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  •  I want to go to Yellowstone, because it has a lot of culture, and religion.
  • Yellowstone also has a lot of cool clothing. I've never been to Yellowstone before. So looking up Yellowstone will be cool. I think. 


  • One of Yellowstone's National Parks is called "Midway Geyser Basin".
  • Another National Park in Yellowstone, is called "Norris Geyser Basin".
  • I found these National Parks on www.wikipedia.com.
  • I want to go to Yellowstone because I think the national parks seem intreging.

 So Yellowstone has other parts like "Yellowstone Lake", or the "Inspiraton Point", or a "Tower Junction". Another thing is "The Old Faithful Inn", and another National Park is called, "Grand Teton National Park".Also Yellowstone has a hot spring called "The Mammoth Hot Springs".


  • Another... Yes. Another one. So anyways, another Natonal Park in Yellowstone, is "Madi". 


I'm trying to find more about Yellowstone but I seem to have got everything right


now, so now you know more about Yellowstone, right? And I've definetly learned more about Yellowstone. The Mammoth  Hot springs are for tourists, so you can't swim it.



I've always wanted to go to California because I've always been told that celebrities go there, and I already knew that, duh! And so I want to go there. I don't want to go there because of the celerities, it's like a resort, and a good one, and like everyday you're out and going somewhere. So it has beaches, pools, and Disneyland, and even more...


California has gold there, and the weather's always nice there, and you can go on the cruse, too! California's Economy is great over there I've heard. But It's sort of hard to get a job. I know, not suprizing. Yellowstone is a great place, and here's a picture of Yellowstone's



                                          Walk two moons     



So Phoebe and Sal are different because Phoebe’s more afraid than Sal, which is braver. Sal felt bad because Phoebe took action when her mom disappeared, and she didn’t. Sal and Phoebe thinks Mrs. Winterbottom left because her Mom like attention, because one time at dinner, no one complimented on the food she made, and when anyone didn’t compliment on the food right in front of them, she sighed and looked down. She obviously likes to be complimented on.

There were a lot of family issues going on in Phoebe’s family, and Sal’s family. Sal’s Dad is depressed a lot, but always has a smile for Sal, thinking, “I still have you”, but still misses Sal’s mother. Phoebe’s family is doing worse because Phoebe keeps on being mad, and she wouldn’t believe she wasn’t coming back, but she did come back, but Sal’s Mom died a long time before Sal found out. And that’s why Sal’s Dad kept talking, and keeping in touch with Mrs. Cadaver, because she talked on the bus with Sal’s mother, and survived, while Sal’s mother died.

There were some relationships, Ben and Sal for instance. Ben obviously liked Sal, and Sal didn’t like Ben until near the end. One time, in class, they had to draw their souls, and oddly the class suddenly realized that two were the same. Ben’s was the same as Sal’s. The class kept saying, “Whose are those?” and, “Who drew those” and, “Those are the same? Whose?” But Sal and Ben kept quiet. But mostly Sal tried to ignore it, and not blush. But they didn’t say that, but it sounds like something they’d say in the book. Also Mrs. Cadaver, and Phoebe’s Dad. They weren’t really a couple, but they took time together, because she was the last person to talk with Phoebe’s mother. And then there’s Phoebe’s mother, and the “Lunatic”. They were caught kissing on a bench in front of a University I think, but she only kissed him on the cheek. But at the end, we found out it was her son! Wasn’t expecting that to happen.

Sal and Ben are different because in some parts in the book, their attitudes were different in the book. Because Ben always kept trying to make Sal jump, or startle, which is mean sort of. And then there’s the part where Ben keeps trying to kiss her. And Sal, at the end she liked Ben, but before that, she thought he was weird, and perverted for trying to kiss her when she didn’t want to be kissed.


Color Poem.wmv  


Do 18! No, 16!



It was August 5th, 2037, and Amy’s mother was looking at two pictures of girls for the transformation. She liked number 18, but Amy like 16. They didn’t argue a lot, but when it comes to those two pictures, they do.

Although Amy did like number 16, she still didn’t want to get the transformation, and when Amy was old enough, she still didn’t want to get it. Amy always went running when she saw the people that give you the operation. She’s not just scared of it; she wants to feel pretty without the transformation. Amy doesn’t think you should have the transformation if you don’t want, so she decided to call her friend, Anna.

“ Hello!” Said Amy 

“ Hi”, Anna responded. “Who is this?”

“ Your friend Amy.”

“ Oh, hi”, yelled Anna, because she was happy to talk to Amy. It’s been a while.

“ Hey, can I talk to you ‘bout something?” Amy asked.

“ The transformation thing?” Anna guessed.

“ Yeah your right!” Amy said in amazement. There was a pause between Anna and Amy. I wonder what she’s going to say. Let’s hope that she already had her transformation. I want to know what it’s like.

“ Hey, Amy. You there?” Anna asked oddly.

“Oh yeah! Sorry...” Amy mumbled

“ What was the last word you said?” Anna asked.

“ Never mind. What was the transformation like? What did you feel like after it?” Amy wondered.

“...” Anna thought. “ Well I thought something bad was going to happen to me, until I had the transformation. But after I felt great, so don’t worry about it”.

“ That’s good to know. But didn’t you want more then just the stupid transformation thing?” Amy said.

“ No not really. Why?” Anna said with a weird face, wondering why Amy kept asking these silly questions.

Oh, ok...” Amy said very quietly.

“ Huh?” Said Anna wanting to know what she said.

“ Never mind. I got to go, bye!” Amy said as she hung up with a face that meant, thanks a lot for all the information you gave me. NOT!

“O-k, bye!” Anna said very confused.

Then, on June 3rd, 2041, Amy thought she was going to see the doctor, but she got locked in a room, and saw the people who worked the machine, and she was scared to death. She was sweating and whimpering, and was also talking to herself, saying

“ No, no... This is so not happening to me”.

After the transformation, Amy felt great. She had a smile on her face when she looked in the mirror. She loved the way she looked now, she looked extremely beautiful.

I look great! Amy thought. She wished that she wouldn’t have been so afraid. It would have saved her a headache from worrying too much, if she didn't worry at all.


Amy enjoys being able to not worry about if she looked bad or not. But even though she liked being pretty and all, she missed being herself. Her mom was mad when she saw Amy, because she had gotten number 16. Her mom wanted her to get number 18.

After a couple weeks, she got used to Amy having number 16.

“You know Amy, I think 16 was a good choice...”, said Amy mom “ Although... 18 WAS BETER!”. “Ha, ha, ha!” laughed Amy’s mom.

“Ha, ha, ha!” laughed Amy... "No!"




The Bermuda Triangle


The “Bermuda Triangle” is the greatest modern mystery in the world, and we pretend to know it all (we pretend to know these things but nobody really knows.

It had been inaccurately claimed that two places on earth exist at which a magnetic compass points toward true north.  Normally a compass would point to magnetic north.

Since the days of early civilization, many thousands of ships and airplanes have sunk and/or disappeared in waters around the world due to navigational things, and other human errors.  Ships and airplanes have also sunk around the world because of storms, piracy, fires, and structural/mechanical failures.

These disappearances have been used to provide credence to the popular mystery and purported supernatural qualities of the “Bermuda Triangle.”

One time, an aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean, an no one found a trace of them, or the aircraft.  One of the ships, a famous U.S. Navy ship, was lost in the area.  Some people think that the ship probably sank from an unexpected storm.

Some people say it’s an imaginary area located at the south eastern Atlantic of the United States of America.  Some people call it the “Devil’s Triangle.”  Also, the U.S. Navy does not believe in the “Bermuda Triangle.” 

Something strange happened in 1953.  The waters of the triangle swallowed a ship, then sent it back up to the surface, or so it seemed…

The area is about 21 square miles (54 square kilometers).

More airplanes hae crashed and still no trace of any of it.  Reports of unexplained occurrences have continued from the 19th century to the present.

The “Bermuda Triangle” is one of the most isolated place in the world.

On March 4, 1918, the U.S.S. Cyclops vanished with 309 men on board.  It was lost between Barbados and Norfolk, Virginia.  In August, 1800, the U.S.S. Insurgent vanished with 340 men on board.  Later that same month, the U.S.S. Pickering, with a crew of 90, sank while sailing from Delaware to the West Indies.

Since 1945, more than 100 planes and ships have vanished in this area, around the same month.  More than 1,000 human lives have been lost in the “Bermuda Triangle.”


Some peoples’ theories are:

·       Maybe there is a magnetic force that pulls ships and planes into outer space.

·       Maybe it’s just an area that experiences violent storms and hurricanes.

·       Maybe the “Bermuda Triangle,” is a gateway to another dimension.

·       Maybe the City of Atlantis is under it.

·       Maybe it’s just cursed.

·       Maybe there’s a big sea monster, eating everything.


There are so many theories about it.  I wonder if we’ll ever find out…?

One of the aircraft accident reports concerns an in-flight engine failure, and subsequent ditch of a Cessna aircraft near Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas on July 13, 2003. 

Sudden local thunderstorms and water spouts can sometimes spell disaster for marine and air craft.

A large number of pleasure boats travel the waters between Florida and the Bahamas.

To see how common accidents are at sea, you can examine some of the recent accident reports of the National Transportation Safety Board for ships and air craft.

The U.S. government issued maps that delineate and show boundaries of the “Bermuda Triangle.”

Some ships or boats have been found empty in that area.

So, the “Bermuda Triangle” might never have an answer.  Hopefully it will.



Book: The Unexplained Disappearances, by Carol A. Fuchs


Book:  Unsolved Mysteries, by Harper Collins



Book:  The Bermuda Triangle, by Edward F. Dolan, Jr. 



Color Poem.wmv  

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