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Emma B

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Book review

I read The Sky Inside by Clare B. Dunkle. This book has 230 pages. In this book there is a boy named Martin. Martin has a little sister. His sister is a wonder baby. The wonder babies are very smart. Martin also has a dog that he names Chip. Chip is a special robot dog that looks like a German shepherd. His family lives in a suburb under a huge dome. They are having an inspection to see how the neighborhood is doing so everyone is nervous. One day a man comes to the subdivision and takes the smart babies to a school. Later Martin overheard his father talking to some people and finds out that the smart babies were going to be taken out of the suburb. Then Martin decides to find his sister. With Chip by his side, Martin went to explore the out side world to find Cassie, his sister. Will they find her? What will happen on their journey?



I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy science fiction. It is a great example of a science fiction book because it has robot dogs, robot people and robot wonder babies. It keeps you interested in the story and makes you keep reading as it keeps the reader guessing what will happen next. The story has a fantastic and unexpected ending.



#2 The sequel to The Sky Inside by Emma 



William and Martin had observed the lab for months. It was where they had been hiding the rest of the wonder babies. They finally made their move. They were going to break into the facility where the scientists were keeping the wonder babies.  William and Martin finally go in “What are we going to do?” asked Martin to William. “Months of planning of how to get in and we didn’t plan what to do when we got in?” asked Martin. “We are going to save the wonder babies and that’s all that matters.” William replied. Will William and Martin save the wonder babies?


The Escape



5th hour

By Emma


Another day of hiding, it has been this way since the aliens invaded the earth. We have had to hide in Rome. The aliens have not bothered us here, but no one knows why. We are only 50 people strong while they are in the hundreds. I have two best friends named Andy and Ivan. I meet them while we were in hiding together.

 The aliens have even capturing humans and taking them away. Every time we send small groups out to find if there are other people are still out there, only some come back. The lucky ones that do are never the same.

 One day an alien named 2h4 appeared from over the hills and said, “ I can help you escape but we have to work fast.” Every one was skeptical but we all knew we would have to escape. There was no other way. Several days went by Ivan, Andy and I where chosen to help 2h4. He was surprisingly nice. We had a lot of fun. We had to get things like nuts and bolts and some weird things too.  “Why do we need slime from a swamp?” Andy asked. This was only one of the weird things the alien 2h4 needed. 2h4 said “ It is the energy we need to propel the aircraft to outer space and through the space as well.  “Why have we not heard of this before?” asked Ivan. 2h4 laughed, “We have obviously more intelligence and teaching then you human have. We are several light years ahead of you.” After that, we worked later though the night.

 I heard the adults talking. They said, “ I don’t like this at all. How do we know that he won’t turn on us or kill us all?” “That’s a chance we’ll have to take --- in any case we will die if we do nothing. The food is almost gone and the aliens will find us soon and kill us.” “Not if we fight them.” “ You know we would lose.  They are more advanced and there are so many more of them.”

The next day 2h4 announced “ The ship is complete, we should leave to day. There is not much time. They have noticed I have left. Pack your things and lead on.” We did has he said. After everyone had boarded only 40 people went and 10 stayed behind. 2h4 hit one button and we were off. We all looked out the window as we said good-bye to the earth. I turned away from the window to look at the alien.  He had a grim look on his face. That expression worried me but I could not put my finger on it. I decided not to think much of it. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. We will be to are new home soon.96


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               Walk Two moons essay                           `                    In the story Walk two moons by Sharon Creech. Sal, and her best friend Phoebe have some similarities and differences.

      These best friends are sad after their mothers leave. During this time Phoebe is paranoid about everything and will not accept that her mother left voluntarily like Sal’s mom did. Sal has not accepted that her mother has died.  Throughout the story Sal and Phoebe slowly accept their mothers’ decisions to leave. Although Sal’s mom never returns from her trip Phoebe’s mom does.

      Sal is an outgoing teenager who loves nature. She is brave especially when it comes to spiders.  Sal killed a spider when her classmates were afraid.  Phoebe is more reserved than Sal.  She is a private person who is extremely concerned about safety.  For example, when her mom left her at home alone Phoebe obsessed about making sure all the windows and doors were locked.  Sal would not have cared.  It is like they compliment each other with their differences.

      All friends like Sal and Phoebe have similarities and differences. You have heard theirs’ now. Think about you and your friends’ similarities and differences.











·       The University of Maine is located in Maine.

·       Maine is known for its seafood (lobster and clams)

·       The third largest city in Maine is Bangor

·       Maine is the 23rd state of the United States of America

·       LL Bean headquarters are located there



I enjoy beautiful views, great shopping, and good food. If I could go anywhere in the United States I would go to Maine. The headquarters for LL Bean is located there as well as the University of Maine. Maine, which is the 23rd state in the United States, is also known for its seafood especially lobster and clams. The third largest city in Maine is Bangor.  Stephen King lives there and built a baseball field and water park for kids from the area.  Bangor is on a river only 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and Acadia National Park.  There are fun things to do on the ocean shore and in the water like kayaking, fishing, sailing, being at the beach, rock climbing, crab hunting, searching for sea glass and swimming. If you are looking for a place to go, go explore Maine.




mackerel cove maine


                                   The Badlands National Park

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