perambulic merimbulator. Aha! Here’s the problem. The perambulic merimbulator short- circuited the system. Good thing I brought along a few tools in case something like this happened. Be prepared, I always say. I should be able to fix it, but right now I’m starving. Dang it! I forgot to bring food. How can I eat without any- hello, what have we here? It seems to be a blue and yellow fruit. Oh, wow, what a flavor! I’m so glad I didn’t bring any food! Well, food time’s over. Mechanic time now.  Let’s see, the grinoolyscope looks fine, but the perambulic merimbulator and the kineticotron seem to have bumped together and short- circuited. There, good as new. Wow, the sun’s going down already. I’d better get some- WHAT WAS THAT?!? I saw something in the bushes! Oh, no! It’s coming out! Farewell, cr- huh? What a cute little puffball thingy. He seems friendly. Here he comes now. Awww, he’s sooooo cute! I think I’ll name him Kabobo. Wanna go home with me, little fella? *Squeak, squeak!* I’ll take that as a yes. Nighty night, Kabobo. *Squeak.*



    July 22, 2772


Well, the sun’s up, and me and Kabobo are hittin’ the road. The time machine should work now. Hang on tight, Kabobo!


   We’re back! We’re not on another planet anymore! A planet that’s not Earth, that is. Kabobo seems really happy. It’s good to be back. Just one thing: I may be a genius, but no one’s gonna believe this.


Comments (2)

Eriksen, Casandra said

at 10:36 am on Feb 26, 2009

lol kabobo.

Eriksen, Casandra said

at 10:38 am on Feb 26, 2009

good story though. :) no one ever reads my stories. :(

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