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Michael B

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New York City,NYC, the Big Apple. If I would go any where, I would go here, for the abnormal abstract art and the throngs of people, strolling in the night. For the rocks, ponds and the outdoor world of central park surrounded by the taxi cabs and the concretejungle of the big city. The smell of a million types of cuisine fills the air as I walk down the asphalt-studded streets. History comes to life (not really),as the subway slows down underneath the Museum of Natural History. All in all, New York City is an awesome place. Why am I telling you, go their some time.

















Badlands National Park is another place I would love to go. As the sun sets on the brilliant spires and gorges, the gold rock is illuminated. Then as morning comes, the sun turns the rock into castles of sand



Animals are Endangered



Animals are endangered all over the world. We must protect the rare and extremely rare animals of this planet. If we don’t, only maybe domestic dogs, cats, fish and the animals in their small enclosures at the zoo will be left on the earth, not including ourselves. We want the generations ahead to see exotic animals. Also, we make animals endangered every day by destroying their habitat. But, the worst case of threat is the interconnection between species; if one species goes, others that rely on that species die off too.


There is no doubt that our future generations will want to see exotic animals in their natural habitat. Kids like to see cool animals like Albino tigers, Panda bears, snow leopards, and many other animals that are endangered. Also, adults want to see rare animals too. Many people go to the Amazon to see the animals that live there; most of them are threatened or endangered.


It seems to me that if we destroy habitats, more animals will become endangered. Monkeys in the Amazon are dieing everyday because of the deforestation of the jungle’s edge. Also, animals in the areas in the urban areas are in danger to because of too many cars are hitting animals on roads.



When species die, as a result, other species die too. This is called interconnection. For example, if the deer population dies in northern Michigan, so do the cougars, coyotes and other predators that rely on the deer as food. But this is happening all over the world and many more animals are dieing.


In conclusion, we must help endangered animals. Not only do our future generations want to see those endangered animals, but when animals die, the animals that rely on them die as well. Also, the habitat is crucial to animal survival, and if we destroy it, the animals will die off. We must protect the endangered and threatened animals of this planet, or there will be no more animals left to watch roam the savannahs or prowl the forests.




The Hydrus


On Mt. Olympus, Zeus was in a bad mood. Artemis, his daughter, had created a monster, even more monstrous than the snake-like Hydra. This new monster was called the Hydrus, a super-smart, enormous, snake. It had fins and breathed a mixture of fire and ice. Even his son Heracles couldn't fight off the dreaded monster. Artemis was mad at her half-brother for taking her doe. Even though Zeus hated the humans, he wanted them to die slowly. He also hadn't bought any popcorn for watching the show.

Prometheus watched Zeus go to fetch some popcorn. He wanted humans to live, not die in vain. So, he crushed the popcorn machine and flattened it like a pancake.

Zeus was in a worse mood now. Not only did were the humans dieing, his beloved popcorn machine was crushed. He had to do something about the Hydrus.

Zeus asked Atlas, the god who held up the sky, to send a piece of sky into the ocean depths where the Hydrus lived. Atlas obeyed, dropping a piece of sky into the sea. The hole where the piece had been was instantly filled up.

Then Zeus found out that the Hydrus survived the sky-drop, he was furious. He conjured up a giant lightning bolt and shot the Hydrus as it was emerging from the sea to feast.


The dead Hydrus formed the island called Santerini.











Ghosts have haunted our legends and myths from the day we started telling them. The Grim Reaper, The Gray Lady, Spud, The Headless Horseman, Casper, and many other ghosts on the green screen and off. Many of these ghost stories are purely fiction, but there are real ghost stories. The two heads of dead men of the side of the SS Watertown (pic 1) and a group of buildings littered with haunts and playful ghosts (pic 2). But many of our questions about ghosts haven’t been answered. What is a ghost? Is there any evidence of ghosts? Why are some houses haunted? And what causes a ghost to be a ghost? These questions have wandered in the minds of ghost hunters for ages. In this essay, I will answer some of these most troubling questions.


          What is a ghost?

A ghost is a soul or spirit of a person that has been left behind on earth. Usually, the ghost is troubled. It might have forgot to say goodbye to a loved one or has not accepted that it is dead. After they redeem their wish, they will move on. Ghosts emit ectoplasm, a substance that is like gauze. The person entranced by the ghost forms it.


          What is the evidence that ghosts exist?

Plenty. As mentioned, ectoplasm is a sign that a ghost is near. Also, ghosts tend to disturb things. Flying chairs, couches and TV’s are all signs of ghosts. Electronics are affected to. They overheat and act like a magnet to a computer. Most ghost hunters have experienced technical difficulties when near ghosts. This makes sense because many videos of ghosts are fuzzy and deformed.


          What causes a haunting?

Haunt literally means “to visit frequently” or “to seek the company of”. This is why ghosts haunt. Usually, the loved ones of the ghosts are haunted, wanting to say goodbye or take revenge on their murderers.


          What is a haunted house?

Most of the time, people who die in house usually haunt it. Their ghosts will rattle the house and furniture. When someone is murdered in the house, their spirit makes bloodstains on the floor and the rattles are more violent. Theaters and other buildings fall under the category of “haunted house”. Many theaters are haunted. Signs of a haunted theater are…

  • Flushing toilets
  • Flipping seats
  • Flashing lights

These are also signs of a ghost in other public and private buildings.


          What are the ways to take care of a ghost?

Some ghosts are relatively easy to get rid of. Here are the steps to get rid of a normal ghost…

  • Light a candle and ring a bell in all corners of the house

If it is a more powerful ghost…

  • Get a priest to lead the ghost on to the next world


Ghosts are an integral part of our world and the next. They haunt our houses, they tear our theaters apart and they mess with our minds. Until we finally understand the nature of the paranormal, we will always be in fear of the ghosts, ghouls and beasts that define paranormal. People have many questions about ghosts.These are the questions of paranormologists (someone who studies the paranormal) have pondered. Hopefully, with this information, people will understand and welcome ghosts as a piece of society. And possibly help them get into the next life.



P.S. whew, this was a long report. Most of my info came from.

























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