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Welcome to my wiki page. Here you can find my English stories, favorite things, vokis, and quotes of the month. Enjoy!




Happy 4th of July!!

Here is a poem written for out country's birthday:

Happy 4th of July


Happy forth of July,

Enjoy a sparkler

Maybe a festive pie.


It's a great story,

The revolution's gory,

That led to our victory,

And the birth of a new country.


Many brave men and women,

Risked their lives for hope and for tens

Of millions of people,

Waiting for peace and for a new world and a new start to making their own stepel.


So light a firework,

Watch it explode in the sky,

Remember the people who died,

To save your life,

In a land of freedom and of strive.


Happy 4th of July.








Check out some of my poems, encluding my Creative Response Poem and poems that I wrote last year.



By: Katie Doyal


I asked him:

Don’t you see the crescent moon vanish?

And the blazing ball of yellow light appear

Casting an unforgotten picture of lovely colors striking the sky?

Don’t you see the dawn?


He Answered:

I do, my child.

But not the way you do.


I asked him:

Don’t you see the sun hit the highest step of the ladder?

That it climbs to the tip of the sky each afternoon?

Don’t you hear the afternoon sun shout, “King of the World”?

Don’t you see the afternoon sun at its peak?


He Answered:

I do, my child

But not the way you do.


I asked him:

Don’t you see the sun turn red?

And force the sky to become beautiful pinks and oranges?

Don’t you see the sun tuck itself in

The waves of the ocean as its blanket?

Don’t you see the sun set?


He Answered:

I do, my child

But not the way you do.


I asked him:

Don’t you see the moon rise?

Don’t you see the night moon go to meet its friends the stars?


He Answered:

Yes, I do my child.

But not the way you do.


I asked him:

Do you see me?


He Answered:

I do, my child.

I see you not with my eyes,

But with my soul.


I asked him:

Are you blind?


He Answered:

In my eyes, yes.

But that has only made my soul that much stronger.



Here are a few of my favorite poems that I wrote last year in sixth grade:



Fears of the Night

By: Katie Doyal


And so I wait upon the moonlight ring,

For along the bedside I shal wait alone.


Does the darkness rip my skin?

It does not.


Shall the midnight make me tear?



Might the night bird's howls frighten me?



No night fears shall kill my heart and soul.


So may the galloped beasts sleep me well,




Go and Wish

By: Katie Doyal


Go and wish for wealth,

Go and wish for love.

And if no one hears your cry,

Go and wish some more.

And if no one hears your wine,

Go and wish again.

And if no one hears your begging,

Go and wish longer.

Do not stop wishing,

Go and wish some more.


Wild Geese Fly

By: Katie Doyal


May I sit on the windowsill?

'Tis though I wish to watch the birds.

The stars on their feathers,

The moon on their beeks.

'Tis though I wish to watch the wild geese fly.


And so should one care to wink at me,

Without pain or sorrow in their eye,

My heart will lift with joy.


Watch, watch they have a story to tell.


The Eight

By: Katie Doyal


A circled loop of two.

A ring of old and young.


Clear and quiet,

Bold but shy,

Eight is a number that might make you cry.


So what can an eight do to you?

Think about it and I will too.




By: Katie Doyal


The breeze is warm,

My thoughts are cold.

Spring is on it's way.


February isw a good month,

That never has much change.


When will March come?


I hope.



Here are more recent poems:


To the Magnolia Tree

By: Katie Doyal


To the Magnolia Tree.

A tree of great beauty and pride.

The tree that once was bare,

Now covered in blossoms of pink and white.

And so did a little bird sing off the thin branch:


To the Magnolia Tree

A place of true romance.





By: Katie Doyal


She was once there,

I suppose.


But then she left,

Leaving me to fend for myself.

To live with no one to guide me,

No one to call my own.


All the others will smile

And hold the hand of their small child.

But I will frown and sit alone in the shade of my own tree.


I asked for her to return.

But everyone is telling me,

She is gone forever.


And so I think,

What do they mean,



 The Red Bicycle

By: Katie Doyal


I once had a red bicycle.

It was my favorite toy.

I rode it to school every day,

I made such a wonderful noise.


It was my sister's once,

Until she gave it to me.

I was apart of the bunch,

The school boys called the Bikers Three.



The Call of Mother Nature

By: Katie Doyal


I once got a call from Mother Nature.

And she wasn't happy.


She told me to wake up and clean up!

Let's make this world green!

Pick up some trash!

Use Aloe on a rash! 

Don't buy so much!

Serve a homeless man lunch!

Help your neighborhood please!

Be friendly, don't tease!

Use your resorces, not others!

Be good to each other!

Do your best!

Ask your friends to help you with the rest!

C'mon don't snooze,

We've got work to do!

So grab a heart,

And do your part!


This is the call of Mother Nature,

Pass it on.


For Emma

By: Katie Doyal


For the little girl with tangly blonde hair,

Which she claims is brown.

For the little girl whose bony knees are covered in dirt and scabs.

For the little girl who plays all day and laughs all evening.

For the little girl who never wants to sit.

For the little girl who never wants to take a bath.

For the little girl who will always be my charming little sister.

For little Emma.


Here is my wiki experience:

         My wiki experience was good but not terrific, it was fun because I got to make my own page and express my ideas and poems on a website. It was fun to be able to work on the Internet. The only down side to the wiki was putting in links, vokis, and photos. I liked the wiki because it was challenging and fun. From using it in class I learned how to use the wiki and how to create vokis, how to make links, and how to make a page on the Internet. Using the wiki really didn’t change the way I wrote final drafts. The wikis next year could be better if Mr. Kabodian had his students use the wiki for more assignments.



The Watsons Go to Birmingham- 1963

Dealing With Grief and Loss

By: Katie Doyal

3rd Hour


            In The Watsons Go to Birmingham- 1963, Kenny must deal with grief and the sense of loss. It isn’t easy for Kenny to realize his grief, so he gets the help and support from his family. The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 is the story of an African- American family from Flint who are traveling to Birmingham in 1963 to visit Momma’s mother, Grandma Sands. While there, a bomb killing four little girls and injuring all of the people in the church blows up the Baptist church down the street. The family must deal with grief and loss, but find ways to overcome their sadness.

            In the book, Momma and Daddy spend some portion of each day talking about the bombing together. When they share their feelings, they feel comforted. But Kenny chooses not to share his feelings and instead hides behind the couch. Being alone gives people time to think about what happened. It gives people a sense of self-recovery, which some people prefer over others helping them recover.

Byron is concerned about his brother, Kenny, because he is always hiding behind the living-room couch and he seems to be less and less like himself. In chapter 14, Byron takes Kenny upstairs to the bathroom, where he tells Kenny to look in the mirror. Kenny realizes how depressed he looks. Kenny begins to sob, and Byron puts Kenny’s head on his lap and comforts him. This helps Kenny because it is the sense that someone is there for him and they will comfort him and listen to him and give him supporting thoughts and advise.

It is not always easy dealing with grief. It helps when you have someone to help you through it. There are many different ways to deal with grief. But no matter how you cope as long as you recover it doesn’t matter what strategy you use.





Nancy Drew: #63: The Twin Dilemma

By Carolyn Keene

Jan 10, 2009

Third Hour English

    Imagine being Nancy Drew.  You’re an amateur teenage detective from River Heights and you’re on a stylish mystery in America’s fashion hotspot, New York  City. You face a lot of dangers; meet a lot of suspicious people and see a lot of things get stolen. OK, now you have the basics.

    Nancy Drew is visiting her Aunt Eloise in her New York apartment when she learns that the famous model Jacqueline Henri has disappeared.  Aunt Eloise is a friend with a woman named Marjorie Tyson who works for famous designer Richard Reese.  Aunt Eloise also sometimes helps at Reese’s fashions shows.  Eloise asks Reese if Nancy could replace the famous model at the benefit fashion show.      Reese agrees. Nancy appears in the fashion show and meets Chris Chavez, a fashion photographer and friend of Jacqueline Henri.

    Then Nancy learns there is another mystery to be solved. The night of the benefit show many of Richard Reese’s designs are stolen.  The next day they appear in the Chalmers department store fashion catalog without Mr. Reese’s name as the designer of the clothing! Nancy offers to take on the case for Mr. Reese and gets to work right away.

    The following day Nancy and her friends Bess and George go to Chavez’s studio to get some help. Nancy is surprised to learn that Jacqueline Henri is at the studio. Henri tells Nancy that she believed that her brother, Ted Henri, an investigative reporter, was kidnapped. Nancy promises to help Jacqueline, but lets her know that she also needs to help Mr. Reese with his case. The five begin to look at some facts from a note that Ted Henri wrote to his sister and at a current story that he was working on. Ted had discovered an auction where fake items were being sold. Nancy and her friends decide to visit the auction house to see if they could pick up any clues.

    When they arrive at the auction house they discover one of the hints in Ted’s note, the Lion Medallion. Nancy bids on the medallion and loses.  Later Nancy meets the prizewinner, Russell Kaiser.  Russell Kaiser seems to be a very busy man from the way he declined Nancy’s offer to ask him some questions about the medallion. After Kaiser runs out of the auction house, Nancy and her friends turn around and are surprised to meet a tall, thin man with blond hair who also claims to be Russell Kaiser. Nancy is now very confused.  Who was the short, bald man who claimed to be Russell Kaiser and who bought the Lion Medallion.  The blonde and tall Russell Kaiser is very upset that his medallion has been taken and so he asks Nancy to track down the thief (the bald and short Russell Kaiser) and the medallion. Nancy commits to the mystery, but tells him that she also has two other mysteries to solve.

    The next day, Nancy is eating breakfast at her Aunt Eloise’s apartment, when a telegram arrives from Nancy’s father. The directions on the telegram are for Nancy to stay at Aunt Eloise’s apartment and wait for important papers to arrive. Nancy’s friends Bess and George offer to do Nancy’s detective errands for the day for her. George and Bess leave for the New York Police Department to look at some of the mug shots of suspects in New York.  After waiting for hours and hours for papers that do not arrive, Nancy realizes that she has been tricked! Someone did not want Nancy in New York City that day. Meanwhile, Bess and George are at the New York Police Department sorting through mug shots. Bess notices one at the bottom of the pile. She slides it out and looks at the picture. It’s the tall, blond Russell Kaiser! Under the photo it says: PETE GROVER. WANTED FOR CHECK FORGERY FOR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. The girls quickly return to Aunt Eloise’s apartment to tell Nancy. 

    The three girls decide that they need to take a break from the case for now, and so they go out for lunch. Over lunch, Nancy has an idea to get jobs at Chalmers Department Store or the Millington Company to look for clues. The girls flip a coin to see who goes where. Bess and George head off to Millington and Nancy to Chalmers. Bess and George fail in their attempt to work at Millington.  Nancy get herself a job as a stylist at Chalmers. But, she falls into a trap! While waiting for Mr. Iannone, the agency’s manager, to come back with a trainer for Nancy, a blackout occurs and she gets locked inside a dark warehouse. Nancy finds a way to escape from the warehouse and the building and returns safely back to Aunt Eloise’s apartment. Even after the horrible experience at Chalmers, Nancy is determined to return the next day. The next day at Chalmers, Nancy learns that Mr. Iannone, the store’s manager, had quit and Rosalind, an old stylist of Mr. Reese’s, was now in charge. She also learned that she couldn’t have her job back.

    A few days later, Nancy is doing some more detective work at Belini’s Fabrics, where she follows Pete Grover and the phony Chris Chavez into a place full of rich secrets and a lot of sewing material. Nancy figured out the phony Chris Chavez was actually Ted Henri  and the biggest fashion gala of the year, The Crystal Party, was certain to have some sneaky guests.

    Nancy now knew that it would be very important to go to the Crystal Party if she wanted to get to the bottom of this case. And so she and her fellow detectives went to Mr. Reese to see if they could get invited to the Crystal Party. Mr. Reese gave them tickets and made them dresses to wear to the party. Then Mr. Reese had his stylist, Rosalind (who had returned), to fit the dresses for the girls.

    The very next day, the dresses arrived, too tight! The girls took scissors and made adjustments to the beautiful dresses. The girls then went to the party. At the Crystal Party, Nancy noticed two men talking quietly in a corner. She recognized them as Pete Grover and Ted Henri! Nancy pretended to get something near the corner and overheard them say Gramercy Park and the number 11. Nancy excused herself and got a cab to 11 Gramercy Park.

    If I say anymore, I will spoil the ending. While this is a very predictable story it is still full of suspense and parts that will keep you reading. This book is one that any mystery lover will enjoy and one that will keep you reading until the end. I do not suggest this book for someone who doesn’t like fashion mysteries. I absolutely loved this book and it even inspired me to read another Nancy Drew. So I suggest that you check out Nancy Drew: Case #63: The Twin Dilemma By Carolyn Keene.


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Walk Two Moons and me:   On a Road Trip across the United States


                                                        Badlands National Park           

            What is 244,000 acres and preserves 64,144 acres to wildlife? If you couldn’t tell, look at the title. It’s Badlands National Park. It is so big that it is in 3 of South Dakota’s counties, Jackson, Pennington, and Shannon counties.

                                    But what are the Badlands? The Badlands are an area where professional fossil diggers called paleontologists dig for fossils of  animals and dinosaurs. Badlands National Park also helps preserve land for animals who are endangered like the Black Footed Ferret which is the most endangered land mammal in North America. 

                        Badlands National Park was founded on November 10, 1978 39 years earlier on January 26 the it was founded as a national monument. Badlands National Park is a great place for education of fossils. Badlands National Park is also a great trip for families and people who like nature, animals, and fossils.





                        If  You Could Go Anywhere In the USA Where Would You Go?

                                                Boston, Massachusetts

                        Boston, a center of  American history and beautiful parks and gardens.

Boston is the home of the great State House, Public Garden and the Swan  Boats ,and the Boston Celtics.  Boston also has many Irish-American citizens. The loved book  Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McClowsky takes place in Boston as well, there are a few sculptures in Boston that show the ducklings from the true story. 




                    Information on Badlands National Park

                                       Found At…




                                   Info About Boston Found At:



Here are some of my  favorites!




irish dance

MSU Children's Choir

Northern Michigan





hanging my friends and family

my little sister

collie dogs





My Message of the Month

Happy 4th of July !!



               Thank you for visiting my wiki page! 









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