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Exploring the US and our National Parks

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Get as much done as you can today and save your work (Save it in My Documents, email it to yourself, or  save it on a flash drive). Also, print out a rough draft of your paragraph if you get that far.   We'll be in the library again tomorrow (Wednesday).  

  1. Find information and write a paragraph about the place you want to go in the U.S. (from our recent Bell Work).  Also, find a link to a photo of the place.  Make a bullet list of the five facts.  Then use those facts to write a paragraph about the place.  The purpose of your paragraph is to tell about why you would want to go there so your five facts should be about that topic.  Please keep track of the website addresses (or books if you use them) where you found your information.  Also, look for a photo of your place.  Save it (don't just Copy it) or save the address and you can insert it into your wiki later.
  2. Use the National Park website to find 5 facts about one of these places:  Pipestone National Monument (MN), Badlands National Park (SD), Mount Rushmore, Black Hills (SD), or Old Faithful ( at Yellowstone National Park, WY).   These are the National Parks that Sal and her grandparents visit in the story.


Fact #1:  the year it became a National Park

Fact #2:  one of the people responsible for it becoming a National Park or the climate of the park

Fact #3:  the size of the National Park or what state it is in

Fact #4:  some of the wildlife that is found at the park

Fact #5:  one thing that the park is known for or that makes it unique

(if you can't find these facts, find 5 facts that are interesting to you...about one of the above parks)


Copy the 5 facts from above and paste them into a Word Document.

Keep track of the website or book where you found the information.  


Below the facts, write the rough draft of a paragraph using those 5 facts.  The paragraph should tell something about the National Park, preferably why someone would want to visit it.


If you have time, look for a photo of the park. 


 Click here for an example of this assignment.



Other websites of interest: 


The National Parks:  America's Best Idea (PBS)

(go to "Visit America's Best Idea" in the bottom right hand corner for Sal Holbrook at Old Faithful)  

and About the Series


"Long Weekend: Up in Michigan" Trekking through history in the Upper Peninsula, one day at a time.

  This is a wonderful article about a four day trip across the Upper Peninsula.  It's essentially a step-by-step guide of what to see and do as you cross the U.P.


Mount Rushmore: Telling America's Stories video


Buffalo Bison in Yellowstone Park video clip


Looking for info about one of the fifty states?

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