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                  The Alchemyst”




An Immortal man who knows secrets to save the world --- that man is the famous Nicolas Famel, and two twins that will become one. 

The book “The Alchemyst” is a fantasy book filled with myth, legends, and stories of past lives, all in this adventure/action pack story. The story tells of the twins, a girl name Sophie and her younger brother Josh; they are to teach magic to save the world from the dark elders. Once they become magicians there is no turning back, and they are constantly in danger with evil. There is another John Dee, who is also an immortal working for the dark elders, but with Nicolas Famel and the twins he first must get rid of them to succeed.

I think this book is a good book to read because there is a lot of adventure with the twins

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AKabodian said

at 12:36 pm on Jan 16, 2009

This sounds like a book I would enjoy: action, magic, a villian, and the legendary Nicolas Famel.

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