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My Hair Myth

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Why do you Have That Color Hair?

Long ago every one in the world had white hair. Venus, the goddess of beauty was the only one with hair color. Every one admired her for her long beautiful hair that changed color with her mood. There were only five main villages. The five villages were Brunettea, Blondeia, Reditania, Blackana, and Whiteanite. Venus soon realized that every one stopped commenting on her hair. This upset Venus because she wasn’t getting the attention she used to. So to fix it she went to the villages and tried to get them to compliment her hair by swinging it around and changing the colors into exotic colors like pink or blue. But still no one noticed.

 One day Venus was trying to think of a way to get people to notice her hair, and then all of a sudden a wonderful idea came to her. She would hold a competition where one person from each village would come and compete. She would make it an obstacle course with coalmines, mud pits, desserts, volcanoes, and oceans. Except then a thought hit her, who will want to compete in an optical course where they could die just to see my hair. They would come if I gave them my hair… but I don’t want to give them my hair. But I can tell them I will but I really don’t HAVE to. With this ingenious plan she sent for one person from each village.

When all five representatives came she told them,” There will be coalmines, mud pits, desserts, volcanoes, and oceans. It is so hard you may have to turn back. But if you do you will regret it. The first person to the end gets my magnificent hair color.” Then when they began the people that came to watch cheered. All five were pushing and shoving to get in front, until they reached a coalmine.

Stuck with nerves Stanley, from Blackana slowly approached the opening. He stepped inside and went on. When the coal started to crumble he cried out,” Venus I can’t do it pleas just get me out!” Furious, Venus appeared and yelled,” Fine! If you can’t finish then you and all your villagers will have hair to match coal!” Then all of a sudden his hair turned black and they vanished.

Petrified, they all stared. Then Hazel from Brunettea stepped ahead and went through the mine. When the others saw him leave the other end of the coalmine they all followed through the mine. They heard yelling and when they got to the other end they saw Venus angry with Hazel. Venus looked back at them and said,” This is what will happen if you give up. I will change your hair to match the obstacle that defeats you. So don’t give up.” Then with a blink of an eye they were both gone. Pursuing their journey they went on, now the only ones left were Carly from Blondeia, Larry from Reditania, and Max from Whiteanite.

They went on and soon found themselves at a dessert. Thinking they were almost to the end Carly ran ahead to try to get there first. After a while she had to stop because it was to hot and went on to far. The only thing she could do now is ask for help from Venus. So she cried out,” Venus please, the dessert is much to hot and much to large. Please help me out of here.”

“Fine but I am going to turn your hair to the color of the sand!” Then her hair was blonde and they disappeared.

Clueless, Max and Larry stood not knowing what to do. Then in the distance they saw a volcano and recalled Venus saying that there was going to be volcanoes. They rushed to the volcano and when they got there they had to get to the other side. When the started walking up the volcano Larry couldn’t take it anymore and called out for Venus,” Venus help me I can not finish!” Venus appeared and said,” I warned you, that if you quit I would change you hair.” Then she changed his hair to the color of lava. Then they both disappeared.

All alone Max got to the other side of the volcano and found himself at an ocean. He thought for a while about how he could get to the other side of the ocean. He knew he couldn’t do it so instead of yelling he spoke,” Please Venus I cannot get to the other side of the ocean. I just need your help. I am only here for you beautiful hair.” Venus appeared and was about to yell when she said,” You don’t need to cross the ocean. All I wanted was some one to notice my hair. You may have it.” Magically she turned his hair to color changing.

When Max turned to go home he saw Poseidon. He looked very angry. “Venus! You are to never share you magic with mortals!” He then brought up a large wave and hit max with it. When Max got up his hair was white again. Poseidon then disappeared, and Max was all alone with his old hair. He then went home and had white hair forever.

This is why we all have different colored hair. It is also why we have the color hair we do.



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