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New York City

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New York City


I have always had the tendency to get excited over little things. Seeing people I know, soft, fuzzy warm socks, bracelets, and big cities are just some of the things among the list of things that I will squeal and jump up for joy over. May I highlight that I get really excited over visiting big cities. I just love them! When I see tall towers, towering over people, taxis and covering the sun above I feel jelly excitement in my knees and legs. I like feeling people rush in large crowds, and I think the fact that there is over 8 million people living in New York City and PLENTY of tourists, I think that New York would be a great place to go.

One of the reasons why I was driven to choose New York City, was The Empire State Building. It floats 1.250 feet in the air, hovering over the beautiful city. It is said that the Empire State Building has the best view in all of New York. I hope to ride on the elevator, so high, until my ears pop. And I will walk to the edge of the building and peer down on the Big Apple.

Another reason why I decided that New York City is my soul mate is because of Central Park, the famous park in Manhattan, which takes up 6% of all Manhattan land! The Central Park boasts many lakes, several ice rinks, tennis courts, swimming pools, baseball fields, and many, many playgrounds. How perfect does a little picnic in the park sound?

I have always loved diversity and learning about other countries. Being half Hispanic always makes me wonder about that half, and the other people who came from where my father did. Not being able to leave the country, New York is probably the best way to go. More than 57% of the children living in New York speak another language other than English! New York is like a giant, racial mixing bowl. There’s Harem, the jazz capital, Chinatown, and a huge Hispanic community. Touring the different divisions would be fun.

And the last reason why I think a little excursion to New York would be great is because of one, very obvious thing: BROADWAY! There are 39 different theaters in the district, each with unique designs and history. Each theater holds at least 500 people. Many young, aspiring actors and actresses flock there in hopes to achieve the dream. And even though most shows tour to different theaters around the US, I still believe that to get the true experience, you must go to the real Broadway road.

New York City is definitely a city of my dreams. And hopefully, sometime it will be a reality for me and I will get to have the vacation of a lifetime in the city.  

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