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By: Izzy Morton

           In the dark land of Plastorta reigns the evil king Prothzar II. On the night  all three moons are full the king is awake torturing the lands finest magician Kammillo with poison.

                The King must set a spell on the human being that he fears will take his throne. The person that will not only strike him his final blow but the man who will bring disgrace to his family, or at least he thinks. Kammillo is aware of this though and he believes in the boy this boy he blessed when it was born the chosen person that will kill the king and restore the peace in Plastorta.

                Crestar is sleeping the very same night, he dreams of a sleek black wolf howling at the moons, a old brown grizzly bear, and a quick ferocious dwarf. Little did he know that these dreams were being forced inside his head by his own dragon, Reepveer.

                The next morning Crestar woke up in a small enclosure behind his dragon’s den. He couldn’t understand how he could have got there. The bushes around the enclosure suddenly started quivering. Out jumped the ferocious dwarf he saw in his dreams the night before.

                “Good morning king to be, I am Hothiain, get up so we can begin your training.” The dwarf pronounced.

                “What training?” Crestar wondered out loud.

                “Swordsmanship for the battle” Hothiain said.

                “What battle?” asked Crestar.

                “The battle where you can sneak in kill your father Prothzar and take his place as king so this valley can be happy again.”

                Crestar began to believe Hothiain knew something he didn’t. Then it hit him his whole life Crestar hadn’t known his father. He only knew his mother when he was very little because Prothzar took her away to die. He knew his “uncle” Who he learned to be his stepfather. The king took his stepfather away two years later after two years of trying to find him.

                Even more astonishing was his new views on why his mother was taken away. At that moment Crestar realized why he needed to kill his own father. To have vengeance on his mother’s life, sure she cheated on him but she was the queen plus he already had the kingdom. He could have just banished her.

                Crestar realized He had to devote himself to learning a bit of swordsmanship from this dwarf if he was to defeat Prothzar. So he followed him far into the forest where a large training ground was set up. Crestar picked up an axe that was laying on a table near the farthest tree.

                He began to swing the axe around pummeling it into trees slashing their branches. He felt alive. This weapon was his weapon, but Crestar realized Hothiain was watching him so he stopped.

                “No go right ahead you’re a natural this training will be easy all I have to do is spar with you.” Said the dwarf cheerfully.

                “All right lets start I don’t have all day” said Crestar. The fight was brutal he had several deep cuts to the arms by the end. He was simply amazed at how well the dwarf fought. It was like fighting a magician except faster. He jabbed at him with the strength and speed that he might actually be trying to kill him.

                They took a quick break to wipe the sweat off their faces and eat an apple then they took off atop Reepveer into battle. It looked like the dwarves had already launched the attack on the castle. For thousands of foot soldiers surrounded the castle.

                The plan was simple; the foot soldiers would attract most of the king’s men and guards at the gate. He and Hothiain would land atop the tower above the king’s study where the king spent the time during the day. Well Hothiain held back the guards at the door Crestar was to burst into the room and before the king could take out his sword slice off his head. Now if the king drew his sword, or one of the guards got through and fought Crestar had trained hard enough to battle.

                Reepveer would attract most of the guards flying by the windows breaking them with his silver tail. Reepveer finally located the correct tower and landed stealth fully, sure not to attract attention to themselves. They kill the guards and use the armor as a disguise.

                The study is heavily armed with guards in the inside, so Hothiain prepares himself. Reepveer breaks the window of the study that’s the signal. Crestar pummels through the door, Hothiain behind him, bursting toward the desk he takes a blow to his chest plate from a guard with a sword. Reaching the desk he pulls out his axe and cuts off the man head.

                The happiest moment of Crestar’s life came and went as he noticed that the man he had just murdered was not the king, it was his old friend Kammilo the magician that had blessed him at birth. As he turned around a dark faced guard flew through the door a crossbow in hand he aimed it at Crestar’s chest. Hothiain tried to stop the man but it was too late the king had shot a arrow through the boys heart.

                Amazingly the pain was harmless Crestar could still breath and pump blood to his brain. Mean while Hothiain cut off the evil laughing king’s head and rushed to Crestar.

                 Kammilo the magician was forced to set a spell that night but when the king said make me invincible Kammilo made Crestar invincible.

            The valley of Plastorta has lived in peace and harmony under king Crestar’s Rule ever since.

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