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It was a sunny, warm Sunday morning when my mother Page woke me up in such a huge shock.“SABRINA! GET UP!” I was very shocked she woke me up like this, butnot that shocked because this wasn’t the 1st time, it was the 4th, but I was even more shocked because my 18th birthday is only one week away! I was also a little more shocked because my mom just turned 18 last week and I’m still shocked about how she looked. I don’t know how to explain how my mother got this permanate change, but I’ve asked her about it. “Mom” I asked. “Yes sweetie?” she replied generously. “Why did you get the permante change?” I asked. “Because, when you turn 18 you have to get a permantate change, it’s the law sweet pea.” Mother answered me. “But I think im very beautiful and-“ I tried to finish but mother interrupted me. “HONAY YOU ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE VERY UGLY, YOU ARE SO UGLY GODZILLA LOOKS GOOD!” My mother yelled at me. I was in such complete shocked that that would come from a mother but I can’t forget she’s only a week older than me. I was in complete shocked that it lead me to complete silence. I ran to my room and went to bed early so I went to bed at 5 o’clock. “SABRINA! GET DOWN HERE!” my mother yelled but I tried to ignore her. I tried really hard to fall asleep and I did. My rest felt so long like it was a whole week. I woke up, but I couldn’t feel anything it was weird I was in a white blank room trying to figure out where I was but I didn’t know where.” Where am I?” I said to myself over and over again with more anger.” WHERE AM I?” I said again but with more fear and less anger. All of the sudden I was on a treadmill like thing that was taking me into another whiter room it didn’t seem like another room because they all looked alike. I fell as the moving treadmill like thing was getting faster and faster.”OWW!! I CUT MY KNEE!” I screamed.” GET UP!!” a random person I didn’t even knew yelled at me like he was my mother. The strange man has a huge tube like something you can fit your whole body in.” Who are you? And where’s my mommy??” I said with a tummy full of fear. The man didn’t answer me but he grabbed my arm and tried pulling me in to the tube, I was scared I was clasterfobic and I thought I was going to die. I SCREAMED AND SCREAMED. I was trying to think what was happening while I was screaming, hats going on? The room only had one man, a huge body tube and a calendar. I checked the calendar it said July 29th. Tears came down my face but I couldn’t feel them. I knew right away what was happening this was it the time to get the permantate change. I tried very hard to break the tube as he put me in the tube. The light went on and my eyes went dark. The next thing I knew was that my mom yanking on my arm yelling “Sweetie get up!” I got up from my bed and looked in my mirror. It turned out everything was just a nightmare and I am beautiful in my own way and even if I’m not beautiful on the outside im beautiful in the inside I just have to show it by using manners and not being disrespectful ect. “Sweetie get up its Sunday morning we have to go to church c’mon c’mon!” My mother said to me. “I have to get my makeup on!” I said panactling. My mother added ”Sweet pea your already beautiful”.


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Nick said

at 11:37 am on Oct 1, 2009

check my page!

Matt H said

at 11:42 am on Oct 1, 2009

Go to Nick's page and go into the comments to watch his video!!!

Alyssa said

at 1:01 pm on Nov 6, 2009

Come on sub. You need to add some flare to this page.

Sabrina said

at 12:45 pm on Mar 4, 2010


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