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Wayne goes to jail



     Today is April 2, 2242, another boring day behind bars. It’s not fun at all! I was not always in prison this all started February 17,2240.I woke up to a boring day like anyone else. I got a call from my job Pizza Nut. I was fired!

      Some woman was yelling at me for no reason. I hung up the phone and went upstairs to the bathroom. When I stepped in the door I saw Joe. I said “Joe what are you doing in my bathroom”.

    Joe said “I dot know”?

It was awkward so I told him to get out of my house. I don’t have a vehicle so I use my grocery cart to get around. The best part is when I go down a hill.

    One day I found a guitar in my alleyway It had letters on it. I could not read but I know a little bit about spelling. The first letter was a “k’ I think. There was a man yelling at the space police. I had seen him before maybe it was that time I was being chased by Martians. For some reason that funny person in my head told me to get the guitar and run, so I did.

       One day when I was walking home the space robots stopped me an tried to take it from me. I knocked one in the head an ran. I outran the robots. I got on my cell phone an teleported to my house.

     A few days later I went outside to the park I ran into this girl an I made a mistake an bumped into her. she dropped her guitar I was so busy staring at her I missed her name.

Her hurried an got up and took my guitar an ran.

It took me 4 months but I finally found her.

   I eventually found out she

 worked for

the F.B.I.. And so

I like got arrested. I plan to break out in 2 days.

That’s how I got

In prison.

                            The end


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Price, Brittany said

at 3:30 pm on Feb 28, 2009

cool page khallil

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