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Welcome to my wiki page!!








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Your first wiki assignment:

Exploring the US and our National Parks 







If i could go anywhere in the U.S.,

i would go to New York City!! 


·       New York was the 11th state to be admitted to the union

·       Approximately 790,000 companies operate in New York City.

·       More than 18,600 restaurants and eating establishments do business in New York City

·        More than 250 feature films are shot in New York city each year

·       New York’s Central Park is larger than the principality of Monaco



If i could go anywhere in the United States, i would go to New York City!! With it's great resteraunts,stores, Broadway shows, many art galleries, and beautiful Central Park, you won’t have enough time to see everything there is to see. While you’re there, it may seem like the city never sits still, that may be because of the 790,000 companies that operate there and the 250 feature films that are shot there each year.  While you watch the city rush around you, relax and enjoy a delicious meal in one of the 18,600 restaurants located in New York City. So, as you can see, New York City is a great place to visit, with much to see. So take my advice and go to New York City!!


i got this in formation from:http://hubpages.com/hub/20-Interesting-Facts-About-New-York-City



If I could go to one National Park,

I would go to Yellowstone National Park



·        Yellowstone has 2 species of bears, 67 other mammals,322 species of birds,16 species of fish,

                         6 species of reptiles and 4 species of amphibians

·    It was the worlds first National Park

·    There is a peak that is 11,358 ft, it’s called Eagle Peak

·    There are 9 visitor centers and museums

·    There are 21 affiliated American Indian tribes




If I could go to one National Park, I would go to Yellowstone!! Yellowstone is rich with history and full of wildlife!! At Yellowstone, they have 2 species of bears, 67 other mammals,322 species of birds, 16 species of fish, 6 species of reptiles and 4 species of amphibians. It also has a point that is 11, 358 ft. and gives an amazing view of the park. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the 9 visitor centers and museums and learn about the 21 American Indian tribes that are affiliated with Yellowstone. So, I think Yellowstone would be a great place to visit!!


i got this information from:http://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/factsheet.htm







By Meghan


2nd hour



      People aren’t always what they seem. In the book Walk Two Moons, Salamanca Tree Hiddle sees Mrs. Cadaver and Mr. Winterbottom as people that turn out to be very different from what Sal initially thinks. First impressions can be very misleading.

      Sal misreads many people in this book. The first person Sal misreads is Mrs. Cadaver. Throughout the story, Sal thinks Mrs.Cadaver is trying to take the place of her mother, who is gone She’s also scared of Mrs. Cadaver because Phoebe,( Sal’s friend and Mrs. Cadaver neighbor) thinks that Mrs. Cadaver killed Mr. Cadaver, her husband! But, towards the end of the story, Sal finds out that she is clearly wrong about Mrs. Cadaver. She finds out that Mrs.Cadaver met Sal’s mother because they sat next to each other on the bus ride to Lewiston, Idaho. Mrs. Cadaver explains that nothing was ever going on between her and Sal’s father. Also, Mr. Birkway,(Mrs. Cadaver’s brother) explains to Sal and Phoebe that Mrs. Cadaver did not kill her husband, he was killed in a car accident!

       Another person that Sal misreads is Mr. Winterbottom, Phoebe’s father. At the beginning of the book, Sal goes over to Phoebe’s house for dinner and describes Mr. Winterbottom as “the father of the house, with a capital F!”  I think Sal sees Mr. Winterbottom as a strict, unemotional, but well-mannered man who likes being the head of the house. As the story continues, Sal comes to find that she is mistaken. One night, after Mrs. Winterbottom disappears, Sal and Phoebe go to Phoebe’s house and find Mr. Winterbottom crying in his study. I think Sal sees that Mr. Winterbottom is not this big, unemotional father as she thought, but he’s a soft, caring man who loves and misses his wife.

As these examples show, people are like illusions. The might seem like one thing at first, but turn out to be something completely different. Mrs. Cadaver and Mr. Winterbottom confused Sal at first, and showed her that the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is very true!



School Sports Must be Saved!

By Meghan

2nd hour





     I strongly believe that East Lansing schools should save school sports at MacDonald Middle School and at the High School! School sports help teens to get scholarships.  Also, school sports help teens to meet new friends and keep them fit and active. All these reasons support that East Lansing should save school sports!

      First, sports scholarships help many teens to go to college. When going into High School, teens are already thinking about college. There are many teens that rely on sports to get them into college, because they wouldn’t be able to pay for college without help. Scholarships are a great way to help teens get into college. Without sport scholarships many kids would have a very hard time going to college because of the cost.

      Furthermore, school sports help teens to meet many new friends. I just finished my season playing basketball for my seventh grade school team and I met so many new people!!  I met people that I don’t have any classes with, so without basketball, I would never spend any time with these people. School sports are a great way to meet new people and spend time with friends!

      Lastly, school sports help to keep teens fit and active. Many people say that the ages of thirteen through eighteen are the most important years for being healthy. In the U.S., fifty percent of adults don’t get the daily exercise they should. Middle School and High School years are the best time the get teens exercising so they can carry it with them into adulthood. For most teens, after school sports are about an hour to an hour and a half. At three or four hours of practice a week, that’s seven to ten and a half hours of exercise a week!! That’s a great amount!!

      In conclusion, school sports are great! They help teens to get college scholarships, they help teens to meet new people and help teens to get in shape as they reach adulthood. I strongly believe East Lansing should save school sports!












English Science Fiction Essay

By Meghan Bradley


2nd hour



      My father works, just like every other man in town. My mom stays at home and does chores, just like every woman in town. Of course, my mother hasn’t seen any of the women in town for several years. I was four when the law was set. The law says that all the women in town must stay inside their homes every hour of every day. I can’t leave my house either. While my father goes to work, and my brother goes to school, my mom and me stay at home. My mom keeps the house neat and tidy and I learn academics from a computer. I don’t even know why my parents make me learn school subjects. I will never be able to share my knowledge and ideas with the world. My knowledge is well…pointless.


December 17, 2199

     Today was weird. My father was very quiet at dinner and my brother wouldn’t let me check his homework for him. I heard my parents talking when I went to bed. My mother sounded worried, but I couldn’t understand what her or my father were saying.


December 18,  2199

     Neither my father nor my brother said a word to me this morning. It was strange. They just got ready and left without uttering a word to anyone. I asked my mom why they were acting so strange, but she just told me to go study. What was going on?


December 21, 2199

     My father and brother haven’t been home for three days. Maybe they decided to go on a vacation, or maybe my dad had a work trip and took my brother with him. But why wouldn’t they tell me?


December 24,  2199

     Three more days have passed. Still no signs of my brother or father. So, I’m going to find them. I can’t get a straight answer from my mom. So I’m going to find them myself. I’m leaving tomorrow. Before my mother wakes up.



December 25, 2199

     “Mary, is that you?” My mother asked groggily. It was four o’clock in the morning and I was almost out the door.

“Yup, just going to the bathroom.” I answered my mother. I waited until she was asleep again and then I quietly crept out the door. The fresh, bitter air hit me with my first step outside. It smelled crisp and clean as it hit every part of my face. When I opened my eyes, I gasped. There was a thin layer of perfectly white snow covering everything; the lawns, the rooftops, the cars, the trees. It was just how I remembered it.

     I didn’t know where to look for my father. So I started to wander. I had no idea where I was. Eventually, I ended up in what looked to be a downtown area, but I had no recollection of this place. The street was dark. Every store had a sign in the window that said “FOR SALE”.  I continued down the street and then turned the corner and stopped abruptly.  There were hundreds, maybe thousands of men standing in front of what looked to be some sort of capitol building. They were holding up signs and chanting stuff like “set them free, set them free!” I started toward the mob of men slowly. Maybe if I stayed low and quiet they wouldn’t notice me. I slunk my way through the hundreds of men, looking for a familiar face.  I continued to creep by the men, and found myself outside of the mass. But this time I was way closer to the capitol building then I had been before. I turned around to looked for the best place to escape to, and then I saw them. My father and brother were sitting on a bench under a huge tree. They were covered in blankets, but they still looked frozen, almost like they’d been sitting there for days.  I ran up to them and pulled them both into a bear hug.

“Mary!” My  brother  cried out in a hushed tone.

“Where have you two been, I’ve been worried sick!” I scolded.  My father ignored my question.

“Quick, john, get her under the blanket and put my bag on top of her!” my father ordered. My brother looked at him confused, so my father pointed to a bunch of men coming out of the capitol building in what looked to be military outfits. My brother’s expression changed and he pushed me under the blankets.

“Be very quiet Mary.”  He whispered, but before I could answer a gunshot was fired.



     It felt like I was under the blanket for hours. I had no idea who that gun had been fired at and it didn’t look like I was ever going to find out. Suddenly, the blanket uncovered my face, allowing me to breath. My brother’s face hovered above mine.

“They’re gone.” He assured me.

I started to take the blanket off me head.

“Mary…no!” My father yelled.  I looked up to see a horrified look on his face as he glanced from me to…the military men! They were back, or maybe they’d never left. Before my father could burry me back under the blanket, a final gunshot rung in my ears. Something stung my chest, and my body went numb.




How People Can Change-English Essay

Byron Watson

By Meghan - 4/19/2010 - 2nd hour



The character of the eldest brother in The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963, Byron Watson, is a typical thirteen-year-old boy.  He teases and bullies kids in his school, acts too cool for his family, and is very rebellious.  But this is all just a mask Byron is trying to put up. A mask to prove he’s tough and cool. But on the inside, he’s dying to show his true self: a caring, loving older brother.

   In the book (The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963), the Watsons go to Birmingham, just as the title suggests. In Birmingham, Byron finds himself many times reaching out to his family. On one of the first days the Watsons are in Birmingham, Kenny, Byron’s younger brother, almost drowns in a whirlpool. Byron saves Kenny just in time, and finds himself pleading to Kenny to stay alive.  Next, Byron’s younger sister Joetta is almost killed by a bomb thrown at a church she was at. Byron runs to his family’s side.  After the bombing in Birmingham, the Watsons return home to Flint. But things don’t go back to normal. Byron notices that Kenny is very depressed after Joetta’s near death. So, Byron soothes Kenny and talks to him about his worries.

   Byron’s character definitely changed when the Watsons went to Birmingham. The near-death experiences of his family members made him realize how important they were to him, and he became a better brother and son. Byron was now more caring and loving towards others. In the book, Byron showed how people change and become more caring through experiences in life.

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