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Naomi B

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My Wikki!!!


whats up this is the fun part of my wikki.

Any ways yeahh boring huh? YouTube plugin error








 “How did they escape?” Mr. Mendez the scientist questioned.

 “They’ve become too strong.”  Mr. Barren his eyebrows collided giving a confused look.

  “ Where could they have gone?” Mr. Mendez said interrupting Mr. Barren’s thoughts.

 “I’m trying to think.” Mr. Barren said as her walked into one of the cells where experiments had been held.  The mutation experiment, they called it.

 “Where would four mutated humans beings go?” Mr. Mendez asked himself. 

 “They could be in there animal form.” Mr. Barren added.

  “This is not good, send in the huntsman.” Mr. Barren cried.

   Mr. Mendez gave an uneasy look. “You sure about this?”

  “ Positive. It is the only way to fund them before someone else does.  Mr. Barren was becoming mad.

 Mr. Mendez let out the huntsman. He headed towards a metal cylinder impacted into the wall.  It was a latch that Mr. Mendez pulled it open and the metal door widened. Fog circled around the creature.


It was part human, part whale, part wolf, monkey and part bat. It was hideous. There was a chain around his neck, arm, and legs.


 “What if some one spots him, I mean that is not exactly human.” Mr. Mendez complained.

 “Ah,” Mr. Barren smiled. He took out a shot full of chemicals and injected into the huntsman’s skin. “Now we can control him, when he forms, what he does, what he eats or drinks. There is even mini cameras in his skin now that we can excess.”

 He looked around the room, and then opened a cabinet with a remote in it. He grabbed the remote. It had a flat screen on it and when you touched the top it could identify who you were. This remote was the controller of their huntsman.


That was the start of this horrible chase.

 The huntsman didn’t know what to do or say, eat, of drink, of feel.  All he knew was that someone controlled him. It was crazy.


Mr. Mendez tuned into the news a usually. “ A local bank has been robbed last night. Officials say that they spotted for animals of all sort run out of the bank. Including a bobcat, wolf, mole, Monkey, all endangered animals.”

He turned the TV off. 



The Black hills are located in South Dakota.

"Black Hills" The name comes from the Lakota words Paha Sapa, meaning "hills that are black". When seen from a distance, these pine-covered hills rise several thousand feet above the surrounding prairie, and they appear black.

Our nation veterans have the final resting place of Black Hills National Cemetery "The Arlington of the West.

The two caves:  Wind Cave National Park and Jewel Cave National Monument. Are located in the Black Hills. Jewel Cave is one of the biggest caves in the world.

In 1874 by Gen. George Custer, gold was discovered in the hills. Gold is still mined in the area





Cedar Point



Millennium Force (At 310 feet tall) is taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York City and the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.



Top Thrill Dragster is 110 feet taller than Cedar Point’s award-winning Millennium Force roller coaster. The Millennium Force is 310 feet tall.   



In 2009, the Blue Streak, Cedar Point’s oldest existing coaster, will celebrate its 45th anniversary.


At 120 mph, Top Thrill Dragster was the fastest roller coaster in the world when it opened in 2003.



The Host

 By Stephanie Meyer



The Host is written by Stephanie Meyer, but don’t be fooled this isn’t about vampires. No this book is based on more of a sci-fi view than fantasy.  It starts out explaining what becomes of life once our planet earth has been invaded by alien, referred to as “Souls”. They are basically a parasite host, implanted into a human body, taking over their brain and be able to view their memory. The story is narrated by such alien, as she is put into a body, of a rebellious human. Going through hardships of dealing with new found emotions that usually would have not existed so strong in any other planet she had lived on. Sometimes humans can even linger within your body if they are that strong. This is what happens to Wanderer a soul in Melanie’s body, her host, whose thoughts were still there, loud and clear.

Now Melanie’s thoughts and memories are put on Wanderer, tempting herself to find the family Melanie once knew. This is the start of her and Melanie’s adventure to find her little brother and the man that Melanie loved.



 When I first started I thought it took a longer time then it needed to get in the story. Once the story actually got started I got into it. The characters were very interesting. The all seemed to have great personalities besides Wanda .(Short for Wanderer. Which her later found friends call her) Her personality is strangley similar to Bella in the book Twilight., besides the overly kindness thing.  Other then that I love the discription and I have to say this was the best written, as in grammer and word vocabulary. The story had no real threat. It seemed all too easy. I was super paranoid that somthing really big and bad was going to happen because everything was too easy but it didn't turn out that way. I really liked how it ended though it was a very good twist. The book over all still was very good, it made me think what makes us human.


2nd Part Of Book Review

The Character I think I am most like is Jamie. Melaines little brother who was still human. When he finally sees her sister he is not mad off the bat. He actually starts to be nice to her, which I would do if I saw my sister, even though she was beening controlled by an alien. He actually started to become attached to Wanda. (Which he calls her.) From hearing her stories of other world, to how their speices have been living. This is how I would have reacted if someone I love like my own sister had this happen to her I would become attached because just knowing that's her face. She is acting kind to you, and maybe your sister is in there somewhere...




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the host rox

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Your review is pretty deep ("it made me think about what makes us human") and honest (it started kind of slow). Fine job!

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