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Jared H

Page history last edited by Howenstine, Jared 14 years, 11 months ago

Jared's Wiki Page








Yellow Stone Park


Old Faithful


Sal and her Grandma and grandpa on their way to visit Sal’s mom have seen many historical land marks one of which were Yellow National Park home of Old Faithful a famous geyser.

There is so many fun and interesting fact about Old Faithful like:





  • Old Faithful can shoot a burst of water 106-185 feet


  • Old Faithful shots 3,700-8,400 Gallons of water
  • Yellow stone park has the most Geysers in the world
  • Yellow Stone was the first national park
  • Yellow Stone park is larg


    er than Rhode Island and Delaw



    are combined























  • “From east to west, Hawaii is the widest state in the United States”
  • “The Hawaiian Islands mountain range tops are the biggest in the world”
  • “Hawaii is the most isolated population center on earth” :)
  • :) “Hawaii is the o 


    nly U.S. state that grows coffee”

“Hawaii has eight main islands: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe”







 If I had to pick one celebrity to choose as my Idle it would be Reggie Bush. I love to watch college football Michigan State to be precise but in 2005 my sight turned to USC (university of Southern California) not because they were the #1 seed but because reggie Bush was on there team. Reggie wasnt just a good athlete but a good student. (It Also helps that he has a wife like Kim Kardashian )






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The Divide Review


When I first saw this book caution my attention instantly. I was carious what the divide was and the picture of a creepy looking creature was a great touch. As I started to read I got more and more into the book ever twist and tern and the descriptions in the book made me feel like I was there every second in every part.


The divide is about a boy named Felix who has been babied by his over protective parents his whole life. One day SnakeWeed, the all-famous villain from another world that Felix encountered in his last trip to the divide by entering through a portal, comes to take a spell from Felix that only he knows. When Felix refuses to give SnakeWeed that spell and Felix’s father tells SnakeWeed to leave. Irritated SnakeWeed casts a spell on Felix’s father that turns him entirely to marble.


At this Felix’s mother starts to freak out and takes a bat and tries to strike SnakeWeed with it only to be turned into marble like her husband! Felix has no other option but to give the spell to cross the divide (Other world) to SnakeWeed but he makes him promise he’ll return his back to their original form. Unfortunately SnakeWeed is not a man of word in fact he’s not a man at all he’s a Japrin, an aggressive type of elf like creature.


SnakeWeed just leaves Felix there with his paralyzed marble statue parents and takes off to return to the other world know as the divide. Felix knows that the only way to return his parents to their normal selves is to get the antidote from the divide. On the bright side Felix gets to see his old friends that he left in the divide but there’s still pressure on him that he needs to save his parents. When Felix returns to the divide things have changed significantly. The biggest city in the entire divide called Persina is being ruled by a Japrin named Fleabane.


There’s been talk about how Fleabane is worse than SnakeWeed. Who could be worse than SnakeWeed himself? Fleabane is enslaving the library workers at the divides biggest, most famous, and magical library in the entire divide. He wants them to find the spell to cross the divide and he’s willing to kill to get it. So Felixs life is on the line. All the mythical creatures in the divide are sick and tire of Fleabane and their suspicions are rising. He told everyone that the old King and Queen are on vacation and may never return. Some say that Fleabane may have killed the King and Queen himself just to gain power. Other people think that there still alive just trapped and awaiting for Felix to come save them. Now Felix has more problems than ever before. He has to find a cure for his parents that seems not to exist, save the Queen and King, and stop and over through SnakeWeed not to mention Fleabane. Can he do it all?


I overall liked the book. It had everything you could ask for. It was well written and supported with a significant amount of details. I would especially recommend this book to people who love crazy and far-fetched adventure and unique mythical creatures.  There were two bad things that stood out. One of them was that it was hard to keep up with all the characters they had in the book. The other was that the parts that were suppose to be thrillers and exciting moments in the story were a little slow. Like if a person was being chased trough a tunnel it would take you half in hour to get through the chase scenen.


Final Exam



13.       I think I did well because on my page I had interesting use of colors and cool and useful links and videos. The writing on it was very full of meaning and to me told you a lot about me. The organization of my page was very spaced out and neat. It was organized by date and by category.


I think that the wiki was great because it made reading and writing and in general learning fun. It gave a lot of independence and I liked that. Although it was cool to use a lot of links and animations having something to do with the topic. It made me feel like it was an electronic book when I put my pieces of writing on it. 










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I like what you 've done with your page J.

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jay jay nice page man its really long and alot of people commented on you page u must be really popular

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