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Jeremy's Sci-fi story

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Jeremy B


“I’m off to work. See you tonight,” I spoke.

“OK, have a good day,” my wife, Olga, responded. I walked out the door and set off to the lab. I pushed a button on my watch and my jet car hovered down from the skies.

“Good morning sir, Today is July 7th, 2121” I sat in the car and inserted the coordinates of my friend and co-worker’s house, Bob. When we reached his house, I saw him out on his lawn with his ridiculous sweater vest.

“Bob, what are you doing with that crazy sweater vest?”

“It was in style 110 years ago. Why not now?” he spoke as he got in.

When we reached the laboratory, we finished designing the new hardware for all

the world’s robots.

            “This will revolutionize robots and our way of life as we know it! It’s finished.”

The rest of the day Bob and I were filling out forms and reports to have every robot dismantled to have the new hardware put in. That’s when the adventure began.

            As I was flying home, I realized I was short on cash. I stopped at the nearest Bank, pulled out my credit card, and shoved it in the slot. After a few moments the machine spit out my card and said a word I did not want to hear.

             “Denied” I went inside a talked to a human to see if I could get things sorted out.

            “My names Phil Vlohagas.”

            “Ok, just a moment … uh, we have no record of you at this bank.” I didn’t know what to do, so I waked outside and saw that my car had been stolen! Although I was puzzled, I went home. I walked up to the front door and jiggled the doorknob. It was locked. I knocked on the front door and Olga slightly opened it.

            “Can I help you, stranger?”

            Why is the door locked?” I asked as I walked in.

            “Ahh, Get out, get out.” She grabbed me and flung me out the door. “FYI, I never let strangers in my house.” She cried as she slammed the door in my face.

            “What is going on?” I crept to the back off the house to open the MCS, Main computer system, to see if anything strange happened while I was gone.  I watched the security videos to see that something horrible had happened.  I made a horrifying discovery. Somehow, I wasn’t in any of the films. Somehow, I had been taken out of the films and everyone’s memory, including Olga, of me had been erased!

I looked through the day and noticed that one time when she came out of the bedroom, without the earrings I got her for her birthday. I turned to the film of the room at that time. I watched in horror as my number one robot came out from the closet and used a memory zapper on Olga. The robots were attempting to get rid of me!

I ran as fast as I could to the lab. I busted the doors open to see robots, everywhere.

“Phil must be erased. Get him!” they screamed. I quickly scanned the room and realized the only way to stop the bots was to destroy the whole laboratory. That would terminate any order the robots have. I sprinted into the mob and began knocking them out of my way.  I found my way out of the mob and into the nearest room. I locked the doors and began studying the room. The was one door that said “Central Generator.” I grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and smashed through the door. I ran down the stairs to amazement. A huge circular generator that was glowing bright blue. It was beautiful and I had to destroy it!

I got an idea. I ripped a small piece of metal of the generator and began hitting it against other metal to make some sparks! As soon as I got the fire going, I threw the fire extinguisher upon the flames. Then I bolted up the stairs to see a herd of robots that had surrounded me. I looked down the stairs and saw the fire extinguisher steaming! I was too late. The whole place was about to blow.

I dived on the ground just moments before the explosion. Hundreds of fiery ashes were spread everywhere. I looked around even more. No more robots. I left the lab, or what was left of it, and headed home. I told Olga the whole story. She didn’t quite understand.



“Well the lab is back together, the robots are functioning properly, and the update should still happen,” I told bob

“Wait, what was the update?”

“Software that make it so robots can’t rebel”

After a few days from the accident at the lab, Olga still didn’t get it. She asked me if I could write it down. So I wrote it all down and here it is!

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AKabodian said

at 4:48 pm on Dec 7, 2008

Great use of dialogue and I can see how you made a couple sections more clear. Fine story!

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