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Haley's Stories

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Hope Can Rise, Even in Life’s

Horrifying Surprises






      In the year 2119, the United States, Russia, Japan, China and a few other countries with high technology, signed a contract and promised to work together and share technology to make the world a better place for everyone in it. Everything was going fine until the U.S. became tired of sharing in the year 2183. They thought they were ready to move on, very far. The United States had the technology, just never the idea of breaking the contract until now. So, the U.S. did, and before you knew they secretly had solar power on every building, windmills, and were almost done with a high-powered rocket station to go to Mars. The other countries, at first, didn’t have a clue of any of this. The United States tried there hardest to keep this all a big secret, but apparently, not hard enough.



Saturday, May 23, 2208


Mother, sorry to ask, but now that the war is over, what are we going to do?” Anya Alekia questioned in encouragement. 

            I don’t know Anya, sweety, Maybe – Oh Badru, get that toy out of your mouth! Badru, oh no – one second Anya.”

“Three year olds, Anya, why did you ask your mother that question? Sure the war is over, but things aren’t any better.  The last thing you need to do is pressure her.” Bodana, Anya’s fraternal twin, answered with no welcome in the conversation.  Anya opened her mouth to say something but only a sigh came out.  She realized Bodana was right, but she had so many questions, and was quite angry. The war was now considered World War IV, and only because of the United States.  Being Russians, Bodana and Anya were born to blame, insult, and fight against the supposedly frightening United States.  Though they were once allies, they are now only quiet enemies.

“I never liked the United States.”  Anya finally blurted out.  “I knew that they were trouble before the war.  Why did they have to steal and hoard technology and cause the war, kill our father?”  Anya let it all out and burst into tears.  She sat down, sighed again, and then looked up at Bodana, who was surprised at Anya’s blow-up.

            “Anya, how did you know that, you were five, now you’re fifteen? Did you even know the U.S. existed? Bodana had now an idea she wasn’t making the situation any better.

            “SHUT UP,” Anya spat at Bodana, “STOP trying to be the smart aleck and realize this situation! You’ve never taken anything seriously.”

            “I DO TOO” Bodana attempted her first blow up of the day.

            “GIRLS,” Mrs. Alekia, their mother, broke up the shout fest. “Badro is crying, thanks to you two.”

            “RRRRRIIIIINNNNGGG, RRRRRIIINNNGGG.” The phone rang, Mrs. Alekia silently walked over to the phone, while Badru, Bodana and Anya sat still on the living room floor.

            “We haven’t had a phone call ever since they called in to tell about papa. This is so strange.” Anya whispered.

            “Yeah” Bodana answered. Their mother was talking calmly, but then talked louder. Mrs. Alekia soon almost yelling, she was crying in a way on the phone. The girls were worried about their mother and who she was talking to. Badru was playing with his new learning program talking robot. Those were supposed to make your child kindergarten smart by the age of four. But, it wasn’t making progress.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Alekia hung up and walked over to the girls. She picked Badru up then sat on the couch and sighed. Her face showed no happiness.

            “Girls, I have some very bad news,” Anya and Bodana looked at their mother with fear. “You two, are going to the United States, um, to work. You will live at the children’s orphanage along with many other kids from countries against the U.S.” Mrs. Alekia started crying. She looked at her girls with depression. “Ever since the war ended, the U.S. has been taking children like you, I don’t exactly know why but I do know they have to take my little girls.” She cried her way into saying that.

“But why can’t you say “no” mother, why the enemy of WWIV, they started it,” Anya replied in a very worried sense.

“I was forced, girls, now start packing all of your clothes and belongings, you’re going to be gone awhile and they’re picking you up in a week.” Mrs. Alekia then put down Badru and stomped up to her room crying.

“Mother, Mother,” Badru cried as her mother’s tear trickled down her cheek. “Why mother, why are they doing this?” sniffed Bodana.

“Why us, Bodana. What do you think will happen to us?” Anya found herself tearing as well. The girls looked at each other, eyes watering, and minds filled with surprise, wonder, and sadness.”

The day they left was the worst, saying goodbye on a plane for the first time, leaving their small town in Russia, that they‘d lived in their whole live.  Once they gave their last hugs and kisses to their mother and Badru, they were off down the tunnel to the plane.

The plane ride was long, lonely and miserable. Bodana and Anya were separated the whole time, swished and hungry.

When the plane landed, the girls struggled to find each other. Neither of them knew what to do, how to find their baggage ride, or way around mostly. But eventually it all fit together.

There was a taxi waiting to pick the girls up and take them out of town to their orphanage. Bodana like the city lights, since at night they really stood out. Anya, on the other hand closed her eyes and pictured her hometown back in Russia, she saw her mother baking, Badru laughing and playing with her father, she pictured the good times before the war. Now the war was over, her father was gone and she was in a strange car, driving to a strange orphanage, in a strange country.

“Hey Bodana, ever wonder why we’re going to an orphanage, we’re going to live in an orphanage, we’re not orphans.” Anya finally said after a long moment of silence.

            “Well, our father died, our mothers on the other side of the world, and we’re going to be desperate, so I guess when we’re in the United States, we’re counted as orphans.” Bodana answered.

Everything on the orphanage life was different, meals, people, rooms. Anya and Bodana shared a room. Everyday was the same, during free time they were expected to go try and find work because they weren’t going to be provided free stuff much longer. Life was hard in this strange place.

Months had passed and the girls knew the routine. They had jobs, not good ones though, many times the girls had to quit and find new jobs.  Money was scarce. Bodana started a letter to her mother and Anya wrote a sentence or two in the beginning but had made friends and was mostly with them.

Once a year had passed, the girls were miserable. They stopped believing that they would ever see their mother and Badru again.

“Anya, how big do you think Badru is now, I bet humongous.” Bodana mentioned one day, they had hardly talked about their mother and Badru, in fact hardly to each other.

“Well, he is three and a half, I’d think at least three feet tall.” Anya was sorting through envelopes, that was her job.      “Why do you ask?” she asked.

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll have time to write more on the letter tonight.” Bodana continued. She was about to say one thing more.

“STOP Bickering GIRLS!,” their manager yelled.” If you want to be paid, you have to work well, not talk.” He frightened the girls a lot, probably the worst boss they had yet.

That night, Bodana sat at her desk and pulled out the letter. She read over the last paragraph. It was dated May 22, 2213.

She brainstormed what she was to write tonight.

July 12, 2213

Dear Mother and Badru,

Once again, this is my only time to write for awhile, although you’re going to read this all at one time. Me and Anya were wondering how big Badru was right now. We have a job again, we work at the post office, sorting envelopes. we can’t mail for free though. The Manager is very mean, me and Anya can’t even look at each other without him screaming at us. Well, I miss you and love you guys. Bye for now.

More endless months passed by. More letter entrees were written by Bodana, one was from Anya.

One day sorting envelopes wasn’t so boring as the others, the sorting room was too full of kids so the boss called another company to come and take some children away. The Manager of that company was young, smart and funny. He interviewed many kids that day. Anya and Bodana made sure they good and similar answers, so if they got picked they would go together.

The next day the Manager of the other company came in. He picked eight children to come work for him and two were Anya and Bodana. So a few weeks later, they settled into a new job, a better paying job, a lot better paying job. So the two sisters got paid enough so they could start saving to go back to Russia someday. That day would now be somewhat sooner than they could expect without saving.

Bodana was able to wrap up and send a three page long letter to her mother. The girls moved out of the orphanage, more like kicked out, but they moved into a cheap house with a few other teenagers and they were soon good friends.

 Though the new job was harder, more dangerous, the manager was nice.

Anya and Bodana’s lives weren’t perfect, but at least they were filled with a lot more hope.

Replies from their mother were even more encouraging. So Anya kept pushing along her life, Bodana kept wondering and hoping along.

These two girls inspired by hope, looked to the future and a new day.





The end







Haley's Myth


Choo Chaw

Saves the Day

By Haley Keefe-Reitzell

     Chip was the smallest chipmunk amongst his brothers and sisters. He wasn't social much either, well no more than a couple friends. Chip liked to explore his parents didn't worry much as long as chip didn't go too far from the neighborhood. The big rule was “don't talk to humans, more or less, don't get near them.” Everyone thought they were dangerous, but not just them, danger lies in their trees as well. That danger is the evil Scware the Squirrel. That nasty squirrel has stolen from, hurt badly, captured and bothered the innocent chipmunks for years now. Everyone knows to stay away from him.


     One day chip wandered farther than usual, he was curious about something. This he would get in serious trouble for, and he knew it, chip was in search of humans, to prove they’re not evil. There wasn't much of a reason to do this, but Chip for some reason had a feeling that they weren’t. Chip only had two or three years to live, he wanted to see one up close, without talking to one. He had to admit he was nervous.

     After awhile of scampering, Chip came to a hill, curious as he was he climbed it. At the top was a small road, he knew it was a road because in school they talked all about that stuff. So Chip knew what to watch out for and look for. At the moment they were no cars coming down the road. Across the road was a large house, with a still car in it. The next moment there was a strange figure coming down the road. Well, it was certainly not a car, too small and slow. This strange figure was singing a tune, different from any bird. As the figure got closer, it noticed Chip. This wasn't what Chip had wanted to happen.

     "SQURRELLY!" the strange figure yelled. That moment Chip realized that this figure was a HUMAN! Chip couldn't move, all he did was frozen while the human came running at him like crazy. "SQURRELLY, SQURRELLY SQURRELLY!!!" the human kept yelling. Now Chip was offended, he wanted to stand up to this human but he swore never to talk to humans. "Come here mister squrrelly," the human continued. Chip was steaming, he was a chipmunk, not a squirrel.

Finally Chip gathered the guts to shout back.

“I’M A CHIPMUNK, SQUIRELS ARE EVIL!! Chip couldn’t believe what he just said. He stared at the Human. The Human froze and stared at him.

“You talk like me,” the Humanoid replied in amazement.

“Yeah, your race ain’t the only ones,’ Chip had now started a conversation with the Human, but he realized that humans aren’t so bad, every day now he goes out to meet his new friends.

“So Margaret, right,” Chip asked a few days later.

“Yeah, but everyone calls me Lil’ Blondie. I hate the name Margaret,” she replied.

“How old are you Lil’ Blondie?”

“I’m nine” Lil’ Blondie explained.

“Nine months?” Chip hoped.

“Months, heck no, nine years. I’m not a baby Chip. You’re funny.”

Chip looked confused. He didn’t just look, he was.

“Wow, years, I’m four months and hoping to live three years,” Chip was jealous. He wanted to live that long.” Chip was jealous. He wanted to live that long.

“Weird. Well I’ve got to go Chip. Bye bye,” Lil’ Blondie ran off waving to Chip. He waved back, tired, confused, and scared. It was getting dark, but he could still find his way home. Chip scampered slowly, trying not to run into any trouble. As it got darker, Chip heard something up in the trees, than the loud clinking came. What was it, he wondered. Then he remembered loud heavy clicking is the horrid sound of a squirrel!!! He picked up his pace a little more, he was terrified.

The clicking of squirrel got louder, he was being followed. Hopefully by a regular squirrel.

“Come here mister Chipmunk.” Said a mysterious voice. It was Scware, he as the only squirrel that spoke chipmunk, Chip was doomed, where to hide? There was a nearby little tree. Chip darted towards it, clueless of where the squirrel had gone. When Chip got to the safety of the tree, he was down, trying to catch his breath, silently.

“Boo” saw are jump down in front of Chip and screamed in his face.

“Ahhhhhh” Chip replied calmly. “Please don’t hurt me,” Chip followed. “Hurt you, oh why would I hurt the adorable innocent stupid CHIPMUNK” Scware got closer with every step. Scaring Chip out of his fur.

Chip couldn’t breathe, he’d seen Scware before from far away when he was a 2 month, but he’d never think he’d be close. He got in the position to run. But Scware saw what he was doing.  “Trying to run away. Heh, go ahead. I’ll beat you there, puny chipmunk” Chip was trapped.

This is the end, I’d never think it would end like this. Good bye world, Chip thought.

As squirrel pulled out what he had of claws and laughed his unique evil laugh in Chip’s face. Chip’s eyes closed as he whispered for help. He knew this was it. He spent his last few seconds apologizing to his family, few friends and Lil’ Blondie, he’d miss her the most, she was his only hope of proving Humans weren’t dangerous….

“AHHHHHHH” something screamed. Chip thought it was his own, but he was very unsure. Was he dead? Then he opened his eyes, it was dark, but he wasn’t dead he saw the moon, stars, and faint shadow of trees. He saw movement in the shadows nearby.

“Uuggggg” he heard someone say. Then he heard.

“Ha, I’ve got you, nice try again Scware,” what this was unusual. The voice was strong, deep, but not squirrel. Then out of the shadows came a chipmunk, not one he knew though. This chipmunk was larger, strong, had a strange cape on. The letters CC on it.

“You’re  welcome, young one,” He said to Chip. He had an accent, not a big one though.

“Oh I’m Choo Chaw, the Super Chipmunk. “Been hunting down this here for a squirrel for awhile now, finally got ‘em. Thanks to you, by the way, what’s your name son?” the stranger introduced .

Chip was amazed, Super Chipmunk, he had super powers of course. This was a big surprise for Chip, he couldn’t believe he’d be alive thanks to Choo Chaw, the Super Chipmunk.

“Oh, um I’m Chip chipmunk. The normal boring chipmunk.” He exclaimed, in a humorous fashion.

“Well hello Chip, it’s kind of late, where do you live. I’ll take you home.”

            This whole thing happened fast for Chip, but he was home now, sitting down ignoring all the  annoying questions from his brothers and sisters. The police was talking to his father. His mother was constantly thanking Choo Chaw, while other police officers were interviewing Choo Chaw.

Chip knew his mom would cream him for talking to humans, but that would be later, after things died down.

Everyone knew the whole story by the next day. His mother decided Lil’ Blondie was okay and wanted to meet her now. Sqware was in Chipmunk prison, pretty tight squeeze for a fat guy like square. Choo Chaw was the big thing now, ever week or so he would come by. Turns out Choo Chaw’s 12 years now, he can’t die. That’s cool. Next week he promised to put a charm on all chipmunks to live ten more years!!! Lil’ Blondie’s parents are as nice as her. They give us leftovers all the time.


Three Years Later


     Chip is now happier than ever, he loves to tell that story. The chipmunks that actually believe him are only his young children. He knows they will pass it on for generations. They are others that will pass the story on; they didn't live it so they don't believe this story. So those people who haven't experienced Choo Chaw who only say, that's right, that Choo Chaw's a simple Myth. 


The End


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