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Class story

Page history last edited by Glew, Madeleine 15 years ago

Many of us are writing stories in our own corners of the world --- in a diary entry here, for an assignment there, on a napkin after that interesting lunch, as part of a doodle in Math class... I thought it would be fun to write one together.


Below, I will start a story.  Read what has happened so far in the story.  Think about what direction you would have the story go.  Click on Edit and change the color of the words you add to the story so that we can see how many different people add to the story.   The text color button is in the upper left hand corner; it's the one with a capital T.  Add a bit to the story (you could write a couple paragraphs, develop a character, and/or add a new plot twist).   Enjoy!




Her big brother was singing in the shower again.  His voice was right at that stage where even he didn't know what would come out.  How many weird sounds could one person make?  He said his voice was "cracking" and that it would sound normal again soon.  Right now he sounded like a bird being strangled more than anything else. Then all of a sudden the lights went out! "What the heck" her brother yelled, then it was silent.


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