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Freak the Mighty

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Wrap-Up of “Freak the Mighty”


   In the book, “Freak the Mighty,” there is a boy named Max Kane.  He lives with his grandparents “Gram” and “Grim” because Max’s dad killed his mom by choking  her neck.  Max was a LD student until he met a disabled kid, the Freak aka Kevin who helped him to find ways to understand what the Teachers were teaching and became his only friend. 

   The main conflict of this story was how Max’s friend Kevin helped him to deal with his problems. Both Kevin and Max are thought of as being stupid or slow by most but really they weren’t.  They were two kids that just made each other feel good.  Max helped Kevin aka Freak to be a bigger person by putting Freak on his shoulders making the two one they became Freak the Mighty because Max became Kevin’s legs and Kevin would control where they went by kicking Max on the side he wanted them to go.  This also helped Max to know which way is right and which way is left.  The two were hardly ever seen without each other.



Part Two


Reporter: Today we are interviewing Maxwell Kane, son of Kenny Kane better known as “Killer Kane”.  Maxwell how did you feel when you found out your father was paroled from jail?

Maxwell: Scared because of all the bad memories.

Reporter: How about you sharing some of those memories.

Maxwell: When I was 4 years old my dad put me to sleep and then he attacked my mom and choked her until she was dead.

Reporter: How did you know this happened?

Maxwell: Because I saw him do it.

Reporter: How did this make you feel about your dad?

Maxwell: It made me feel mad and angry at him.

Reporter: Your principle told us you acted very upset and scared when she told you about your dad being let out of jail, is this true?

Maxwell: yes!

Reporter: How did you feel on Christmas morning when your dad showed up and kidnapped you from your room at your Gram and Grims home? 

 Part Two   Maxwell: I didn’t want to go but I was afraid he would hurt Gram and Grim, especially if Grim had gotten the shotgun he told Gram he was going to get.

Reporter: How did you get away from your dad?

Maxwell: My dads friend Loretta  brought me some food for a Christmas breakfast and then she helped me cut the wire around my wrists. My dad caught her and started to choke her like he did my mom. Then Freak showed up and shot my dad with a squirt gun filled with soap , vinegar, and curry powder causing his eyes to burn making it hard for him to see us as we escaped.

Reporter: I bet you were glad to Freak I mean your friend Kevin.

Maxwell: I was, freak always shows up when I’m in trouble he is my only friend.

Reporter: Thank you Maxwell for sharing your experience with us, we are glad you and Kevin are okay.  


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