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                                                           Emily E


                                                            Hour: 3




Once upon a time there was a little boy at the age of 8 and his name was Kyle Fitzgerald. Kyle was outside on a hot summer day in the year 2022, when all of a sudden a stray dog came wondering down the street. The dog came right up to Kyle and started licking Kyle’s face. Kyle went inside and got his mom and his mom came out and started screaming at the dog “get out of here right now”, she said. So, Kyle took the dog into the woods and let it go. Kyle was ver yupset.


The next day, in the afternoon the dog csme back and licked Kyle’s fce again and he was very happy.  Kyle secretly took care of the dog and eventually his mom found out. His mom told him “that he needs to get rid of the dog” and Kyle said “no he is my only friend, if he is not here I wont have anyone to hang out with.” His mom let him keep only if it stayed outside. Kyle was so excited that finally his one dream came true!


            One day when Kyle was taking care of the dog he decided the dog should have a name, Vinny. Kyle showed all of his friends his dog, Vinny! They were all so jealous of him they all ran home.  A week passed by and the dog’s behavior changed a lot. So, Vinny was having so much fun taking care of Vinny. 


             When Vinny got dirty playing in the dirt Kyle decided to give him a bath. When he was rinsing him off with water the dogs ears start to have smoke come out of them. That day Kyle figured out the dog was a robot from Mars. The dog’s behavior changed because the heat was different on Earth. So Vinny had to tell his mom what happened  even though he didn’t want to.


             So Vinny told his mom and she flipped out and quickly called animal control to come and get the Vinny. Animal Control quickly got here and took the dog away. Kyle was so upset that he didn’t come out of his room for a whole week. Kyle’s birthday was coming up soon and he decided to come out because his mom threw him a party and had a special surprise for him!


            Kyle was so excited to see what his surprise was……. when his mom and uncle walked out they all yelled happy birthday to him and his BIG surprise was…..a new dog! Kyle was happy but Kyle stilled loved Vinny he old dog that animal control. But Kyle was really thankful that his mother bought him a new dog.


            Now that Kyle and his new dog are all happy they lived happily ever after!






 This is my DOG


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Rhyndress, Rachel said

at 3:01 pm on Dec 4, 2008

BORING!!! but nice that u said i-dog though, SPICY!!! LOL KELSEY TOLD ME!

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