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DMN sword

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DMN sword

 Since 2800, there was a little planet with highest technological stuff in the galaxy.

It started from one inventor called Vincent. He was researching about dimension and he finally found that special object that can cut out and teleport and it belonged to object dimension. That object called, DMN. DMN got each dimension jail. Some are small and some are big and DMN can get from every planet. Vincent invented the object that can fit in DMN so it made sword. Big planet has most common DMN and the rare DMN that only one DMN in the whole galaxy whose got from black hole named Henri, which became the king and he got most powerful DMN that no one can defeat. DMN jail is empty every day that mean if you cut something they disappear and if you cut some object and teleport to jail and you can cut no more then next day you can cut again, but if you grow stronger DMN jail gets bigger that case you can cut object more. DMN got power like freeze, burn, etc. Four guardians got four different kinds of DMN, which got from four most powerful planets in galaxy. 200 years later, there was a young man want to be a DMN knight named Leo and it begins my story.

           Leo! Wake up! shouted mom.

           5 minute, Mumbled Leo.

           Well you should be wake up by 2 minute because you should be late for school, said mom.

           Mom the great DMN knight doesnt go to the school, said Leo

           Well youre not DMN knight. You must be waiting until 1 year later, said mom

           Now come down stair right now, said mom


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