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Walk Two Moons and me:   On a Road Trip across the United States


Black Hills

In the novel, Sal and her grandparents stop at many national landmarks.  One that I learned about was the black hills.

A few things I learned about were

The black hills are a very interesting place and are features in the book walk to moons here are some fun facts. They got their name black hills from the forest that looked black from afar. The black hills have 6 national parks in them. There is a place devils tower national park is an Indian legend in a modern day national park it is also in the black hills. The black hills has 2 different national forests in them. The black hills are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the worlds. That is the black hills.

I found this photo of it at 


Where I Would Like To Go

If I could travel anywhere in the United States, I would go to Worthington ohio.

I would travel there because i used to live there and it is a veary small little town. Five things about ohio is that the city of worthington ohio got best libary in ohio. Worthington was foundend in 1803. They have the best schools in ohio in worthington. They have many museums in the town of worthington including the doll museums. Eight woman founded ohio. Worthington has 9,900 students in there schools. That is worthington ohio.


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