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The place I would want to go in the U.S.A. is Kailua Hawaii because, I have friends in Hawaii and Kailua is right on the ocean so I could go surfing and go swimming everyday plus I could go fishing a lot and meet with my friends and it’s hot all year round and they have lots of dancing and pineapples. Or I could take a cruise out there and stay there for a couple of days.

       Facts about Hawaii

· Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee.                                                         

· Hawaii was the fiftieth state.

· The wind blows from east to west in Hawaii.  

· One of Hawaii’s islands is privately owned.                          

· Hawaii has its own time zone.

· Hawaii only has four counties.


Facts from: http://www.50states.com/facts/hawaii.htm, http://www.portaloha.com/SecretsOfHawaii/images/Lanikai/Kailua1.jpg


Yellowstone National Park


Facts about Yellowstone National Park:


· Yellowstone was established in 1872.

· Old Faithful is the world’s most popular geyser.                 

· Yellowstone National Park is in 3 states.

· The park is named after Yellowstone River.

· Yellowstone has 1 active volcano.


        Yellowstone National Park was the first national park in the U.S. Yellowstone was established in 1872, after the Yellowstone River. In Yellowstone the world’s most popular geyser is there, Old Faithful. Yellowstone National Park is in 3 states, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Yellowstone National Park covers 2.2 million acres of land. Yellowstone only has one species of endangered animals that is the gray wolf.


Facts from:




Sal’s Gift


Sal described her trip out to Lewiston Idaho a gift. A gift is a surprise or present given to you by someone or something. She describes this as a gift because she hasn’t seen her mom for a long time, so to Sal this is a gift. Sal and her grandma and grandpa want to bring Sal’s mom to Bybanks, Kentucky. On the way to Lewiston Sal and her grandma and grandpa stop at 3 National Parks.


          Along the way to Lewiston grandma gets very sick, and when they get to Lewiston grandma dies. Through the whole book Sal knew that her mom is dead. When Sal gets to Lewiston she goes to Coeur d’ Alene. When she gets there she see’s the bus crash her mother dies in. Sal finds out that there was only one survivor. It was not her mother. It was Sal’s friend Mrs. Cadaver. Mrs. Cadaver and Sal’s mom were sitting right next to each other.


          Overall a gift is a surprise that one person gives to another person. Sal’s trip out to Lewiston Idaho was a gift to her from her grandparents. If Sal’s mother would have been alive when she went to Lewiston I think Sal would have had a much better time, but Sal’s mom died but Sal still went to Lewiston to see her mothers grave. 






      Reece. That is my name. My parents named me when I came out of my mom’s tummy. Trying to determine whether I was a boy or a girl. I was a very cute little boy. My parents knew I was a boy and named me Reece.


        The name Reece comes from the English language, Reece is a form of Rhys both pronounced Reece. The name Reece means enthusiastic, or running.


        I do have a nickname. It is very easy to come up with a nickname for my name. Most people think of the most popular nickname for my name, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup, or Reece’s Puffs, or lastly Reece’s Pieces. It is pretty easy to come up with a nickname for the name Reece.


        I like my name because it is not a common name it is a little different not most people have my name that’s why I like it.


        If I could rename myself I would rename myself to Brody, or Mason. I would rename myself one of those names because those are cool catchy names and I would like to have my name be that.



The Candle


            It was in the morning of 2098. When I woke up I turned on my T.V. As I was flipping through I saw on the news channel the title read, “ Don’t Blow Me.” The title caught my attention and I listened on. The candle that ran the world is in threat. More and more people are coming to the city of Leatherwhite. Why? Because the candle that could not be blown out, if it did the whole world would shutdown. The candle is located in Center Plaza in the city of Leatherwhite. As of right now 582 people are in the plaza and the candle is in threat.



I turned off the T.V. and went downstairs to tell my mom to go to channel 432. She did and could not believe what was happening. I went on like it was a normal day, not paying attention that the world could end any minute now.


Two weeks went by not hearing much. So I went to bed. The next morning as I woke up I sat up in my bed for a few minutes. Then I went back to bed. About an hour later I did the same thing. Nothing, no light, pitch black. Couldn’t see anything. The candle was blown out. Everyone was in the streets panicking. People were in the Center Plaza of the City of Leatherwhite and trying to relight the candle. Only one small problem. There was no light so they couldn’t get into the matchbox.


Eventually, the found the matchbox and right as they struck the candle down the side of the box and it snapped in half. The only match was broken. The city was in shock. So the mayor of Leatherwhite went to the city hall to get the back up candle. It took Mr. Brook (the mayor) to get from Center Plaza to the City Hall 64 minutes to get a half-mile! Finally he got to the City Hall into the Chamber where all big sci-fi or magic machines or objects are.


            He got the candle and when he was walking out the Hall he tripped and let the candle fly. He lost the back up candle, but he did hold onto the keys to get in the chamber. As he went back to the chamber as looked in there was nothing that could help the candlelight. Mr. Brook walked another 64 minutes to the Plaza. As he got to the plaza everyone was cheering for him. He said, “why is everyone cheering?” they said, “cause you got the candle!” “I’m sorry to break it to you guys but as I was walking out the Hall I tripped and fell and the candle flew out of my hand.” “Awwwww.”


I found my way home and barley made my way up the stairs and into my bed. I thought to my self, “that was the slowest day of my life.” It seemed about one day was just 48 hours. I still didn’t know what time it was. I went to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.


I woke up to a faint light again. Still no light. How long will it be like this? Like the past few days everyone gathered in the Center Plaza. Mr. Brook made an announcement. “ If anyone has a object that could make the candle relight please let me know.” A little 3rd grader that goes to my school raised his hand. “ I do! I do Mr. Brook!” Everyone though no he doesn’t a little boy like him couldn’t do such a thing. Mr. Brook walked over to him and said, “Look kid, is this for real or some joke? We are in shock right now everyone wants to be back to normal.” “No Mr. Brook it’s for real!” “Okay” Mr. Brook and Jimmy McLovin walked to him house. Jimmy opened him garage and pulled this magnicifant-looking thing out. “Wow” said Mr. Brook. “This here is the Super Lighter 2000 silver edition.” “Well Jimmy, what does this exactly do? “You get on start peddling and that creates friction and will eventually create sparks.” “Then how about we try it!”


Mr. Brook and Jimmy made it back to the plaza. Everyone still didn’t believe. They made it to the center of the plaza right next to the candle. “Jimmy, let’s do this.” “Okay!” Jimmy got on the Super Lighter 2000. Started peddling and sparks were flying everywhere! Mr. Brook grabbed the candle and put it to the wick. It caught fire! The candle was lit! The world was getting lighter.


Jimmy McLovin was the world hero, country hero, state hero, city hero, and school hero, Jimmy received lots of awards. We went back to my house and walked upstairs and curled up and went to bed. Jimmy is my own hero.




Dairy of a Wimpy Kid



By: Reece P.



In the book Dairy of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is about this boy who is not well known in his school and he tries to make him self more known in his school through out the book.



The main character Greg Heffley is not well known at his school.  Him and his friend Rowley Jefferson are a battling a quest to come popular in the school. Although they MIGHT become popular at their school they are far from popular when they are at home. If you lived with Greg Heffley you would see why he is far from popular. For Christmas all he got was socks a sweater and more stuff that he specifically did not ask for, but he got. Also at their school there has been rotting cheese on a basketball court for a year now. At the end of the school year the cheese has suddenly disappeared, and there are many rumors and one of them is, “maybe the cheese grew legs and ran away.”  



          One day Greg was in his brothers room Rodrick and Greg was going through his stuff and found Rodrick’s yearbook from a while ago. In his yearbook he labeled everybody as “nerd” or “cool” so Greg had an idea that when it became the end of the year he didn’t want to be labeled as a nerd. So before the end of the year Greg Heffley tries to become in one of the popular groups. In the end of the year Greg is elected to one of the categories. And also Greg and Rowley lose their friendship which is not a good thing for both of them.  





The things I liked about this book were that it was like a short reading book, there were also little pictures in the book so that you could visualize kind of what was happening in the scene. What I disliked about the book is that it didn’t have any chapters or like breaks so it kind of just kept going with the flow with the book.







 My Recommendation



          I would recommend this book to someone who likes a little bit easier read and who likes comics also. This book is a good book. Make sure to read the other Diary of a Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kinney.




  John Wall #11 of the Kentucky Wildcats celebrates during the game against the Hartford Hawks at Rupp Arena on December 29, 2009 in Lexington, Kentucky.  Kentucky won 104-61.





















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