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Myth      Hannah L. 5th Hour


It was a beautiful summer day, and Sami was sitting on a hill with her best friends Peter and Zach.  “I saw Luke practicing his magic in his cave earlier today.” Peter said.  “He is always doing that!” Sami replied. 

Later that day, Zach had gone to see what Luke was doing in his cave.  He could here all sorts of noises, and he saw lots of lights flashing.  Zach approached the cave and saw Luke pointing his wand at a terrified lion.  “Stop that!” Zach yelled, then he realized that wasn’t a good idea. 

“Who are you? How dare you enter my cave?” Luke exclaimed.  “Oh, never mind, it’s just you, what are you doing here?”  Zach replied, “I was just wondering what was going on.”  Then, Luke started experimenting again.  Zach walked up to him.  Luke got scared, and accidentally lost control of his wand.  Sparks started flying everywhere! “Ouch!” Zach exclaimed loudly.  The lion started roaring.  Luke shook his head and said, “Oh no!” 

Then it was quiet, too quiet.  “Zach, where are you? This isn’t funny!” Luke said.  “Why am I covered in fur???” Zach replied.  “NOOOOO!!! I AM THE LION NOW!! CURSE YOU LUKE!!!” Zach yelled. 

When Luke had been scared, he had dropped his wand, and a spell had bounced around the cave, and it hit the Lion, and then it hit Zach.  This had caused Zach to become a lion too.  He could think and talk like he did normally, but he acted like a lion.  This meant he would kill and eat people and other animals. 

Luke realized this, and he tried to grab his wand and stop Zach, but Zach was already bounding towards the hill.  The hill where Sami and Peter were.  That was a problem. 

Sami saw a lion running towards them, and said, “Peter look, it’s a lion, oh no!”  The lion roared when he saw them, and ran faster towards them.  “Sami, run!” Peter yelled.  Finally, Zach the lion reached them.  He reached out and grabbed Sami.  Sami screamed, “Peter, save me!”

Peter found Luke, and said, “What can I do to get Sami back?” Luke replied with, “Well, you have to approach Zach, and you need to cut off some of the fur from his head, and bring it back to me, and we can burn it, and this will return Zach to his normal human form.”

So, Peter went off, in hopes of saving Sami, and returning Zach to his human self.  When Peter found them, Sami was sitting in a corner scared.  Zach was sitting with his back turned to Peter.  Peter snuck up behind Zach, and sliced some of his fur off. Zach roared loudly.  Peter went sprinting off to Luke, before Zach could catch him. 

When Peter got back to Luke, he had the fire burning, so Peter threw the fur into it.

They heard two pairs of footsteps, and listened carefully.  Sami and Zach walked in happily.  “YAY!” Luke said, happy that his terrible act had been put back to normal. 

Everybody hugged Peter, and thanked him for saving the day!!!






 In the way, way, way future in La La Land, there was a king and a queen, and they had two kids, Alyson and Nate. This was a time when people had started getting Intelligence Operations to make them smarter.



“Hey Alyson, I heard ate was going to get the IO today!” said Natalie.  “Yeah, he gets home tonight, he’ll probably be really genius, but who knows, because he’s one of the first!” Alyson replied.  “Yeah, they said it will make people really smart!” Natalie said. “Bye!” said Alyson.


When Alyson got home, she saw Nate sitting down reading Shakespeare, which really surprised her, because he usually just hung out with his friends or played video games.  “How was your IO test thing?” Alyson questioned.  “Oh, it was really good! I feel really smart!” Nate answered. Alyson rolled her eyes and said, “Well that’s a change!” Nate sighed and said, “You should get the IO.” Alyson shook her head and left.


One month later, Nate started feeling sick, and started playing video games and texting again, acts that were “stupid” to him just days before.  In addition to all of that, Alyson’s mom had started pressuring her to get the IO. Alyson said she didn’t want it, and tried to remind her mother what it was now doing to Nate and how it was affecting him badly.  Alyson’s mom tried to tell her that she would be different, but Alyson didn’t believe her.


As Nate’s intelligence kept dropping, his parents became very worried and didn’t know what to do.  King wanted to get his son a computer teacher, because those were becoming popular and might help him.  Queen wanted to send Nate away, because the whole situation was very stressful and making her angry.


“I will never get an IO, even though it’d be nice to be a genius. Everything that has happened to Nate isn’t making him any smarter, it’s just making him worse!” Alyson exclaimed one night at dinner.  “We have decided to send Nate to a special boarding school where he can slowly start learning and regaining his intelligence.” said the King.  “And once he regains his intelligence, we may be able to try and get him another IO again!” Exclaimed the Queen happily.  Everyone sighed and rolled their eyes. 


So, Nate went off to his elite boarding school for the not so smart kids, and was slowly regaining his intelligence.  Alyson didn’t end up getting the IO, and remained happy.  The King and Queen remained stupid.  They all lived happily ever after, in the way, way, way future in La La Land!    





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Electronics in Class


Hannah L…11.6.09…5th Hour



      Students should be allowed to have electronics in class.  Electronics can be used for quick contact, in emergencies, or, if you finish a test early, you should be able to listen to your iPod. Also, during homework time in reach, students should be allowed to listen to their iPods to help them think and study. 


If someone got hurt, or was in danger in any way during school, students could use cell phones to quickly contact authorities, parents, or other guardians or adults.  Or, in case of power outages, students could use phones/iPods as a flashlight, so they could see temporarily until the power came back on.


After completing a test or quiz, students should be able to quietly listen to their iPods.  Along with this, during homework days in reach, students should be allowed to listen to their iPods or be on their phones in a responsible way while working hard on their homework.   


If you need to contact a parent, guardian, or other adult, the lines for phone usage in the office are long, and in case of an emergency, it is helpful to have quick contact.  


To sum it all up, students should be allowed to have electronics in class.  Students would use electronics in beneficial ways, such as in emergencies, or after tests, or to call their parents, or to help them study during reach.   





Walk Two Moons-Hannah -5th Hour-10.19.09


Sal and Phoebe are two very important characters in Walk Two Moons.  They become best friends.  They are alike in many ways, and also very different.  There are a lot of things that I found interesting about the way Sal and Phoebe are alike and different.


        Sal and Phoebe are a lot alike, and I think this is one reason they become fast friends.  Sal and Phoebe both lose their moms in some way, and this helps them relate to each other.  Sal loses her mom because her mom leaves, and ends up being dead, and Phoebe loses her mom because her mom leaves, also, but her mom returns.  Even though Phoebe’s mom returns and Sal’s doesn’t, they still cope with their losses in similar ways, and have similar stages of grief. They both have denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  Also, Sal and Phoebe both have a way of judging people before they “Walk two moons in their moccasins”. For example, they both judge Mrs. Cadaver and say that she killed her husband and kidnapped Phoebe’s mom.  Another way they relate is that they don’t really have any family to talk to.  Sal’s mom isn’t there to help her, and Sal doesn’t find it easy to confide in her dad, because for most of the story, she believes that he is around Mrs. Cadaver too much and is trying to replace her mom.  Phoebe doesn’t think that she can confide in her mom, because she thinks her mom will make a big deal about it.  She isn’t very close with Prudence or her father, so it would be hard to talk to them.


        Although Sal and Phoebe are very similar, they do have their differences.  A      difference between Sal and Phoebe is their personalities.  Sal is a more understanding and accepting person, whereas Phoebe is a more judging and less likely to accept someone (she is still a nice person though!) For example, Phoebe is not very accepting of the Finney family.  She finds them messy, improper, loud, cholesterol eating, and in other words, not like Phoebe’s family.  However, Sal accepts the Finney’s.  She is nice to them, and they are nice to her.  She thinks they are interesting and she doesn’t judge them. Finally, Phoebe gets her mom back, and Sal doesn’t.  In the end of the story, this is a big deal to Sal, even though she doesn’t tell anyone else.  Sal even says that she is jealous of Phoebe.  I think that that is a big contrast between them, and I feel badly for Sal, and I think it is hard for her that Phoebe gets her mom back and she doesn’t.


        In all, I think Sal and Phoebe are more alike than different.  Their likenesses are interesting, and really help bring them together.  Though they are more alike, the differences they have are pretty strong.  I think that Sal and Phoebe are very interesting people to compare and contrast, and I love this book!!!   



9.29.09-Walk Two Moons Paragraphs+Pictures


A Place I'd Like To Go-Hawaii

Hawaii is a really cool state.  The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu, and it is the biggest city in Hawaii.  Hawaii is 10,932 square miles and is also the 43rd biggest state.  Hawaii was the 50th state, and became a state on August 21, 1959.  The population of Hawaii is 1,211,537. Barrack Obama was also born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. Hawaii is a very awesome state that I would love to return to!

waterfall in Hawaii taken by me


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful place to visit.  It was established on March 1st, 1872. Approximately 96 percent of the land area of Yellowstone National Park is located within the state of Wyoming, another 3 percent is within Montana, with the remaining 1 percent in Idaho.  Hundreds of mammals, birds, and reptiles have been recorded there.  It was established by the U.S. Congress.  It are 2,219,789 acres.  I would love to return to the beautiful place of Yellowstone National Park.








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