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Our Trip Home

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Mado G

Hour 2


Our Trip Home


          "Let's go before they catch us!" I whispered loudly giving Mindy's shirt a tug.

          "Hold on," she snapped back. To make a long story short, we had run away from home, and found ourselves staring at an illegal experiment.

          We both had been born on Earth and moved to Mars, when we were five. Missing Earth, we have been living here for nine years. The only reason we ran away to this experiment was to go back home. We thought our journey would end when we got here, but it had just begun.

          "Let's go talk to them," Mindy said turning toward me.

          "Are you crazy?" I replied with a faint smile.

          "What do you think they will do eat your brains?"

I shook my head silently.

"Then let's go." Mindy said stepping out of the crater and walked up to them. Frozen, I just sat there. Behind Mindy and the stranger she was talking to was a neat row of

motorbikes. The government said no one could come or go without their permission. That we did not have. So this was the only way to get home. Mindy came back and told me coldly that they only had enough motorbikes for the scientists who created them.

          Furious, Mindy Ran back and jumped on a bike slapped a helmet on and flew into the distance. Without thinking I did the same, as if I couldn’t control what I was doing. Before I knew it, I was flying right next to Mindy. I asked Mindy which way we were supposed to go, and she just pointed ahead.

          I looked and I saw Earth.. Behind me I heard a noise. It wasn’t the normal silence, more of a hum, like a motor. When I looked behind me I saw five men on motorbikes following our trail.

Worried I said, “Mindy what are supposed to do they’re following us!”

With a stern look on her face she said,” Don’t worry we’re almost there. Finally we were flying into a semi-familiar area. We landed near a large building, and as I looked around me I saw clouds and everyone flying in hovercrafts. With the five men searching for us we abandoned the bikes ad hid in a large crowd of people. Seeing the empty bikes the men snagged them and rode off into the sky.  Finally, I was home.  

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