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Ibraheems Sci-Fi story

Page history last edited by Ahmad, Ibraheem 14 years, 10 months ago

  “……This leads us to the three laws of robotics.  Who can tell me the first law, you in the green sweater.”   A robot may not injure a human or by inaction allow a human being to come to harm.”   Good and the second, the young ladies in the front please.”   A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.   Good and the last rule…… no volunteers?  Well alright then the third rule is   A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.   Here at the Northern Robotic Facilities we manufacture up to 20,000 robots a day.”   We also……..”



  Isaac was not listening he was excited he knew what would happen his older sister Kate had told him.  This was Isaacs 8th and final visit to the Northern Robotic Facilities.  On your last visit to the NRF they gave you a robot. Isaac loved robots and any kind would do, as long as it had a personality. Robots without personality gave him the creeps. They insisted on calling everyone master. “…...And that concludes our tour of N R F. If you’ll all line up at the door you can receive your robots. Janet received a SPD-13 and left happily telling it about her day. RB….QT1….DV-3…..HRB-34…..NS-3… and finally it was my turn. “We have a special robot for you Isaac” said the technician happily. And behold my new robot was a…….. Whumpf! Thunk! And then darkness.


My head hurt I was groggy I smelled that unmistakable hospital smell and I didn’t know where I was and if that wasn’t enough there was a large b on top of  me. “Oh good you are awake we thought you would never wake up.” “Welcome to the Spome.”



            “The what?” Isaac asked in confusion “The Spome” said the blurry figure to which he attributed the voice. “Where am I?” He asked as the universe twirled madly about him he closed his eyes the universe went away. “You are aboard the Aurora Space Dome commonly referred to as the Spome” “Right” Isaac murmured as the world began to focus. “What did you say your name was again” Isaac asked “I did not yet say,” said the figure who was now identifiable as a man. “I am Dan Kishter guide to new arrivals and rebirths.” Isaac was not satisfied “ Who are you really” he asked slightly irritated The man, who was now in focus had brown hair and wide gray eyes he was about 6” 8” and had a wiry build, was looking very puzzled and said  “I am Dan Kishter guide to ne-” “I heard That but I want the truth “Dan” ” he said with ever increasing frustration. “I will call doctor Hulgel” he said and left at a quick worried pace. Isaac saw his shining knight in armor come in from the door seconds after “Dan” had left. “You, HRB-34” he said to the small R2-D2 like robot that approached him. “Yes Master, but I am a HRB-92 model sir.” It replied “Whatever, that is irrelevant tell me what the date is.” “Galactic Standard or A.D sir?” it queried “A.D please.”  “ Yes sir, Friday, September 23rd 2097 A.D”

The shocked Isaac suddenly slipped away into the dark grip of unconsciousness. The last thing he felt were lukewarm metallic arms around his shoulders.


To Be Continued………

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