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Kegan E

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The Last Battle

Kegan E


5th hour



Once upon a time in Greece there was a man named nycerius he was a strong and bold.

One Day in the country of Sparta nycerius was sent a letter from the all-powerful god Zeus. The letter read “ dear nycerius, I want you to go on a task for me”. Nycerius thought what Zeus would want him to do. He started to read again. “ Go to the nitfire temple of the gads in Athens to destroy the mijans all they have done is brought trouble to my land”. Then a village boy ran into the hall of despair where nycerius was. The little boy said that a man was coming to kill nycerius. He asked the young boy, “ where shall I find this awful man”. “ I last saw him behind alexanders castle” the boy said. “you must before he finds you” the village boy told nycerius.

Nycerius set off to find the mystery man that was planning to kill him. Nycerius looked all over for the man but could not find him. So nycerius decided to forget about it and look at Zeus’s task.

Nycerius walked over to a nearby horse stbale and when the guard wasn’t looking nycerius took the closest horse and hopped on it and rode of to Athens.

When nycerius arrived to Athens he asked a young man where to find the nitfire temple of gods. The young man said “ go past the palace and take a left and then it should be straight ahead from there. Nycerius fallowed the mans directions and came up to a huge temple.

Nycerius walked in and saw the mijans just sitting there in a small circle, nycerius hid under a table and watched there every move. One of them got up and walked over to the fountain of souls. Nycerius got up and yelled “ get ready to be defeated ounce and for all”. Nycerius walk












I found this picture at:




Old Faithful Facts



  1. Its eruption length and height, and time between eruptions varies from day to day and year to year.
  2. As of March 2003, the eruption length ranges from 1.5 to 5 minutes; the average interval between eruptions is 94 minutes.
  3. Old Faithful's height ranges from 106 feet to more than 180 feet, averaging 130 feet.
  4. 3,700 to 8,400 gallons of water are expelled per eruption, depending on the length of eruption.

     5.  Old Faithful is a cone geyser, which erupts in a narrow        jet of water, usually from a cone.

        I found these facts at: http://www.yellowstone-natl-park.com/oldfaithful.htm






California facts


1.               California  is a U.S. stae on the West coast of the united states, along the pacific boarder. It is bordered by oregonto the north, Nevada to the east, Arizona to the southeast, and to the south the Mexican state of  baja california.

2.            California is the most populated U.S. state. Its four largest cities are los Angeles, san diego, san jose, and san fransisco.

3.            From Santa Barbara to San Diego, each beach area has its own distinct charms and attractions. What almost every California beach vacation shares in common besides the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean is a delightfully sunny, mild climate throughout most of the year.

4.           State Bird: California Valley Quail

State Capital: Sacramento

State Colors: Blue ((for the sky) and gold (for the gold found).

State Dance: West Coast Swing- Originated in CA in the 1930's.

State Fife and Drum Band: California Consolidated Drum Band

State Fish: Golden Trout

State Flag

State Flower: Golden Poppy

State Folk Dance: Square Dancing

State Fossil: Saber-Toothed Cat

State Gem: Benitoite

State Ghost Town: Bodie

State Ghost Town (silver rush): Calico

State Grass: Purple Needlegrass

State Insect: Dog Face Butterfly

State Mammal: California Grizzly

State Marine Fish: Garibaldi

State Marine Mammal: California Gray Whale (Migrates from Alaska to Mexico)

State Military Museum: California State Military Museum

State Mineral: Gold

State Motto: "Eureka" (I have found it!). Relates to the discovery of gold.

State Nickname: "The Golden State" (named after the discovery of gold)

State Poet Laureate: Al Young

State Prehistoric Artifact: Chipped Stone Bear

State Quarter: California Quarter

State Reptile: Desert Tortoise

State Rock: Serpentine

State Seal

State Song: I Love You California

State Tall Ship: The Californian

State Tartan: Muir Tartan

State Theater: Pasadena Playhouse

State Tree: Coast Redwood

5.            California is the 3rd largest state in area and the largest state in population.


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