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Fall Out Boy Report

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Fall out boy is a Grammy award alternate rock band from Illinois. This band creates a rock yet not like any other rock bands which is creating there own sound which is very popular with teens. The band was created in 2001 and consists of Patrick Stump Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, and Pete Wentz.  The band members dealed with emocore and metal core before the band was created


Patrick Stump


He was born in April 27, 1984 in Glenview Illinois. He is the lead vocals and guitarist he

Is the composer of music for the band. Before Fall Out Boy was created and when he was

in the band he was a drummer for a lot Chicago bands.  Originally Patrick Stump was

trying out for drumming for the band that was being created (fall out boy.)

Unexpectedly he was able to become the vocals/ lead singer even though he had no

experience at singing or any type of singing for a band. Then he picked up guitar and now.


Plays the rhythm for the band. Now while he is in fall out boy he is now a producer for other bands like gym class hero.  The instruments he can play is a wide variety: there is 

Vocals, guitar, piano, keyboard, synthesizer, drums, bass, trombone, and trumpet


Andy Hurley


Andy Hurley is a American musician from the Wisconsin area, He was born in may 31, 1980 in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. He is a drummer and a percussionist. He has

Also played in other bands, One is called “Project Rocket” and was the drummer/percussionist, for that band. He also has started two degrees in anthropology and history. He hopes to finish those degrees when he has time for it. He also likes comics and is now creating his own Comic called post collapse, which is about the end of civilization.


 Joe Trohman


Joe Trohman was born in Hollywood, Florida in 1984 September 1st to a Jewish family

Household. He moved to Cleveland Ohio at 12 years old. Joe attended Washburne High School and New Trier High school.  Before the band he was a friend with Pete Wentz. He also meet Patrick Stump in a bookstore each had common interest in a band. He is considered the maker of Fall Out Boy.


Pete Wentz  


Pete Wentz was born on June 5th 1979 year old. in Willamette Illinois, a suburb of the Chicago area. He is the son of Dale Wentz who is a high school admission counselor and Pete Wentz the 2nd is a lawyer. Pete attended New Trier high school and North Shore Country Day school. He was a star soccer player in his high school years. During his freshman years in high school he started to skip school often which caused a bit of problems, then the school convinced his farther to send him to boot camp which is where he created his first songs. He is now creating movies, his own bass guitar, clubs, and books.


CD’s and Hits

The Albums they created so far are mostly from with Patrick and Andy in the band but there is one that was created before Patrick and Andy came in the scene. The people that played in their spots were two guys name T.J. “Raccine” Kunasch and Mike

Pareskuwicz. This album is called “a night out with your girl friend,” which was a mini CD. T.J was a guitarist and mike was a drummer. The ones with Patrick and Andy are called. “Take this to your grave,” “From under the cork,”  “Infinity on high,” and “folie a duex.” The latest one to come out is folie a duex that was released on December 13, 2008. The song “I don’t care and American sweet hearts.” One Hit they had in the early years is “Sugar were going down.”



So fall out boy is a Grammy award-winning band, which is based in Illinois, This band is now famous all around America this band deals with just alternate rock music. I hope this helped you learn more about this band.
















By: Erik Kuhn


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