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                                  Ocean of Tesselow

By Leah Buonodono

2nd hour/ 6th hour


Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, was taking a walk by the shore of ocean Tasselow, Ocean of mystery and death. 


As  Athena slowly walked across the shore she knews to stay away from the water.  While she scanned the shore she saw something shining a she slowly approached it became shinier.  Next thing she knew she was touching the water.  Every one knew to never touch the water of ocean Tasselow.  But it was too late Athena touched the water.  When she turned to take a closer look the monstrous shiny thing it was gone. All around Athena the water started rippling.  She tried to run but she couldn’t it was too late.


Squontow, the demon god of water had set his mind on taking Athena.  BOOM!  Athena woke up sitting on a nice fancy couch that was very comfortable.  She settled down, but when she tried to stand up her feet were chained to the ground.  Athena screamed at the top of her lungs. Then she heard a voice, 

“Help me please, some one help”

when a big voice boomad 

“no one can here you”

then around the corner came Squontow.  His face was blur but he stood tall and strong.


Some where in her hart she knew some one heard her.


Her voice traveled on the wind floating far far away.  Miles away in a land called Chemose the worrier Constans heard her voice on the wind.  He followed the lovely voice on the wind until it led him to the ocean of Tasselow.


He knew this was going to be hard but he was in love at the sound of her voice.  He sat and thought under a big Lessnac tree.  He finally came up with a plan.  He grabbed one of the Lessnacs giant, dlowly put it in the water, and careful not to touch the water he jumped on. He sailed out on the ocean listening to the beautiful voice.

            Finally he saw Squontowses cave.  The voice was coming from inside.  He got to the edge of the cave and hoped off the leaf.  As he slowly walked into the cave he saw Athena. 

“some one help please help” she kept repeating.

Soon he decided to come and help.  He pulled out his dagger and cut the chains off her feet.

Squantows yelled from the other room “you silly girl you finally got some sense and stopped yelling”


            Athena and Constans slowly snuck out.  At the edge of the cave Constans helped Athena on to the Lessnac leaf and they safely sailed to shore.

Constan saved Athena and they fell in love.


Don’t Drive Drunk


By: Leah Buonodono

There are a lot of laws and they are all vary important but one of the most in


portent in my opinion is to never drive drunk!



Did you know if you have two drinks and are caught driving you will well get


a ticket and I think you should get community serves.  Some people do but


not all.   When you drive drunk you endanger people around you so that


should be a obvious reason to make one of the consequences community




Did you know that over $22,000 a year is spent on drunk driving accidents


for the medical bills from the people in the accident, the car repair or


destruction, and the fixing of the aria where it happened.  So over 5 years


that is about $120,000.  that money could go to charity.



The most in portent thing is over 1,210 people die a year in the U.S.A.


From drunk driving accidents.  That is to many lives lost every year from


Easley evaded accident. 



So I have made it obvious that it is stupid to drive drunk! It only takes two


Drinks and costs a lot of money and there are lots of deaths from easily


avoided accidents.  So JUST STAY OFF THE ROADS!!!





6th hour


            All though it might be hot and crowded I would still love to visit Florida 

If I could go anywhere I would go to Florida! Hot tropical weather, lakes, oceans, and lost of fun stuff to do!   Also awesome facts are that Florida’s state flower is the orange blossom. It is small and white with yellow pollen in the middle.

            If know the state flower you should know the state bird. The states bird is the mocking bird. It is light brown with a white under side. 

If you were talking to people about the states if some one mention the Sunshine State they would be talking a bout Florida.  It is called the Sunshine State because it is sunny almost all year.  This is one of the reasons I would like to go there. 

When you go to Florida you are most likely going to see, Sea World or Disney World but if you want to see some thing educational you could go to the capital, Florida capital is Tallahassee.

  One more thing to remember Florida is crowded this are about18,328,340 people living there.









Florida’s capital is Tallahassee  http://www.stateofflorida.com/Portal/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=95








Sleeping Bear Dunes

By: Leah 

6th hour


In my opinion the best nation park is the Sleeping Bear Dunes!  There is 35 miles of lake Michigan shore.  Well you are walking around on the beach there are also dunes they are 450 feet above the lake so when u get to the top it will be a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.   One more thing to look at well you are on the beach there is only one light house in the Sleeping Bear Dunes but it is beautiful and kept up vary well.  The park was authorized on October 21, 1970.  Did you know the U.S. Life-Saving Station in Glen Haven was moved from Sleeping Bear Point in 1931 because it was being covered with sand from the moving dunes.  So there are lots of fun things to do and see at the Sleeping Bear dunes!



35 miles of lake Michigan http://www.nps.gov/slbe/index.htm

The sand and gravel bluffs on the Lake Michigan shore in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore are 450 feet above the lake level http://www.nps.gov/slbe/index.htm

Did You Know?

The U.S. Life-Saving Station in Glen Haven was moved from Sleeping Bear Point in 1931 because it was being covered with sand from the moving dunes. http://www.nps.gov/slbe/parknews/index.htm

The park was authorized on October 21, 1970http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeping_Bear_Dunes_National_Lakeshore

There is only one lighthouse within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore http://www.nps.gov/slbe/planyourvisit/lighthouses.htm

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