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Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: c370726bcd3f4b848062c4310b682af3
















 YellowStoneNational Park

Yellow stone national park was established in 1872 by the US congress and is the first national park in the world. Wildlife at Yellow Stone includes grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. Yellowstone's climate is one of cold winters and moderate summers. Most of the park is above 7,500 feet.




Some lessons learned by Sal

By: Ryan


An important lesson Sal learns during this story is that things aren’t always, as they seem. Some examples of how she learned are with Mike who she first thought was a lunatic, and Mrs. Cadaver who she thought was a mean person but turned out to be someone with valuable information.

          At the beginning of the story Sal is at Phoebes house when someone comes to the door. After talking to the boy Phoebe told Sal that the boy was a lunatic. Later in the story they start getting notes on the front porch and they believe it to be the lunatic that is leaving them.

Towards the end of the book they find that his name is Mike and go to see him. Then they find Mrs. Winterbottom with Mike. They are sitting on a bench together laughing and spitting.

 At the end of the book Mrs.Winterbottom came home and told the family and Sal that Mike was her son.

Now Sal thought this young man was a lunatic when he ended up to be her best friends half-brother all along.

          Another example of Sal judging people surely involves Mrs. Cadaver! When Sal goes to Phoebe’s house for the first time Phoebe told Sal that Mrs. Cadaver was evil and mean and told her that she’s a nurse when her last name means “dead body.” She also said that she thinks that Mrs. Cadaver killed her own husband and buried him in the back yard. Later in the story we find that Mrs. Cadaver has a brother who teaches Sal and Phoebe English and he told them that Mrs. Cadaver’s husband and mother were in a car crash with a drunk driver. “ They were both rushed to the hospital where Mrs. Cadaver worked but her husband still didn’t make it. The crash also blinded her mother.” Mr. Birkway (Mrs. Cadaver’s brother) told them. At the end of the story Sal finds that Mrs. Cadaver, the woman she thought so badly of, was wither mother during her final moments.

          These are two examples of how Sal needed to see that everything is not always as it appears to be and that you shouldn’t judge a person the second you meet them.




Soup kitchen availability     

By: Ryan 


There should be more available soup kitchens in Michigan. There should be more soup kitchens because there are more people now that are below the poverty line, the food given out at the soup kitchens would give people energy to get an education or a job, the soup kitchens will also stop hunger in the surrounding areas.


First off more than 15.2% of people in Michigan are below the poverty line. They can’t always buy food and they might need a reliable place where they can eat and talk to people and get energy to use their talents to make some money. With the money they saved they can save up to help their family.



          The second reason there should be more soup kitchens is that with the healthy food in them they might have the energy to get a job or an education to get them a wider option of jobs. With their new job they will be able to save money to get out of poverty and maybe get a house.



          My third and final reason is with the new and expanded soup kitchens we can slowly stop hunger in Michigan. If in Michigan we stop hunger it might spread to other states and even to other countries, and stop world hunger as well. The best part will be that it all started in Michigan.


To sum everything up adding new soup kitchens will provide food to the needy, give those people energy to get a job or education, and it will also stop hunger in Michigan, the United States, and even the world. 




unemployment rate found at http://www.mlive.com 


Space Shoes



Once back in the year 2500, there was the first invention of anti-gravity shoes. The shoes had strong earth magnets on the bottom of them that had the exact same poles as Earth so they always repel. This is what led us to invent the hover machine and the hover pack. All the kids had the shoes, even some of the adults. This invention, by Mr. H. Sullivan, is known to man as one of the greatest inventions in history.


     A quick summery for those of you who are reading this. With, at that time, newly patented one size fits all technology, the designs of many popular shoes, and a high-tech factory with only humans working there (this is very uncommon for this time period) and more than 50,000 extra strength earth magnets. They created the worlds first “Hover’s Space Shoes”


     This made most jobs less dangerous and easier. For example constructing buildings. Instead of buying harnesses, the head constructor just bought “Hover’s” for all the people who went up on the beams. That way if they fell all they had to do is activate the shoes and could safely float down. It also helped window cleaners, another of the few jobs still held by humans, because it gave the window cleaners a full field of motion to be able to clean the windows much quicker.


     “Ok, this concludes my history presentation on Mr. H. Sullivan’s “Hover’s Space Shoes” thank you for listening.”  




The City of Ember

Book report

This can’t put it down book is a must have. It is about Lina Mayfleet, a girl and the main character, and Doon Harrow, who was Lina’s friend in their younger years and is the secondary character. On assignment day Lina draws the dreadful job of pipeworks laborer but wanted messenger, and Doon draws messenger for his job but wanted the job of electricians helper so he could help fix the failing generator or pipeworks laborer. On the way out, Doon approaches Lina and asks her to switch jobs with him. Lina is very happy to switch jobs and be a messenger because she loves to run.


          Lina’s grandmother is going crazy while Lina is at work and is trying to find something that her great grandfather had told her about when she was a little girl but forgot exactly what it was. Lina’s “Granny” tore up all over the house. One day, she looked in the closet and Poppy, Lina’s little sister, found a box with a piece of paper in it but Poppy had chewed it up in multiple places. Lina tried to recreate the words and got most of the partial words but couldn’t figure out some of them. Lina asks Clary, a friend of her past away dad who worked in the greenhouses, if she knew any thing about the piece of paper. She also wrote a letter to the mayor saying she found something but he never answered back.


          It turns out that the piece of paper were “The Instructions For Egress” or the instructions for leaving, Clary thought of this when Lina showed her the instructions. To find out if Clary is right and Lina and Doon and the rest of Ember make it out of Ember alive, then you’ll have to read the book.



          What I liked about the book is, that there was suspense and some action. There were also small pieces of romance and a lot of cliffhangers. I didn’t like that there were so many cliffhangers because then I just HAD to read the next chapter.


          I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone, boys and girls alike, who enjoy a good suspenseful sci-fi story that very slowly unravels. I also recommend, if you liked the book, to not watch the movie because it does not follow the plot of the story at all.




The City of Ember

Book Report Alternative

If I could change places with one of the characters it would have to be, Doon because he is very observant and wants to do anything he can to help Ember, which is what I would do as well. I would also want to be him because he gets to help some bugs and he keeps a collection of wings, mandibles, and drawings of the animals. I would also like to be on a boat going somewhere I didn’t know. I also think it would be fun to be the only person moving during a blackout because I had a candle. I think it would be really seeing the sun for the first time because I have been underground for many generations. If I were Doon and I came out onto the open field in open air with all the flying creatures and four legged creatures that sneak through the tall grass I would be astounded that there were these beautiful creatures that were just a boat ride away and I had never seen them but then I would see that Ember was deep underground and find out why they didn’t come down there. It would also be nice to take a bath in the clean, fresh, clear, water. But I would also feel bad because I left my hometown and left my dad and all my friends and they might not find the instructions to get to where we are. I would also feel happy at the same time though because I was the first person to find the way out of Ember and I was one of the first people to see the brightest light yet. If in a couple of “light ons” the other people from Ember weren’t there with us then I would keep sending letters down until they came up, and that is why I would like to switch places with Doon.


this is an awesome elephant





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